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It's my birthday today, which means you must leave congratulations, lavish praise, large sums of money and beautiful men at the usual address.

On Saturday night, we were planning to go up to the West End to have a meal at a place which is apparently a favourite of television's Phillllll Jupitus (of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and I Like Gogol Bordello fame). I should imagine the portions are very large.

Except that suddenly there seem to be Mercs full of nails and gas canisters abandoned in the West End. I don't fancy the idea of being blown up on behalf of George Bush. Oh, and why is it that bloody Londoners have to put up with all this crap when Britain didn't instigate the "War On Terror" and is only a bit part player in it?

Anyway, we ended up having a meal in a bogstandard local restaurant that hasn't been endorsed by anyone who appears regularly on BBC 2.

Also, there has been a postal strike. This means that there will be a backlog of post. Which means that I won't get half of my birthday cards until the middle of July.

Also, it has rained every day since our first full day in Cornwall three weeks ago, and rain is forecast every day for the foreseeable future.

Also, I can't get my Blogger html facility to work.

When will it end?

When will it end?

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The sun is shining and the weather always changes with a new month. I think it will be lovely by the weekend at latest.

Have a delightful birthday, Betty. Low expectations are not a bad thing, because it means that you will not be disappointed and you may be surprised into joy.
Z - many thanks. I've always had low expectations, and lived by the philosophy that if you don't expect much there's always a chance you'll be pleasantly surprised. However, you still end up being disappointed as a rule. At least having something to grumble about keeps me on my toes, eh?
Well at least you're getting innundated with warm congratulations on this blog, Betty!


B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
Sorry you didn't make it. The pies were brilliant!
Murph - thank you! It's good to know that I've still got at least two readers. For my birthday post last year I got 38 comments. How times change. Take a break in this game and you just become yesterday's news :( Now I know how Simon Dee must have felt.

Phillll - yeah, I heard you turned up with Gogol Bordello, Suggsy, Billy Bragg and Andy Kershaw and had a table to yourselves. Everybody else left within a few minutes, for some reason ...
Happy Birthday Betty, you babe!
Rainy Mondays and Joy Division. Now THAT's My kind of birthday party!

And the crap bombers pissed me off, too. I couldn't go to my regular Piccadilly sushi bar on Friday lunchtime. Bastards! I dunno; if it's not radioactive assassins, it's bloody crap bombers …
Belated Happy Birthday to you Betty. I hope the meal you settled for in the end was satisfactory, even if there was a lack of BBC2 celebs present.
Dive - thanks, I'm planning a party tonight soundtracked by Nico, followed by an Ingmar Bergman double bill. Happy days.

Perhaps that's what newsreaders mean when they talk about the threat terrorists pose to "our way of life" - they mean our right to eat sushi ...

Istvanski - thanks - the birthday isn't belated, but seems to have been overlooked/ignored by other bloggers! The meal was a bit heavy on the stomach. Shouldn't have ordered a starter, as usual.
Happy Birthday!
August 24th 2007

oh and

Happy Birthday!
Hg - thanks! Make yourself at home ... have a glass of Pimms ... it's, ahem, a select gathering to say the least.

Ziggi - thank you. Will make a mental note to remember 24th August, and will promptly forget it again.
Many happy returns! Birthdays are a time for looking around you and realising that nothing is like it used to be and that modern life is crap. So now you've got that sorted you can open the bubbly and get on with the fun bit.
Very (belated) happy birthday.
Cheer up. It WILL stop raining - honest - and just think, you've got all your cards to look forward to this autumn. Also, a night out and a meal with Mr Betty had to be preferable to sitting next to the flatulence factory which is Jupitus after he had eaten all the food in the place and while you were trying to entertain yourself by picking two dozen nails out of your arse!
P.S. I wouldn't worry about Al Qaeda anymore - I think they might just have overreached themselves by picking on the Glaswegians.
Primitive occidentals. Here we have a season for rain. It is called the rainy season. It does rain occasionally during the other seasons ('hot' and 'not quite so hot, but still a bit toasty') but this is regarded as terribly bad form, like farting at a funeral.

We do have bombs though.
Doris - many thanks. Yes, modern life is crap, even if there is no diptheria or hooping cough and children don't work as chimney sweeps anymore. At least people expect me to be grumpy at my age, so I finally "fit in".

Reg - not that belated, but thanks anyway. Yeah, if I had been in a restaurant at a table next to Phill Jupitus I would have probably had to throw food at him and swear at him. Not very becoming behaviour for someone of my age.

Tim - judging by what's going on in Yorkshire (parts of which are still flooded a week after the heaviest rain) perhaps we're facing a monsoon season in Britain. Problem is, there isn't any hot weather to offset it.
Happy Birthday Betty. Hope you have cake.
Here in Austin it's still 'flash flood' season (sounds off-puttingly menopausal to me). A pocket-sized hammer for breaking the car window, included in the mother-in-law's Christmas stocking should finally come in handy.
Thanks Arabella. It seems to be flash flood season in Bexleyheath. I think this is the only time we've had the same weather as Texas. Actually, today we've had blazing sunshine, heavy rain and, at the moment, thunder, lightening, it's as dark as twilight (5.45 in the afternoon in midsummer!) and we're in the middle of one of the heaviest hailstorms I've ever seen. If there is a God He is truly bonkers. As for the mini hammer - is it like the one my mum used to use to break up those blocks of Bird's toffee?
Well happy birthday! Or not, or whatever you like. Avoid bombers, drink booze, stay out of the hail and RAIN RED VENGEANCE ON ALL WHO WOULD OPPOSE YOU!

I don't know what in the world i mean by that but its sincere.

sorry, way past fashionably late - happy birthday Betty, I toast you and your fine blog xxx
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Betty ... your birthday is the same date as my wedding anniversary ... sure you were dying to know that!

Plus ... bombers in GLASGOW???? What is that all about????
FN - thanks! I'm making a list of people I will rain red vengeance on at the moment actually.

Annie - thank you. I tend to turn up late because I'm unfashionably disorganised.

Belle - thanks, July 2nd is also a good day for untimely deaths (Brian Jones, Ernest Hemingway) as well as the birthday of such illustrious celebs as, er, Jerry Hall, Dr David Owen and nobody else that I can remember.
Oh heck - On the birthday front I'm even too late to be fashionably belated.

Er...Merry Christmas?

Nights ARE drawing in now you know.
Beth - a Merry Christmas to you too. Mind you - flooding, hailstorms, thunder and lightening, overcast skies. The weather's usually a lot better than this around Christmas time, isn't it?
Oh blimey - sorry I'm so late - hope you had a lovely day. xx
Thanks! I'm seeing it more as a birthday week, which offers more excuses for getting drunk.
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