Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The world according to Mutya Buena.

"I tell you summink, right, in this life you get aht wot you put into it, rahht? I don't let no one stand in my way and tell me wot to do and I don't take no shit, rahht?

I've always made my way in this wewd the way I want to, like it's a dog eat dog wewd aht there and you gotta look aht for yourself, rahht? I know where I stand and this is the real wewd, rahht, and no one is gonna stand in my way and stop me from gettin' wot is mine. You gotta earn that respect but when you have earnt it then respect is due and I am due respect.

Wiv me, you get wot you see.

I always pay my way and the cloves I wear and my cars and my houses is all mine, I earnt every penny rahht? So no one has got the right to tell me wot to do.

I'm on my way to the top and no one is gonna get in my way and I know exactly wot I'm doin' and I'm in control and no one is gonna stop me and I know where I stand and I know what to do and where I'm goin' and I know wot this wewd is abaahht and I stay focused and I do my fing and I know wot I'm doin' and I stay true to myself and I know wot I'm doin'. and where I'm goin' and I take it one day at a time and stay focused on the goal and that goal is to get to the top. I don't have no regrets.

I ain't some little gewl, I'm a real gewl livin' in the real wewd.


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I thought she was Mut Yabuana innit?

Your link led me to her Ronettes duet with Amy Winehouse, then to this sad view of what's happened to the Winehouse recently.
Cloves are for sticking in Christmas oranges not for wearing!
Murph - I thought Amy Winehouse nicked one of Ronnie Spector's old wigs actually (one that fell down the back of the wardrobe). I think that, body mass wise, fifteen Amy Winehouses = one Rosie O'Donnell!

Billy - naah, cloves is wot you treat toofache wiv, innit? Unless you mean garlic cloves.
Mutya (does it rhyme with nut or with foot?) scares the shit out of me. She's like the girls who would beat you up at school.
Annie - I think it's Mooootyah, but I could be wrong. The Sugababes probably regret having got rid of the one who looks like she would beat you up at school. A lot of credibility rests on that. None of Girls Aloud would beat you up, but they'd probably bitch about you behind your back.
Top shit innit.

Simone de Beauvoir eat yer 'eart out
Eliza Doolittle with a touch of Sam Weller but without the endearing qualities of either.
Garfer - innit just? I actually like Ms Buena's single, but lyric-wise it sounds as if she's swallowed The Little Book Of Self Empowerment.

Arabella - "aaaaaaaeeeeeeeooow!" Perhaps Mutya fancies her chances in a stage role as Eliza Doolittle when the pop career comes to an end. Face it - she couldn't be a worse choice than Martine McCutcheon.
Shame. Otherwise I could write a little poem:

Looks like she'd nutya.

(can't believe it't taken me all day to think of that.)
Annie - well, I think it's good. Brevity is the soul of wit.
These are wise words that you should heed when embarking on your quest to get the Booker prize for your new novel.
Exactly - I'm staying focused and staying true to me and I know where I'm goin' and wot I'm doin' and ...
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