Sunday, December 24, 2006


The whole team ...

Me ...

Geoff (right) ...

Glenda ...

and Farmer Giles ...

would like to sincerely wish you a happy wonderful Cheesemas :D apart from the slightly creepy, whiffy ones among you.

See yer all in a bit xxx

Same to you, I suppose.
Thanks Betty - You too.
Than God I'll be looking my best thanks to your invaluable advice.
Is it OK if I keep the docs on?
Merry Crimbo all!

Nice pic of Farmer Giles but why didn't you show us his cock?
Merry Christmas to you all!
Thanks, Betty. Merry Christmas one and all.
Lucien - the joys of the season be with you this day and always.

Kaz - thanks, glad to be of help. You'll have to get rid of those Docs and get some of the ankle boots with the 25 inch pointy toes. It's compulsory.

MJ thanks. As a seasonal treat for everyone, here's a picture of Farmer Giles' cock standing proud, tall and red: http://farmer-giles.blogspot.com/2006/09/cock-one.html

Billy - thanks, and to you (again).

Dive - cheers!
Glenda - in America? Should I be worried? I'll try not to think about it. Instead - Merry Christmas you lot!
I hope you have a lovely Christmas.
I'm sure you'll manage to make the best of it Betty.

Happy Christmas.
Arabella - Glenda is in a top secret location, but I think you should be safe if you keep moving, which is what you're doing. Happy haaaliday!

Jane - hope you do to!

Beth - well, I'll try to make the best of a bad job. Happy Christmas yerself.
Have a good one betty, thanks for the entertainment in 2006.
The same to you Realdoc. I'm off to uncork some bottled entertainment now.
Have a fine and dandy one.
Happy Christmas Betty.

I bet you'll (yule, geddit?)be down the pub doing your Debbie Harry stuff.
Richard - thanks, it's been bearable so far.

Garfer - cheers. Me doing the Debbie Harry stuff? Perish the thought? Wouldn't wear a mini skirt now, let alone at 60 ...
I see Geoff's back! (geddit?)

Hope it was all suitably propitious chez the Utility Room.

Murph - thank you.

I had to look up propitious. I'm from the West Midlands.

Xmas Day wasn't too bad, I suppose. Mind you, we had to watch both Deal Or No Deals, so there was some suffering.
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