Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Here are the results of the day before the day before yesterday's Spot The Difference competition!

The picture was the one above of MJ hanging around near to a hospital meal assembly factory waiting for staff to put reject or out of date food out into the bins so that she can sift through them for tasty treats.

The five differences in picture B:

* her cigar was even longer

*her trousers had a Royal Stewart Tartan pattern

* she had a Groucho Marx moustache

* she was wearing purple Crocs instead of those big, spongey Walls Viennetta trainers that all elderly American tourists wear

* she was wearing wraparound shades instead of George Burns spectacles

Today's lucky winner in ROGER WIGGINS of Vancouver, who is the lucky recipient of a Gordon Lightfoot box set. Congratulations Roger!

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"Walls Viennetta trainers"

So that's what they're called.
That is the official name. Hopefully, they don't melt in the summer.
I really did think that the picture was of George Burns in his psychadelic days.
Istvanski - that's MJ for you. She likes to tune in, turn on and drop off because there's fuck all else to do in Canada. You wouldn't want to know what's in that cigar either.
Bloody Hell!! It's George Burns!!!! (It's not really flattering of him, even though he's dead).
You know I'd never be caught dead in Crocs.

I couldn't help but notice that you haven't given up your Celine Dion boxed set as a prize. Gordie will have to do in the meantime.
*leads everyone in a round of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald*...
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
Is this some spot the diff comp where, for some reason, I can't see the original pics?
Reg - no, it's NOT George Burns, it's winsome Canuck blogger MJ (a girlish 84). How can you insult another blogger like that? Bloggers are meant to be part of one big happy family y'know!

MJ - you KNOW I'm keeping Celine. That box set is close to my heart because it has played a big part in the ups and downs of my life. The loves, the lost loves, the ups, the downs ... Celine has always been there, even if her voice has stripped wallpaper off every room in the house.

Anyway, Gordon Lightfoot ...

*strums acoustic guitar, stares wistfully into the middle distances and sings "if you could read my mind love/what a tale my thoughts would tell" in wobbly, timorous voice*

Llewtrah - ooh, it's a very exclusive competition. I put the pictures up for half an hour at midnight. I was innundated with millions of entries even in that short time ;)
Will you tell MJ I'm really sorry - really sorry that she looks like George Burns on a very bad day, that is!
Rod Stewart always liked a tartan trousers.
Really I'm 97 but I use a good moisturizer.
Not THAT good.
At least my pubic hairs haven't turned grey like Piggy's.
Bite me, Pither.
So she went to Cuba for her hols.
Reg - she's probably put a gipsy curse on you. Look what's happened to your leg!

Murph - I think I'd rather see Rod in tartan trousers than the leopard skin leggings he wore circa Do You Think I'm Sexy. Euhh.

MJ - yeah, so does Joan Rivers.

Piggy & Tazzy - you know how it is. We women are always in denial.

MJ - what, you don't have a Brazilian?

MJ - he's in no fit state to run around biting anybody, with that leg.

Kaz - you promised to say something libellous about MJ! I was looking forward to it and everything :(
actually I can't see any of those differences - if that was really MJ she's have on bigger knickers - therefore I think this competition is a cheat the pictures are the same and you had a friend enter pretending to be not a friend - you'll be asking us to phone in our answers next on that premium rate number - actually that's not a bad idea . . .
Ziggi - I can assure you that it's a genuine picture of MJ from her genuine archive, although I'm not sure exactly how long ago she published it. I think at present she's trying to "fill out" so she can fit into the giant pants.

Hmm, premium rate phone lines! Another money grabbing scheme! Lonely blogger chatlines? Maybe I should start a blogger dating site!

*laughs evil laugh*
That pic of me is only a year old.

Yes, I've had a birthday since then thank you very much for reminding me but I'm sticking to 97.

98 sounds so old, doesn't it?
MJ - age, and the accompanying experience and wisdom are to be cherished. We should embrace each birthday (particularly when it could be our last, which is possible in your case). Still, just think. If you lived over here, at the age of 100 you'd get a telegram from The Queen.
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