Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Drugs're baaad - m'kay?

Hmm, so what was I doing around ten years ago to the day?

Well, didn't get to bed until about four thirty in the morning and was definitely in a state of delirium after seeing Michael Portillo and numerous Tory lights being dimmed all around Britain.

On waking, I was still in a state of delirium. The Conservative Thousand Year Reich was over - in my lifetime!

Geoff was off work so we decided to go on a long walk, directions for which were in a book of Kent countryside rambles. It was a lovely day.

Both of us were in a state of delirium.

The instructions for the walk appeared to have been written by someone in an even more advanced state of delirium, which meant we got lost and we ended up getting back home late, tired, aching and grumpy.

Things were back to normal.

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My mum was heavily pregnant with me in 1979 when the Tories came to power. My dad remarked that I would be at school before there was a Labour government.

In fact I was 3 months short of being able to vote myself in that election.
Billy, I was studying for my O Levels (that's so long ago: nobody under the age of about forty took O Levels, did they?). By the time John Major was booted out of office I qualified for my pension. Well, it felt like that, anyway.
That's the scariest thing I've seen in my life!
The morning after the 1997 election, I walked to work in newly-Laboured Wimbledon. It was a gorgeous, summery day, the sky was a deep, if inappropriate blue, and everyone seemed happy. All that was missing was a rendition of 'Who Will Buy?' from Oliver!

Oh well...
Dive - the last time I saw anyone wearing that facial expression, it was my husband when he was waking after being under anaesthetic. Perhaps the young Tony was undergoing medical experiments to subsidise his meagre young person's income.

Tim - it was a very strange day. A lot of people must have felt as if they had been released early from a life sentence but underneath it all I should think they were aware that things wouldn't really changed that much after all.
...with a MULLET.
FN - doesn't do him any favours with those ears, does it?
so now you know you were all wrong what're you gunna do about it eh?

ALL of the alternatives (any party) look/sound/are shite.

or is it just me?
Ziggi - I don't think I was wrong to vote for, um *New Labour* because I was voting to get the Tories out. Isn't that generally the way with elections - voting for the lesser of two evils? Too true, all of the main parties are fairly shite. They don't have coherent policies, but these days it's a matter of them being as vague as possible about issues while trying to tell people what they want to hear. Ho hum.
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