Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Editorial assistant required to say to me "you know, that's a really SHIT IDEA. You just CAN'T publish that you STUPID, STUPID woman".

Jason Isaacs lookalike preferred.

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I don't know, some good might have come of it all...., eh Betty

What do you reckon?

You nearly did get (0) comments there, you know...

Oh, nice to hear a few punk toons on Corrie though, isn't it? Still, what do I know. I'm "frightenting"
Bob - it's an interesting idea, although I'm not sure know how it would work out in practice, being a bit thick. From what I understand, Comic Relief only happens once every two years (hence not due until 2009) in order to maintain "public interest" and so that it's seen as a special event (or, more likely, it stops people from having to endure Lenny Henry and bloody songs by Peter Kay being number one for months on end every year). I've had a look at their site and it seems they encourage "fun" projects, whatever they are. Still, you might have some positive feedback from them, who knows?

Dev "obviously back on the coke" Alahan on Corrie is pretty frightening.
i hear piers moron is at a bit of a loose end these days and prepared to take a backslide down the career ladder

editorial assistant sounds like just the ticket (provided he has to make the tea and walk the boss's dog at lunchtimes in bexleyheath)
UC - well, he doesn't look like Jason Isaacs, but that's the least of his worries I should imagine. I'd only employ him for a nominal fee on a month's trial, but I like the idea of him walking my dog around Bursted Woods at lunchtimes. Problem is, I don't have a dog.

I wonder if I could throw in a bowl of Winalot a day for Piers as part of his fee?
No, it's a shit idea Betty. Just like all of my other ideas are shit ideas.

I can't even *do* *nice* without putting people on here's backs up, it would seem. Oh well.

I've really over subscribed to the bad karma thing, haven't I? Or was it bad korma? Whatever - there was *far* too much coconut in it.

Good job I can laugh about it all, eh. Otherwise I'd probably be doing an Ian Curtis right now. Well, an Ian Curtis who can actually *sing*, obviously....although, to be fair, I can't hold a candle to him in the dancing-like-an-utter-spastic-on-fire stakes...

Horses for courses, I suppose.

L.U.V. on ya,

Bob 'Deeply Troubled' Swipe
Well, my decision to publish "that" post was the shittiest idea, because it ended up looking as if I was trying to portray myself in a good light with a "there's always one who has to spoil it for everyone else" subtext. I could see where you were coming from with your opinions. Still, it's done now and buried away further down the page.

I suppose I also posted it at a "bad" time in some ways and ended up upsetting a few people in the process. Hopefully things have been resolved because I'm sure none of us really wish ill will to anyone else, whatever our differences are.

(*sanctimonious cow*)

Btw, you're wrong about Joy Division. When I first heard them, I was put off by the voice as well, but at some point it clicked. There's so much power in the music. There's a brilliant post about Unknown Pleasures on Beyond The Implode - http://seagullscreamingkillherkillher.blogspot.com/2005/12/joy-division-unknown-pleasures.html which is from a different perspective to the usual stuff written about them. Anyway, during the bogstandard moody miserable teenagebastard years, listening to Ian Curtis probably stopped me from doing an Ian Curtis.

I really will have to get the hang of doing those links to other posts in comments. It's never worked for me though ...
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