Sunday, January 28, 2007


Well, I said I would leave it to the last minute to move over to t't DARKSIDE and Blogger finally forced my hand.

I wasn't too happy about the reasons for having to move, but I've upgraded to having to key in my longwinded e-mail address every time I want to comment or get into my account.
Oh, and all the comments made on previous posts by people who've already switched over are anonymous.
Oh, and pictures take longer to download and throw all the paragraph settings out ...

I thought, because this is a very old template, and the blog is nearly three years old, all of my early posts would be ruthlessly deleted. But I've checked the archive (wherein resides nothing much apart from a few old blues singers, a rusty tractor and some dust) and nothing seems to have changed.

I was going to do a final, tearful post thanking everyone for standing by me for however long, because I thought it was The End, and I could go back to doing something more useful with my time.

I'm still here though, feeling like a div.


It is easier to change the template though.
Ooh, he's nice! Looks like he's seen the last chocolate finger that someone's dropped and is wondering whether his back can cope with the stooping to pick it up.

I'm glad you weren't deleted.
Has anybody actually found the name of the f*cking genius at Blogger who made the decision..
(and I want a bona fide scapegoat not some committee)
who broke the Golden rule of the universe..

Good luck Betty...stay in touch if you can blaggerthis isn't gonna work either*&($%&^%#4`49507*aaaeeeoh for f*cksakeiiiyyyeee&%^$%918y07hi dave if i sleep will i dream dave?00rb10where the hell did my pictures go607576443gawd i hate this thing$%%$@#7407
I loathe the new Blogger.

Why do I have to keep signing in? Why can't I wrap text around photos any more?

Pile of dog turds.
Re: Garfer - oh no - I'm not going all Beta Blogger - I'll need Beta Blockers to cope by the sound of it.
Betty: It must have taken you all weekend changing over all your secret blogs that nobody knows about.
Billy - supposedly, but they do warn you that you'll lose any changes you've already made. I won't be taking any chances.

Inexplicable DV - thanks! That's my neighbour actually. The noise with all those creaking doors and his heavy breathing though. Keeps me awake all night ...

HE - I know, it's all bloody Google's fault, having to get a finger in the pie. I've just tried to post a picture on my other blog and what a bloody pain. There was a lot of swearing and ranting going on.

Garfer - I don't think I'll be using any of the great new improved stuff on there. Labels for instance - what's that all about? Plus when you upload a picture it throws all the line spacing out. Grumble, gripe, whine.

Rockmother - unfortunately, I wasn't given a choice in the matter. I signed in last night to be told that I could only sign up for "old" blogger once more. I suppose at least I've not lost any links but I'd advise anyone to cut and paste stuff on the sidebar onto a Word document just in case.

Murph - ooh, I've only got the two secret blogs. One of them is Girl With A One Track Mind of course.
I've often wondered.... what exactly IS a div?
Ooh - Max Schrek! *WOULD*!
Aaagh. My google a/c displays my real name, not llewtrah because I use google for newsgroups where I am not llewtrah. This means I'd have to mess about with what google displays everytime I post, depending on whether I post to a blog or to a newsgroup. Aaagh. What a blummin' pain in the proverbial.
It's Google and their sinister plan to enslave us all. In tandem with Rupert Murdoch of course.
Doppelganger - according to Wikipedia it's "a UK slang word originally used by prison staff and prisoners meaning "idiot" " ... when I was at school I always thought it had something to do with Coop Dividends.

Mangonel - blimey. Different horses for different courses. What about Klaus Kinski then?

Llewtrah - oh, the identity issue. I'm bound to get caught out at some point because I'm so scatterbrained.

Billy - and Starbucks, and Orange, and Chelsea FC.
The small print on new Blogger also says you have to walk around like a zombie with your arms stretched forward and moaning.
Dive, I thought all bloggers did that anyway. Especially the moaning. All we ever do is bloody moan.
Have you worked out how to fix the paragraph thing? I haven't, well I've only been beta for about 6 monthes.
they keep telling me to switch NOW, and.."click HERE for more information" and then telling me that I've already switched and I have to login under my google account.
*walking around like a zombie with my arms stuck out and moaning*
Realdoc - no, haven't got a clue. I very stupidly tried to post a picture above a "poem" on the other blog last night. Had to give up. According to Geoff, if you type the document up in HTML there's no problem. I don't believe him though.

First Nations - well, the other night I was told that I could go back into Old Blogger once more, so I had to change. They don't seem to have told anyone else though. They just keep applying the thumbscrews until people break. I'm not a very strong person ... wimper ... sob ...
HA - I refuse to be brow beaten and change, even if it means that in the end I will be only talking to myself because I cna only comment on you BETA (pah! spit!) types about once every 100 years and then never as me!
Nothing new there then.
sorry about the split infinitive!

and the spelling
you mean they're just going to MAKE me? i'm standing firm..until i don't have any choice and then i will just make confused noises for a few weeks and fizzle out altogether.

Ziggi - I wouldn't worry about split infinitives around here. I know I've sold out by going over to the other side but I wasn't given a choice ... honestly.

Surly - well, they made me, but everyone else has got off scot free so far. Boo hoo. I thought I'd just disappear, and it would probably have been a good thing too.
I guessed you might be forced to move over. So glad for your sake that it wasn't a traumatic experience. If only the same could have been said for me - I'm still reassembling my sidebar, and will be for some time to come...
I was surprised that it was relatively pain free to be honest. I copied all my links onto a Word document because I'd heard of the problems other people have been having. It looks as though the older blogs like yours that have customised templates and comments that aren't provided by blogger are the ones that are having the most problems with the changeover.

I've not attempted to see if I can add any links or make changes to my template yet - I'm too scared to!

I suppose it's only a matter of time. I'm standing resolute. Middle aged man on the burning deck and all that crap. Mind you, maybe it's time for a change as my Dad proudly informed me tonight he'd discovered my blog.
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