Tuesday, May 01, 2007


An exclusive look ...

At the new Kate Moss collection ...

Available in the toilets at Top Shop branches throughout Britain from today.

A limit of three people in each cubicle at any time please.

Not to be sniffed at.

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ltibppooxtz - is too long for a wv and made me forget the comment I was going to make - anyhoo where's me A level phizzics paper - I've done it once and failed (in'70s so obviously much harder than now - I could probably get an A now in my sleep) so no fear here, bring it on etc etc
O god yes, it was about that druggy tart wasn't it, as the mother of teenage girls I have to tell you Topshop do not have loos - and I have been in many many (too many) Topshops
and if they a)had loos and b) something to take away the mindless horror of shopping with teenag girls I would definitely know about and be first in the queue.
B&Q have Loos ... perhaps she should sponsor their toilet seat range?
Do they have it in any other colours?
Ziggi - why is everyone having a go at me because of my word verification? I don't make them up myself you know. Stop going on at me, all of you.

*bursts into tears*

Anyway - I should hope that the Oxford Street branch of Topshop had some toilets for Kate's sake. Where else were she and all the other hangers on (Sadie Frost, all those other people who are in the papers but nobody knows what they actually do) going to have a toot during the launch party?

Murph - not a bad idea. Or perhaps she could promote the Bank Of England. I should imagine she's used a lot of twenty pound notes for various purposes over the years.

Llewtrah - they tend to be white lines, but Kate is no doubt familiar with the thin blue line who are always arresting her other half.
And that Meg Matthews.

How long can you go round drinking champagne and snorting coke with the celebs on the strength of having shagged the less good looking Gallager?

Er - did you go to the launch Betty?
Kaz - too true. Meg was on breakfast television the other day saying that she'd come out of rehab with a new purpose in life and is claiming she's an interior designer (yeah, right. That's what I tell people actually.). Still, at least she's not quite as annoying as Sadie Frost, with her fifteen children and her toy boy and her *clothing range*. Um, sorry, I'm not quite this bitchy normally ... well, I am really.

I wasn't at the launch because I was at the party to celebrate Alan Titchmarsh's new range of gardening tools at the Herne Bay branch of Homebase with the likes of Monty Don and Judith Chalmers, who can certainly knock back the Harvey's Bristol Cream if you ask me.
Today (May 2) is Alan Titchmarsh's birthday. Do you have a gift for him?
MJ - well, I did think of buying him a pair of Crocs, which would be great to wear if doing a bit of light gardening in the summer. I dunno - has anyone else got any better ideas?

(Not a desperate attempt to bump up the comments count. Oh no, of course not.)
Every good supermodel must powder her nose if she wants to stay paper thin!
Poor Kate--I'll eat a chocolate for her!
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