Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Seen a lot in town recently ...

... young persons in student chic - charcoal grey skinny jeans, Converse, those grey slightly military looking jackets with all the pockets on, black and white bedouin scarves with the fringey bits and black and cerise dyed "I wish I was a Japanese teenager" hairdoes with loads of choppy bits.

Does this mean that B/heath is becoming middle class and soon I won't be able to pretend that I'm living on the frontline any more?


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I was wearing converse 15 years ago.

DOes this mean that, finally, I'm fashionable?

(I did stop wearing them 14 years ago when I realise that if you walk mor than 20 yards a day in them your claves are in trouble. No support.)

Thoses scarves are utter wank though, aren't they? I fucking hate fashion. And fashionable people. Twats.
Betty, it means B'heath has finally caught up with Crewe
hell, it means b/heath has caught up with sumas.

which is surreal and frightening.
Spinsterella - Converse are the modern day DMs really, aren't they? I thought it was funny that DMs were originally worn by student bashing skinhead hooligans, and ended up being worn by wimpy indie kid students. A case of identifying with your bully?

First Nations - don't worry, we don't have indoor toilets in Bexleyheath yet. Oh, and we still eat with our hands.
You could be describing the young folk in the bus station at Merry Hell shopping centre, noted when I was last in the U.K two years ago.
Trend-setting Cradley Heath. Which also has fine pea ("pay") fritters, a dish best eaten with the fingers. MMmmmmmm.
Woops. Of course I meant to say Brierly Hill.
I wouldn't mine being a Japanese teenager, but my hair is far too wavy.

I needed to buy a new pair of DMs and so I thought it'd be funny to buy some in Camden. They didn't have the ones I wanted in my size, so I had to go to Covent Garden instead. Bah.

Still, on the plus side, I did see two Chinese goths and a 14-year old tried to sell me some weed, so for the rest of Camden it was business as usual.
Arabella - I think Merry Hill was the first large indoor shopping centre I visited, back in the '80's. God, it was a depressing place. My mother used to say "well, I'll go to Brierley Hill!" instead of "I'll go to bloody hell!"

Billy - have managed to avoid Camden for years, but I trust all the stallholders have moved on from selling purple or flower patterned DMs and horrible velvet hats. The one place I used to visit on days down to London in the 80's that was even more depressing than Merry Hill centre!
oh lord. i was in a bar in town last week and EVERYONE was dressed like this. i came to the sorry conclusion that i am Old.

and my converse make my arches hurt. we still bought small person some tho.

in other news, am i dreaming? i swear i just saw an ad for a dylan covers album by brian ferry...
that was me, btw. stupid multiple gmail accounts.
Blimey, I lived in Bexleyhath as a very young sprog (too young to have any memories of it). Small world.
I still wear Converse.

You are talking about the Chuck Taylor type Converse, aren't you?

Where did it all go wrong?
Teach English as a second langauage?

Most of them haven't mastered it as their first (and only) language yet.

I wear Levis, just to be different like.
Surly - in some ways, it's not that different to the way that students dressed about twenty five years ago. Which makes me REALLY old. As for Bryan Ferry - yes, he's done an album of Dylan covers. I find his adverts for M & S disturbing.

Istvanski - just basic, uncustomised Converse as far as I can tell. Is it becoming fashionable to customise them now? That's another thing they used to do with DM's - flowery DM's, purple DM's. Yech. I'm glad I was never a student!

Garfer - "I'm hoping to teach English as a second language for a year" is just one of those things that students always used to say when I was younger, along with "I really love the Smiths" and "I've recently become a vegetarian". I suppose things have changed now, but how much?
Media Studies. That's what they do now. Specialist modules in My Space page design and Youtube uploads.
Llewtrah - Bexleyheath is the sort of place that you could live in for twenty years and not remember anything about.
i had converse thingambobs before they was cool (man)

besides, whadya mean 'former visitor'? i object, m'honour! under article 57 subsection 91 of the blogroll descriptions act

tsk tsk
Never owned Converse, but what's the betting that I can bring hockey boots back into fashion?

As for the sidebar, heh heh ... been having a bit of fun. I bet that Wyndham Triffid doesn't visit anymore though. Funny buggers, those bloggers.
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