Saturday, January 27, 2007



This morning in the bath I found myself singing "I never wanted to be king ... WALLIS" in the bath ...

Courtesy of the internet's answer to Tiny Tim.

Clearly I need to be carted off to the nearest high security facility.

er …
If you find yourself singing Girls Aloud can you let me know?
Dive - hmmmm ...

Kellycat - well, come to think of it ...
I hope your bathroom has adequate sound proofing.

If not you may find yourself at the sharp end of a hatchet.
Against my better judgement, I turned off 'William Shatner's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders' (such is the Spinster Saturday Night) and clicked.

Astonishingly, this decrepid auld machine played the song...

Well, at least we all know Bob is alive and well. Berta's clearly got him manacled in the cellar and is making him sing for his supper.
Garfer - sorry, you've come up as anonymous because I've been forced to switch to the *all new* Blogger. I doubt that I'd be hacked to death by my neighbours. I've got a lovely, dulcet singing voice. Well, for a thick Brummie, anyway.

Spinsterella - it's an eyeopener, all that MySpace stuff, isn't it? I still think Roberta has got legs like Eric Morecambe, despite all the shapely pins on show over there ...
Glad to see someone else having the same problem...
Istvanski - well, he's getting forty million hits a day or something, so half of the population of the country must have the same problem. I wonder if he'll ever be as popular as Tiny Tim?
Tiny Tim was quite tall really.
I think it's meant to be one of those "ironic" things, what with him being seven foot eleven. It's a bit like saying "Talented" Vernon Kay.
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