Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I think that most men can fit neatly into the following categories: bully, bore, womaniser, chauvinist, narcissist, sociopath, liar, murderer and, if you're really, really unlucky, cricket fan. Often these categories overlap.

My exposure to the internet has only reinforced this opinion. Heh heh.

Fortunately, there are some good men out there who only have very mild symptoms of the above afflictions.

I am married to one, for which I'm eternally grateful.

It's his birthday today so go over here to pay your respects.

By way of a dedication, the picture reproduced above is of Eggert Magnusson, the first alien to venture into the cut throat football world and now owner of Geoff's beloved West Ham, who are going through troubled times at the moment.

Things can only get better.

What's he doing with his right lower limb? I've deciphered it as "Come on you bunch of English Cricketers!"

He's certainly gone downhill since he left Mastermind.
You are such a lucky girl.
I won't be back 'til that picture has gone.
Well - I might be.
Oh come on, Geoff. It's not like they're Watford.
I think you've got a point there Betty.

My First Serious Boyfriend was all of the above (apart from cricket fan so I can thank the lord for a lucky escape).
Murph - you know, I didn't notice the "banker" hand gesture until you mentioned it. I have led a very sheltered life.

By the way, I tried to leave a comment on yesterday's post, something along these lines:

"Yes, but nothing could be worse than being George Bush's dog, surely? As well as having to appear in that excruciating Bush family Christmas film every year."

... but I've gone on about the evil of Beta Blogger too much, as has everyone else.

Kaz - yeah, I'm very lucky, and it's nice to be called a girl (sigh ... if only ...)

MJ - thank the heck they're not Watford. Having to forego two hours together on a Sunday afternoon because they're on the telly would be too awful for words.

Spinsterella - I won't ask about the murderer bit. Gulp. It is difficult to assess which is worse though: a murderer or a cricket fan.
Is she taking the rise? I come over because Geoff's was dangerously sentimental (and that's even after mine) and it's even worse here.
To be controversial, my experience has taught me that a love of cricket, although it can be dull, marks a man out as being above the general herd.
Mr realdoc is also a martyr to the travails of West Ham, my sympathies.
Richard - ey oop, it's only one day of the year.

Realdoc - we're all entitled to our opinions regarding men who like cricket ;) I think having to stay at a boarding house where there were several blokes who'd been watching and England test put me off. I can remember one of them being on the phone: "yes, I look forward to seeing you. So that's what I'm having for tea? Great. I'll see you this afternoon then ... yes, I love you too. See you soon ... mum". He was about fifty.
Ex-hubby was a boring, domineering cricket fan. Had I known this and been privy to the wisdom of your list I would have avoided him ....

I haven't noticed any worrying symptons in Billy. No cricket paraphernalia hidden under the bed. There is a hatchet on the landing, but that belongs to Corin and is apparently theatre-related not murder-related.
Llewtrah - no cricket paraphernalia. A good sign. I don't like all that cricket paraphernalia, especially boxes. Geoff told me that his class had to share a "communal" box when they went in to bat during matches. Ugh!
"...bully, bore, womaniser, chauvinist, narcissist, sociopath, liar, murderer..."

And here's me thinking they were good points!

West Ham'll be alright now that they've a new bod in charge. Curbishley will be to The Hammers what Redknap was to Pompey. Also, Curbishley doesn't have a face like a suicidal bloodhound.
Istvanski - well, we'll see how things go with the Man Utd match today. Geoff keeps telling me all the stuff that's on one of the West Ham forums about the former manager of the club that Geoff may or may not necessarily be a follower of. The former manager has allegedly been distracted from his job because he has been putting it about with a lot of women, allegedly.
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