Thursday, July 05, 2007

OH, I SAY!!! 

Wimbledon fortnight lookey-likeys. The first in a series.

Virginia Wade ...

... and Lee Van Cleef ....

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I think you have the captions mixed up as I'm sure Van Cleef never had a moustache.
Wasn't she South African anyway and used to live with Lorne Green and Annette Court ?
She had a showdown with BBC bosses as they were paying Tracy Austin a few dollars more.
Murph - Lee Van Cleef used to wear a false moustache to avoid being recognised in everyday life. Are you suggesting that Virginia Wade served on both sides of the net?

Geoff - the Wimbledon panel dream team (past and present) would be Dan Maskell, John McEnroe and Ann Jones. In other words, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Don't forget Princess Anne and Valerie Singleton.

I saw that Jeremy Bates in Hamley's a few years ago. Didn't buy him.
Dear Betty,

Serena Williams and Jimmy Clitheroe?


Myopic of SW19
Unfortunately I am unable to contribute as I do not know what any tennis player looks like.
Tim - Jeremy Bates ... British tennis players have a brief spell of glory when they get to the second round at Wimbledon one year, and then fade into obscurity for the rest of their lives. He is a Steve Lamacq lookalike though, apparently.

Reg - hmm: http://www.radioacademy.org.uk/files/thumbnail/thumbnailJpg_image_7133.jpg



... what do other readers think?

Vicus - they all look Serena Williams (see the link above).
That's not Van Cleef, that's Jif.
I am right pished off with the tennis. Is it really necessary for it to be on both BBC channels at the same time?? I am off work today after returning from the ancestral homestead, and got up extra special early to watch Animal Park, fervently hoping for the episode with the baby wolves, but no! My hopes were dashed, the effing tennis has taken the place of the cute animals. Bah.

Belated happy birthday, by the way Betty. Just out of interest, what was the Phil Jupitus restaurant??
oh dear - i have just spat half eaten scone on my keyboard. send q-tips and a well-trained squirrel, quick!
Fantastic pic of the Clitheroe Kid, Betty.
I shall use that soon. Admit it, you never see him and Serena in the same room at the same time (ok, I know Jimmy's dead but you get my drift)?
Isvanski - does an Ennio Morricone theme start up every time he walks into a room?

Violet - thanks. The restaurant was Nusu Dua, an Indonesian place.

I don't know why tennis still takes up so much space in tv schedules. It's become so boring since all the power players took over. Well, I haven't really watched it for a few years, but I doubt that there's been a U-turn in the entertainment level.

Rivergirlie - is it possible to train squirrels to do the cleaning then? If so, then I'll have to look up some recruits the next time in Danson Park ...
Reg - er, except that Jimmy was about 4 foot tall and Serena is more like six foot. I should imagine he would've been at a bit of a height disadvantage when serving. The only short tennis players I can remember were Ken Rosewall and "Little" Mo Connolly off Eastenders.
We refer to Virginia Wade and Vagina Wide in my house - god knows why but it always makes me laugh
og bugger I'm really tired - I meant to say as not and - sorry.
Rockmother - heh heh, perhaps she should have considered changing her name as Tammy Wynette did. She started out as the even worse Virginia Pugh (make of that what you will).
Not quite chewin' the soil yet, but I have been busy with other stuff, specifically, well, you can guess.

You not keen on 'Ginny', then. I could never understand a word she said, but everyone seemed to love her since she won in Jubilee year when Jubilees mattered, and not just to the Queen. If she won it now she'd be knighted. Then accused of being a drugs cheat, and photographed in the Sun coming out of a club with a member of a boyband. And/or Prince William.

Is it me or is tennis just quite ghastly, darling?

You seem to have a whole new readership. Have the times a-changed?

I know a biker who looks exactly like Freewheelin' Franklin out of the Fabulous Furry Freak Bros, but he isn't dutch and he doesn't play tennis.
Krusty - my god, he back! I hope you've been enjoying yourself.

Don't really have an opinion one way or another about Ginny, although tennis players as a whole seem to be the most unpleasant and joyless of sportsmen and women, despite being very rich. Ah, Jubilee year. What a load of bollocks that was.

First Nations - I'm married to someone who looks a bit like Sweep from Sooty And Sweep. I'm sure that doesn't have the same kudos as looking like Franklin though.
I used to look like Fat Freddy, now I just look fat.
See, I always had you down as looking like Archie Gemmill, as explained here - http://bettysutility.blogspot.com/2006/07/face-to-face.html
Oh, by the way, what you said before about there apparently being a whole new readership - I think of this blog as being like a motorway service station. It's just a place people drop off at before heading to somewhere better :(
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