Thursday, February 15, 2007


Just thought I would annoy you all with another post that pays homage to Richard And Judy.

Listen, Richard and Judy are very "up" on what happens on the "world wide" internet. In the past they've done features on all the exciting new crazes such as "My Space" and "Second Life". They've interviewed Petite Anglaise who is at the vanguard of the new "Weblog" trend!

This week they've discovered - YOU TUBE!!!!

They featured some clips from this amazing new website, including that horrible one of the babies who are all crying at once which has been doing the rounds for ages, the sneezing panda, a breakdancing baby, and one which featured Adam Buxton doing a voiceover of someone taking part in - HEY! - Richard And Judy's competition, You Say We Pay.

Mind you, I thought it was pretty amusing, so I've linked to it here.

At least they had the good grace not to show that awful bloke giving away free hugs. Now, he really should be shot.

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What has Richard done to his hair? It's starting to freak me out somewhat.

I've never read Petite Anglaise - is she the one that got dooced?
Hey! I wanted a free hug.
Oh god - you so know they will be made Dame and CBE come next New Years Honours - hideous.
For God's sake Betty give Vicus a hug - Quick!
He must have been 'in denial' about Valentine's day.
Billy - I think Richard is experimenting with Wella Shock Waves products. Perhaps he wants to look like a skateboarder.

Yeah, Petite Anglaise was doooooced, but it doesn't seem to have done her any harm.

Vicus - well, I'm sure that bloke with the free hugs will be in your town centre eventually. He seems to be on a mission to give everyone a free hug. Beware.

Rockmother - blimey, that should give Judy an excuse to get drunk and get her jubblies out again.

Kaz - ooh, I don't hug anyone. My mother always told me it's the fastest way to to spread germs.
I'm sure I met Judy at a sex club in Secondlife the other day - no wonder their marriage is such a winner!
Tom - still ... having to be married to Richard Madeley. Not much compensation, is it?
I left work at 3pm today and now I'm all confused and I've wanted to go to bed since 7.

But I did get to see a bit of R&J for the first time in 10 years.

She's not wearing the years quite so well as he is, is she?

Oh dear. I love Judy, really.
Spin, it's having to live with Richard all that time which has aged her ... that and the booze and the crack cocaine.
Well, like all great institutions/national treasures there is undoubtedly a dark side to R&J such as a liking for anal probes whilst sucking on an orange and other such whimsies.
That Video is genius Betty...thank you for sharing it!
Rockmother - I do hope it's true. I mean, I like to suck on an orange while having an anal probe because according to Dr Gillian McKeith it's the best way to get an entire day's supply of vitamin C in one *sitting*.

Murph - blimey, someone has actually watched the video! Thanks. "He's like a big frog that's died". As they say on YouTube - LMFAO.
Now come on Betty - you know that's not the way to get the 'perfect poo'!
What can I say ... it's worked for me.
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