Saturday, December 16, 2006


Cue startling music. Probably the Portsmouth Sinfonia performing Also Sprach Zarathustra.

"You are about to go over a connection ...

which may not necessarily be a secure connection.

Do you wish to proceeeeeeeeed?"

"Your new Blogger account is waiting. Your new Blogger account offers you all sorts of shiny new features. Do you wish to proceed???"

You will have to sign up with Google when you sign to your new Blogger account.

"Once you have your new Blogger account, which, incidentally, we will no longer refer to as Beta Blogger, you can never return to the other side."

"You can only contact the other bloggers after the sun has gone down, and the spirits rise and go about their evil work among the earthbound. You can only look through the windows. You, the unseen outsider, standing in the cold and pining like Kate Bush in that white nightie ..."

"Oooh, it gets dark! It gets lonely! On the other side from yooooo!"


You can never return ...

Welcome to the dark side Betty.... or should I say KATE BUSH!!!! I knew there was something fishy about you both living in the same town and never being seen in the same place together.

I'm a big fan of yours and it was such a pity about your half bred brother George.
tee hee hee!

You make it sound kinda sexy and renegade though.
And those Luddites who, like us, have not gone over to the darkside will have the blood sucked out of our comments box by the bloggers who cannot find a voice elsewhere.
Murph - thank you for your weally beautiful comment. Although I gwew up on a farm in Welling, I now live on a weally beautiful island on a wiver.

One thing I don't like to talk about is my bwother George. Due to his genetic deficiencies and poor mental development, we decided to sell him to a laborwatowy in Amewica where he could be used in pioneewing expewiments. Unfortunately, he escaped from there, and we all know what pwice evewey one has had to pay since.
Inspired Betty.
My instincts were right; when we do the decorations for the new Arabella Lost, not going anywhere near that Beta whotsit.
By the way, how did you master that 'reverse long-distance skating' move, in your lovely dance/drama?
Murph - if thinking that I look like a nineteen year old Kate Bush wearing a leotard and legwarmers means I get loads more visitors, then I might just go along with your idea ...

Annie - sexy and renegade. That makes a change for this blog.

Kaz - well, I'm not going over to the other side until the very last moment. I'm standing firm. If it means I get loads of comments from trolls and deadly dull people - then so be it.

Arabella - I think Mr Boggins set up some very nice fancy graphics on his blog recently, then went over to the other side and seems to have lost them again, so be warned. We're all doooomed. Probably.
Awabella - thanks for the beautiful compliment! All the dance moves I used were worked out with help fwom my incwedible dance instwuctor and co-choweogwapher Anthony Van Laast. He weally is an amazing talent and a fantastically beautiful person.
Apparently my comments system (YACCS) doesn't work on New Blogger, so I'm not crossing over in a hurry...
Mike - I should imagine I'll have to sign up eventually because there won't be a choice in the matter. Blogger are already pushing the "your new Blogger account is ready for you!" message every time you sign in. Not looking forward to it though.
"...and you all fell for it like the fascists you are!"
Istvanski - yeah, man, we're all part of the problem.
I'm behind the barricades with you too, Betty. Although I think it's just because I can't be arsed.
I did it. It's horrible. I lost all the links on the main blog. I can bring up an old page on my home computer and cue the HTML and replace them sloooowly, but it's going to take a long time. I HAAAATE it! I wish I had not been seduced by its evil ways!
Is it like going through a mirror into sketchy cartoon land in an A-ha video?
Richard - well, why should we have to change anyway? Too much like hard work.

Cheesemeister - pain in the arse, eh? When I eventually have to make the change, I'll have to cut and paste my links and just hope they're not the only thing that's lost.

Tim - pretty much like that, as far as I can tell. I don't fancy having to encounter a cartoon Morten Harket in a grubby looking vest, I really don't.
Join us …
Join usss …
Resistance is futile.
Not changing.

Not even for Morton Harket.
When I changed it was quite straightforward really but I only had a wee blog so maybe it's worse if you've got 3 years of archive or something.
When I changed it was quite straightforward really but I only had a wee blog so maybe it's worse if you've got 3 years of archive or something.
Dive - nooo, I've got a cross and some garlic with me. Begone!

Spinsterella - the sun always shines on TV.

Realdoc - so, it's nearly three years of archive down the drain for me then, sigh. Mind you, it only amounts to a heap of dung anyway ...
I pine a lot...but not for BETA!
Never ever ever wil I cross over to the darkside..until they take my mouse from my cold, dead, hand.
I have yet to hear ONE good thing about Beta so intercourse the penquin!!
I can't wait for your rearview review.
Homo Escapeons - DON'T FEAR THE REAPER!

Best rear view: probably a tie between Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado.
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