Saturday, June 30, 2007


Rest in peace, Hugh Johns.

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First of all, welcome back Betty - seems like you've been gone for ages and a while. Good to having something funny to read again.
Secondly, I thought Hugh rolled a seven many years ago? Has he just died? If he has.....shit! Bang goes another piece of my childhood
Good to have you back.
Is there a football comment that can match Coleman's athletics winner: "It's HUGE, Fatima!"
Arabella, there are many - although Coleman's "Wantirna opens his legs and shows his class" during an Olympics is still one of my favourites.
A Coleman footballing classic was when he said: "Asa Hartford. What pluck. To think that just 18 months ago he was undergoing an operation for a hole in the heart. Truly a wholehearted player."
Reg - thought I had to pay my respects to Hugh before I take another fifteen year break from blogging. He was 83 y'know.

Arabella - thanks. I hardly ever seem to recall classic sports commentary but David Coleman's cup runneth over. His "It's Ann Packer! Ann Packer! Ann Packer!" from the Tokyo Olympics was pretty good. Or Barry Davies' "The Polish goalkeeper has got big hands - or perhaps it's just his gloves" from the World Cup is another favourite.

Reg 2 - "Hole in the heart footballer Asa Hartford" used to be featured in a news story on Midlands Today every night for about three years. They always called him "hole in the heart footballer, Asa Hartford" as well.
no wonder you never saw him and Johnny Morris in a room together
I can't see Hugh wearing a zookeeper's uniform sitting in an enclosure with some gibbons at Bristol Zoo. Still, you never know ...
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