Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, nobody visits the blog Search Me apart from ardent fans of Beverly Callard's norks, so I thought I'd put a couple of *topical* searches on here for a change:

Tamsin Grieg (sic) Scientologist

Doctor Mac is dying of an illness

... well, to be frank, I haven't got a clue about the first one, and only know as much as anyone else who saw Green Wing about the second one (it's a disease with an "A" and an "E" in it. Probably ginger arsehair, if you ask me ...)

You'd really be better off visiting here, actually, if you want to find anything out.

It seems that the moony twentysomething posh birds have now switched their allegiances from Dr Fab Macca to Guy Wotsit (played by Peter Shilton, pictured above) because he has got the sympathy vote.

Women: very fickle, you see.

Wimmin are indeed fickle.

Fuck a duck! I'm first!

Who let those Yorkshire poofs Piggy and Tazzy through the door? Bolt it! Quick! Before they return! Now your blog is contaminated.

*pissed off because I wasn't first*
Whereas us folk of a *ahem* rarer vintage have had the hots for the half-swiss for evah.

Who ezzackly is the shouty person in the green shirt and gardening gloves?
happy new year Betty. :-)
P & T - yeah, wimmen - fickle, erratic, two faced, bitchy, prone to moodswings. Not me though. I'm absolutely lovely.

MJ - I know. Mind you, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, apparently.

Mangonel - the bloke with the green shirt and the gardening gloves on? Do you mean Alan Titchmarsh, the (very) vintage woman's crumpet? Oh, the bloke in the picture - it's former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton. I think the last time he was in the news he'd been found having conjugal relations in the back of a car with a woman he wasn't married to. Sounds like he ought to be on Celebrity Big Brother, eh?

Kyahgirl - oh heck, is it the new year already? Er, happy new year anyway. If it is a new year.
I've been loyal to Dr. Mac. Do I get a prize? Once I've worked out what's wrong with him (latest guess Menke's Kinky Hair Syndrome) I shall try to find a cure.
I have to admit to being utterly confused.
I do visit Search Me but you never update it.

If you combine a picture of Sophie Ellis Bextor and the phrase "Ironing as wanking punishment"* you will have the most visited blog on teh interwebs without even having to mention your intimate relations.

*the wanking bit is optional.

Never seen Green Wing. Is it about football then?
Billy - what, about the post, about Green Wing or about the comments? This from somebody who writes about his favourite anarchists!

Richard - it's a wildlife docu-drama about a flock of parakeets.
*notices door is still ajar*

*trots back in*

You know, that fucking MJ, she's never happy unless she's leading.

I'm surprised she gets the time to travel the blogosphere what with all that 'filthy extra stuff' she does.

And since when was wanking optional? It's a requirement for me. I'm an expert too, I'll have you know.

Saying that though, MJ is close behind me in the excellence stakes. I've been informed by the tramp on the corner of the street that she needs to brush up a bit though as standards have been slipping recently.

A bit like her knickers.
*slams door shut on northern swine Piggy*

Expert wanker, yes he is. That's about the only thing we agree on. Guess he's not had any luck in the public toilets today.
Glad to see that the Shilt is not being dissed.

He was good at saving goals, even if the one eyed Gordon Banks was better.
I haven't seen Green Wing (it seems to occupy a lot of British blog space) so I went to the link you kindly provided and am none the wiser really.
My reaction to that picture where the cast are dressed in ballet clothes and gurnying: posh types trying very hard to be funny. Reminded me of the Python public schoolboys dressed up as 'working class' women. Tossers.
Peter Shilton was player/manager at Argyle for a while but got into huge trouble with gambling debts. Just a bit more info for your ever-growing knowledge base.
I have to agree with Billy here Betty, if there is a thread I have failed to find it - I am confused too - maybe it is an anarchist thing, the confusion I mean.
Piggy & MJ - it warms the cockles of my heart to see how much love there is in the blogging community. It's a lovely respite from the dog eat dog "real life" world around here, isn't it?

*Betty scrambles for cover, dodging all the flack and retreats to the safety of the dugout. Puts on hard hat and bullet proof vest*

Garfer - Gordon Banks was a bit of a hero in our house when I was a kid. My mother was a Stoke City fan and we were pretty sad when he was in that car crash and had to leave the game.

Arabella - I love you and want to marry you.

Tom - the post was related to Green Wing. If you've not watched it I suppose it doesn't make much sense, but most of the stuff I write about is incomprehensible rubbish anyway. I like the fact that the comments are all over the place though, probably because I am an anar-chyste-ah.
That's nice Betty. Have a little lie down.
Arabella - yeah, but people who don't drool over the awesomeness of Green Wing on the internet are hard to find. I think there were only about four at the last count.

For the record, I think Green Wing is well made, written and acted, and has been innovative in some ways, but I don't find it funny. Perhpaps it's to do with being from a working class background and not going to university: all of the characters in Green Wing seem to be attempting to extend their student lifestyles into eternity. Maybe that's what a lot of ex-students do, but *it says nothing to me about my life*.

Er, and another thing! It must be the only hospital in Britain full of white, British workers! Er, and all the women who work in the office are dead middle class as well! Which might be taking the surreal aspect of the show too far.

Anyhow, as has been advised, I'm off for a lie down now.
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