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As recently discussed in the comments box, Michelangelo Antonioni died after I'd done the three-for-the-price of one obituary, which was very inconsiderate of him. So I ended up looking at this scene featuring The Yardbirds in Blow Up again ...

... in which Jeff Beck has obviously been instructed to destroy his guitar and look like the wild man of rock. He does so very unconvincingly.

I thought in a moment of whimsy that it would have been better to chose some real rock 'n' roll outlaws to do the scene. Herman's Hermits, for instance ...

... who I also looked up on YouTube, when I had an unpleasant feeling of deja vu. For anyone who can't stomach the whole song, drag the cursor across to around 1.13 or 00.29 ...


I will not be doing a Spot The Blogger In The Video competition, so I'm keeping the John Denver box set.

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Why have you used "Crayzee Canucks" as a label again?

Haven't you put me through enough this week?
MJ - well, they say that as long as someone is talking about you, then things can't be too bad (unless you're Britney Spears I supose).

More to the point, why have you turned up in a Herman's Hermits video? I'm intrigued ...
That's the final straw.

I'm turning you over my knee.
ha! I saw her, it's all true! Mind you at 98 she's going to have to go some to fill those pants - hmmmmm, that didn't quite come out the way I meant but either way she'll have to get a move on. Also I did see Vicus in the audience of the Yardbirds - the one in the glasses near the beginning but it's ok I've got John Denver box set already.
David Hemmings could certainly wear a pair of trousers...
Had a day out on the beach at Santa Cruz, CA a year or so ago and almost stayed for the 'live on the sands' concert by Herman and his Hermits. Went to the rifle range instead.
MJ - best conserve your energies for the beeyatch fight over at yours. Anyway, I'm a pacifist!

Ziggi - Vicus! Ha Ha! "ROFFLE", as Vicus would say. He was certainly a hottie in those days.

Arabella - it's strange that David Hemmings became such a burly, luvvie-ish type when he grew older. Imagine if Brian Blessed had looked like Brian Jones when he was young!

Seeing Herman's Hermits live on the sands? What a depressing idea.
was that the only Herman's Hermits on YouTube ... ? What about sentimental friend and the thing about the milkman ... I use to like Peter Noone (ooops - giveaway)

and, and, and

I saw the Yardbirds at Hammersmith Odeon Xmas 1964 as the warm up group for .... wait for it .... The Beatles!
I think I could be a less convincing wild man of rock than Jeff Beck.
How did the lead guitar carry on after the Beckster had jumped on it? Mr P. was standing just behind Vicus looking equally as excited.

But Michelangelo so-called Antonioni could have learned a lot from the editor of that superb Hermit Video. Did you see the clever way "Box Car Willie" came up when the name Willie appeared in the song? And Henry Winkleman? I'm off to watch it again and aagain...thanks Betty.
Belle - that song No Milk Today was the first single I ever heard anyone play on a record player, round at my cousin's. I wish I'd been to see The Yardbirds supporting The Beatles instead of seeing, I dunno, The Pastels or any number of rubbish bands. Honestly, the money I wasted seeing awful bands when I was young ...

Billy - but you still wouldn't be as unconvincing as anyone from Belle And Sebastien.

Murph - I presume the old bloke who looks as if he's got hours to live in the Herman's Hermits video is the dad of the bloke who compiled it. I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't a picture of Henry Cooper on there though. Still, you can't have everything.
He is in there, Betty! You just haven't been paying enough attention!
Nah, can't see Henry Cooper, or, indeed, Paul Henry. Or James Henry. I keep seeing the picture of MJ from the post below though. I wonder if she's in it because she was called Henry before the op?
Yardbirds, yeah, yeah, yeah; Seminal film, yeah, yeah, yeah (what a pretentious, dated load of boring bollocks); David Hemmings when he could still look down and see his penis, yeah, yeah, yeah; Silly haircuts suffering for their music, yeah, yeah, yeah..........but what, exactly, was Brains from Thunderbirds doing in the audience at the gig? Answer that and stay fashionable.
Reg - as Ziggi said, that wasn't Brains from Thunderbirds, it was a young Vicus Scurra who was apparently too cool to frug.
Nah! It wasn't Vicus. I spotted him earlier, sitting right at the back with a rug over his knees, asking if the band knew Atmosphere by Russ Abbott and complaining that he couldn't get a decent cup of tea.
Jimmy Page is definitely cooler than Jeff (look at my acne scars) Beck.

Not that I like him, the tightwad.
Reg - sounds more like Vicus. I could imagine him complaining loudly about everything, like James Robertson Justice in the Doctor films.

Garfer - oh, Jeff Beck has his moments. I've just found out that the lyrics of Hi Ho Silver Lining include the lines "flies are in your pea soup baby, they're waving at me". Brilliant!
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