Thursday, December 14, 2006


Oooh, this seems like quite a good idea, although it might not sound that good on your blogging CV: "I've won an Insignificant Award!"

Still, at least it is an antidote to the usual recognition given to blogs that already have had a lot of recognition.

Maybe you should go over there and offer your own choices (or even plug your own blog if you're a shameless self publicist and you really really need to).

Otherwise, it may end up as another self congratulatory win for one of the "wry, often whimsical musings from a thirtysomething British mother and wife exiled in Vienna with a husband who works in the diplomatic service ... I do a bit of freelance work with The Independent, but I don't like to talk about that, and I'm hoping to publish a book of children's stories when Max and Jocasta are old enough to go to school" brigade.

Not sure there is any point nominating decent blogs on here is there. No point nominating my own as bloody beta seems to have closed my blog to comments at the moment.
I'm a shameless self publicist!
*heads over*
Realdoc - it's good to see some sort of attempt to get away from just publicising the "establishment" blogs yet again though.

People should be able to comment on your site if they click on the "other" option in the identity section. In fact, I'll go over there and check in a minute.

MJ - Why not? Someone should nominate Tazzy and Piggy to really set the cat among the pigeons ...
Bloody Beta! Don't get me started!

The wry and whimsical tales of Max & Jocasta sound jolly good fun, Betty. Could you perchance let us have the link so we can make wry, whimsical comments in their box?

Actually this reminds me of my favourire crossword clue "Important Instructions to my attorney". answer was "Significant".

Must attempt to get out more...
At risk of hogging your comments box, thanks for your help Betty - I've opened up the floodgates to anonymous comments and am now off to look for some fresh fox poo.
Somebody nominated me.

I had a flurry of interest in the first few days. Three hits. So well worth it then.

PS realdoc I can't comment at your place at the moment!
I'd just like to agree with what mj said.
Surely she should be the one to nominate P&T.
Murph - greetings from the other side. Sadly, Jocasta, Max and their mum are figments of my imagination. I was tempted to set up a blog along those lines, but it involves too much effort on my part (finding out about nannies and nursery places in Vienna, and life among dimplomats? Too much like hard work, mate.

Don't worry about hogging the comments box anyone. Well, almost anyone.

Spinsterella - blimey, three hits really would be worth it for me, actually. Anything which isn't yet another hit for the Sophie Ellis Bextor picture is a novelty for me.

Kaz - well, why hide your light under a bushell, eh? Or better still, hide a lit stick of dynamite under Gary Bushell.
Betty & Kaz: I've nominated those Yorkshire poofs, Tazzy and Piggy. The rest of the world can now enjoy their filth.
Well Betty I am tempted to nominate you, but I'm not sure it would be good for you to win. I fear your almost real cynicism would be in danger of being replaced with an 'almost real cynicism for the audience now that I'm famous', and that would be a tragic shame in my view.
Let me tell you Betty, and I'm not talking from experience here (myself I've learnt to cope - like hell), fame warps the mind - no matter how high your integrity, fame will get you. Very few survive.
Oh fuck it, I'll nominate you anyway, just to see if you can withstand the onslaught.
MJ - the other day we were discussing a really pretentious blogger and Geoff said "what she really needs is Tazzy and Piggy to go over there and leave some comments". Say no more ;)

Tom - I've, erm, actually already been nominated, by the lovely Mike off of Troubled Diva. I didn't publish this post in the hope that someone would nominate me, honestly - I just thought it was nice that someone was trying to give recognition to bloggers who weren't necessarily angling for publishing deals or were qualified journalists or any of that stuff.

Why not nominate yourself, Tom? I'm sure you're strong enough to resist the allure of media coverage, easy women, nightclubs, booze, drugs and immense wealth, what with your Trappist Monk-like attitude to life.
Oh, by the way, the Really Pretentious Blogger I mentioned above isn't anyone on my link bar, or who has commented here. Perish the thought.
So who is Really Pretentious Blogger then???
Betty, not related to your post, I'm afraid, but have you seen this: http://mytornadohell.livejournal.com/ Someone was so disgusted with yet another self-absorbed Standard freelancer droning on about Cath Kidston carpets in Kensal Rise that they posted the ES article for all to see. It's just the kind of thing you LOVE. Call it an early Christmas present.
Spinsterella - oooh, I really can't say. It goes against the spirit of blogging. I shouldn't have said anything in the first place ... me and my stupid big gob.

Lost Boy - an early Christmas present indeed. It's difficult to read the whole thing and not believe it's a parody - "I wore Tornado Chic - the grey pants and multiple jumpers that were still my only clothes". What more can you say without frothing at the mouth? And don't get me started on ES magazine, either.
"Simon did not demur. And he loved what's left of our specialist-polished plaster walls."

What's the name of the Catherine Tate character? The one who gets scared by modern life "Don't go out, we'll just have to phone daddy", that one.
Richard - I'm not too up on Catherine Tate characters, apart from the obvious ones. At least that woman gets a good slagging off in the comments section on the livejournal (well, from the people who didn't sympathise with her, anyway! Haha.
I couldn't find the comments. I saw the link earlier but it wasn't active. Maybe she got pissed off and took it down.

So just who IS the Really Pretentious Blogger then?

Would you really like us to go and mess her up?

*evil laughter*

I can't believe this conversation was taking place without us knowing!
I really can't reveal the identity of the Really Pretentious Blogger, although she's not on my blogroll and I'm not quite that much of a cow. Well, maybe *one* day, when I retire from blogging ...
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