Saturday, December 23, 2006


Only two and a half days to go until the final final ever Vicar Of Dibley.

I will be doing some special breathing exercises throughout Christmas Day so that I can "pace" myself and not get too excited too early.

I might start to feel a bit dizzy by about 8 o'clock in the evening due to all the excitement, but then so will all of my lucky readers in Britain who'll be nervously waiting to view "the jewel in the crown of the BBC's feast of festive entertainment" (as they probably say at the BBC). Sorry, but I've no idea when the new (final final EVER) Dibley will be shown elsewhere in the world. However, in Turkmenistan, where that weird dictator has just died, they are celebrating the new found freedom by designating December 25th as Vicar Of Dibley Day, with end to end episodes of the classic show being broadcast on a loop.

Lucky old residents of Turkmenistan, eh?

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"with end to end episodes of the classic show being broadcast on a loop."

You mean that Turkmenistan have actually allowed Telewest into their country?
No no no. Have some more cake, vicar. No no yes. I fancy you more than my sheep vicar. Chocolate? Never seen it.
Istvanski - It's actually on Turkmenistan's national station, which has only been broadcasting information about crop yields and documentaries on the horrifying character flaws of men who grow beards until now. I think I prefer the old broadcasting schedule myself.

Richard - amen.
That Richard Curtis has got a lot to answer for.
Isn't Dawn French just delightful. That show was a lot of fun.
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