Saturday, July 07, 2007


More tennis lookalikes ...

Boris Johnson ...

... and Boris Becker.

Bob Hewitt ...

... and "Bullet" Baxter from Grange Hill. Um, there weren't any good pictures of Bob Hewitt on Google Images.

Richard Jobson ...

and Tracy Austin.

Neddy ...

... and the lovely Ann Jones.

Happy Wimbledon weekend folks. Anyone for Robinson's lemon barley water?

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Johnson + finger in power socket = Becker

Actually they've both had their fingers in a few power sockets.
Crikey, the Jobson/Austin interface is quite unnerving.

I always think Pete Sampras looks like an Israeli soldier, perhaps called Yossi. But I can't find photographic evidence to back this up.
... hasn't Tracey grown into her looks .... lucky for her?!
can't even spell my own name!
I'd like to see Boris' serve.
Murph - or their fingers in too many pies, or spending too much time fornicating in broom cupboards. They're certainly both a hit with tha laydeez, aren't they?

Tim - well, maybe that was part of his secret double life, aside from being one of the most boringly efficient players of all time. I always thought there was something of the Great Dane about him - what with that gaping mouth and long, lolling tongue.

Belle - lucky indeed. Richard Jobson seems to have grown into his looks as well. Something to do with stuff like cosmetic dental surgery perhaps?

Boz - re: Boris' sporting prowess. I presume you've seen this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EN7YvqHAMg&mode=related&search=
I'm going to add this page to my favourites because as a teenager I used to write love letters to Richard Jobson in my 20s I was convinced I would meet Boris Becker in a Wimbledon and he would ask me to marry him and in my 30s I (briefly - for half an hour on HIGNFY) found Boris J very attractive.
Am quite liking the look of Ann Jones' thighs now, another 10 years and it looks like it's going to be a toss-up between Neddy and Bob Hewitt. (Tracey Austin's too skinny, I like 'em chunky. Maybe when I'm dead and we can have skeleton lesbian love)
Elizabeth, magnificent!!
Neddy, aka Princess Anne, is a real winner. You are, of course, forgetting the 1970s Jimmy Connors and Henry V, Billie Jean King and Ugley Betty and the 1980s, headbanded John McEnroe and Marge Simpson.
Did I really spell "ugly" with an "e"?
Losing It,
Bye Bye Beullalah - that's about the best comment I've read in ages. If I had to choose between any of 'em it would probably be Neddy, and I'm not even a fan of horses. Mind you, give me another couple of years and I may start to find "Bullet" Baxter quite fox-eh.

Reg - Jimmy Connors was a peculiar role model for me when I was about nine or ten because he was the only famous person who suffered from hayfever. I used to have fucking terrible hayfever and would spend three or four months of the summer with streaming eyes and nose until my teens. Not a good look. I bet Jimmy didn't wake up with his eyes glued together because of conjunctivitis though, oh no.
But if you had to, either Boris B or Boris J, which one *would* get the vote?

Just thinking about it is making me feel ill.
Billy - thanks. I'm so poorly it took me an hour to eat a sandwich this afternoon. Eugh, I can feel it all coming back up again now.

Given the choice, it would have to be Boris Karloff.
The guy at the top is a dead ringer for one of my colleagues! I must show him the piccy.
Llewtrah - so, Boris Becker has got a secret life and a "real" job! Still, I suppose a tennis career is fairly short, and he has to do something else with his time apart from commentating at Wimbledon once a year and enjoying *relations* with young ladies in broom cupboards.
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