Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It's difficult to ignore the *elephant in the room*.

Since I came back from my two week break, my comments on posts have halved.

Considering the fact that I'm going away for a two week break again in September, I should imagine that I'll be down to an audience of zero by the time I get back from East Angular. Back to where I started from, in other words.

Fair enough, the posts I've published have been shite. All that cliched celebrity mag rubbish about Posh Spice. Who am I - Carla Romano reporting on Hollywood gossip on GMTV fer farx sake?

Anyway, in an effort to get out of the rut, I pledged to visit a blog I've either lurked on or not been to before and leave a comment every day for a week.

... which was unnerving. All the worries about being frozen out, seeming like a comments whore (Har har! As if! Har har!). Well, on some blogs you definitely get the same feeling that you get when you walk into a pub where you're not a *local*.

... except you can't always tell ...

... which means I lost my nerve after a couple of days. Might pluck up the courage again. Might not.

In the meantime, if anyone comes over here wondering who the fuck that old bint was that left the comment on their blog when they've not been properly introduced, and god, she's got a nerve, and really, people will do anything to pimp their awful blogs ...

Don't be concerned. It will not harm you. It's only me pursuing something I'm not sure of.

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Bob Lind! Blimey, Betty, you're in a bad way! Everybody's sitting on My Facebook all day and blogging is so last week anyway.
Anyway bollox to that.... East Angular Blogmeet beckons!!! Me and Dave have been polishing our dog collars specially.
I have sometimes left comments with bloggers who comment on all the blogs I read including the one written by a dog!
Some of them just ignore me completely.
I tell myself it's cos I'm a pensioner. It saves me from the total pain of rejection.
Any road .. I loves ya babe!
You're invading East Angular?
I'll put the kettle on.
Just don't sing that Bright Elusive Butterfly of Luuurve.
You only bring the comment-halving upon yourself by forcing Lind and his ilk's songs to get stuck in our heads all day.

Hold a contest. With prizes! They'll come back. *snigger*
Murph - "me and Dave have been polishing our dog collars specially". LOL, as they say nowadays. "sitting on My Facebook"? Isn't it amazing what filth you can get on the internet these days?

Kaz - well, bollocks to 'em, I luv ya (entire readership reaches for sickbag). I tend to think I'm a bit common and coarse for some of those too cool for school thirtysomething bloggers who work in the media, but, er, sod 'em.

Dive - not so much invading East Angular as trudging through driving rain if it's anything like the Cornwall holiday.

MJ - what, give away real prizes? I'm a hoarder and would never part with my collection of CDs by wistful, drippy singer songwriters. Well, maybe one day. Jim Croce box set, anyone?
They don't write 'em like that any more, eh Bettster?

Thank Christ.

Ooooo fab! A Butterfly of Love link. That song's got the lot (what's it got? The lot)- even a reference to heavy breathing.Thank you pop music and thank you Betty.

I try popping over for cups of sugar at new places now and then. For all the tumbleweed moments, there are corkers like Kaz and Dave.
I don't be-leeeve it! The first box set you are prepared to let be prised out of your cold dead fingers is JIM CROCE? I'm appalled. Appalled, I tell you.
I'm convinced that there's a generally blog wearisomeness abroad amongst us longer established Bloggers.

Bollocks to facebook. That's even worse.

I think I'll post some photos of tits and men with three testicles. That usually does the trick.

Bob Lind? Who he? You'll be telling us you love Donovan next. Prior to Jay Kay he was the ultimate twat in the hat.
here I am commenting because I thought you liked me, but it turns out you were only visiting so I would visit back - well HA!
What have I won?
who's Bob L anyway? I though it Glen Donican-Campbell
Garfer, I think I can help you out with those pics.
I don't want to see the pics.
Robert - er, I like it. Just something that was on the radio during my childhood which frightens me but in a good way. Sorry.

Arabella - thank gawd I'm not the only one to like Elusive Butterfly. There's something very strange about that song.

Tumbleweed moments? I've known plenty of those. You have to desensitize yourself sometimes!

Mangonel - I know, but sometimes you have to make these sacrifices to get one or two more readers!

Garfer - yes, I'm trying to convince myself as a world weary blogger of thirty years' standing that our generation is fed up with the internet and wants to move on to something more interesting. Well, anything to explain my shortage of comments away.

I like that song Mellow Yellow by Donovan but generally he is even more unbearable than Bob Dylan, if that were possible.

Ziggi - VD's version of Elusive Butterfly is the one I heard first. As for my commenting - no, I wasn't referring to you! I bet you're being all touchy because of your hormones! (Betty runs away at great speed).

MJ - surely not?

Billy - I already have, on Sit On My Facebook (see Murph's comment).
Donovan's 'Sunny Goodge Street' is a stone-cold classic, what with its jazzy flute solo and mournful cello in the background. Psychedelic jazz-folk fusion in 1965, people.

And remember kids, Val Doonican ROCKS... but gently...
Ooh yes - Donovan's 'Sunny Goodge St'...don't worry about it Bettster. I'm going away in two weeks time for two weeks which means I'll be in same sinking helpless boat by September. And talking of not being welcome - I've just come from a blog that will remain nameless that I've commented on for years now and still aren't linked but others have. What have I done?? I'll have to go into occupational therapy now.
You don't comment on mine anymore (sniff). What's more, you never write or phone now either (sniff, sniff).
Don't worry about lack of comments. Bloggers are really narcissists at heart and so we always have ourselves. Even as a journo, I don't give a shit if anybody reads what I write, and fewer and fewer people do - I just want to write it. It's simply one more way of raging at the dying of the light, and there's nowt wrong wi' that.
Have fun in East Angular. I'll be around when/if you get back. P.S. They make pigs smoke there, you know!
Tim - I'll take your word for it. Just had a look for the song on YouTube and there's a film of him performing it while sat by a lake dressed as a mediaeval courtier.

... I'm saying nothing.

Rockmother - ooh, I know, there are a few *issues* I have about other bloggers which I really need to get over, but I try to see things in an objective way. Most of the *issues* seem to have arisen in the past year. Some people don't link because they've genuinely forgotten/haven't had the time to update/have overlooked people. ... that's what I try to tell myself, anyway ... and as for the ones who de-link for no apparent reason ...

Reg - come on, I must've left a comment on yours in the past few days! Actually, I didn't really join in the blogging "game" for about a year because I wasn't even aware of the comments facility, being a halfwit. I quite enjoy the feedback I get from comments actually. It proves that someone is watching you showing off and makes you even more narcissistic. Still, I have blogs which don't get many comments and quite like that because it means I can get away with more.

Not off to East Angular until September. Do they manufacture smoky bacon crisps there then?
An East Angular blogmeet sounds good. I'm in Essex so as long as it's a town served by train :)
Llewtrah - what? East Angular has trains? I thought most of it was under water ...
Hello Betty, you did me earlier. And it worked, here I am looking for more Boris stroke Jobo stroke Neddy photos...?
Ha! Sorry for the lack of tennis lookalikes. I'm having trouble publishing pictures at the moment because my html doesn't always work. Probably just as well really.
Oooohhhh. Arabella said I'm a corker (assuming she means me when she said 'Dave'). Do drop us a line when you're in East Angular, won't you?
She may have been referring to Dave from Cork who writes DaveFromCork.blog? I've never read anything he's written ... actually, I made him up.
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