Wednesday, December 20, 2006


YouTube or MySpace type links to some of the music I've liked this year. Only about two of you will be remotely interested in a morbid sort of way, but I like to make you suffer as appeasement for all that over indulgence. Hah!

Sexyback - Dustin Timberlake

Old Dustin sings through a comb and tissue paper as an irate wasp attempts to recreate the works of James Brown while trapped in a bottle. Brilliant.

Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox feat. Luciana

Despite the fact that Luciana is probably living on a trust fund. Should clear out the cobwebs. Nice boots, too. If anyone wants to buy me some of those boots (size 6) then e-mail me at the usual address.

On High - Soundpool

One thing I've had to come to terms with in the past few years is that I secretly love shoegazing music. I was in denial for years. Not sure if this song was out this year or not, but I only found out about it a few months ago. Great intro. Party like it's 1991.

The Cure And The Cause - Fish Go Deep

Sounds like the sort of MK-produced housey housey track I would've been listening to in the early '90's, at the same time that I was in denial about shoegazing bands. Look, I'm OLD and I like familiarity.

Let's Make Lerrrve And Listen To Death From Aberrrve - CSS

As the bloke on the telly said the other day, "at last, some women in indie music". Potty mouthed women at that. Wonderful album available from all good outlets.

Maneater - Nelly Furtado

Probably resulted in vast numbers of eight year olds saying "urgghh, I HATE Nelly FARTHARDER, hahahahaha" in the school playground. Another fabulous Timbaland production.

That Burial Album - Burial

Is liking Burial the bloggers' equivalent of a response to a midlife crisis on a par with buying a sports car or getting Botox treatment? Can't deny its greatness though.

Over And Over And Over And Over And Cetera - Hot Chip

More midlife crisis gimp music? Wonderful album The Warning available from all good outlets.

Ridin' - Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone

Not as big a hit as it should have been in Britain. Blimey, Chamillionaire is a bit inbred looking, isn't he?

Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John

Chose the MySpace rather than the awful video. About the only drippy trad. indie song I've liked for some time. Don't think I could stomach a whole album by them though.

We Are Your Friends - Justice vs. Simian

Dance video devoid of anorexic dimwits in bikinis shocker!

Electro - Outwerk feat. Mr Gee

... on the other hand, this is the only video that Tom will enjoy watching.

*Disclaimer! I am very old and out of touch with the hit parade or what I'm supposed to be listening to. I officially retired from attending gigs, clubbing and reading the NME about 15 years ago. You have to maintain some sort of dignity, after all. Still, I'm allowed to have my say as much as people who know what they're talking about do. This is the internet, after all.

A friend of mine when I mentioned Nelly Furtado said "More like Nelly Retard-o". He then paused as he realised, correcting himself with "SMELLY RETARD-o".

I must tell him about the Fart Harder thing. He'd like that
Didn't like it.
Don't know them.
Didn't listen.
I am too old for YouTube and MySpace, so I dare not click on any of these. I love Justice, though. (The dance outfit, I mean, not the concept of fairness, although that's OK too). Am I still with it?
The Jason Timberland one was narrowly excluded from our 3 wedding tunes last mont after an arm wrestling (which I won).
But where is Amy Winegum?
Justin (Dustbin) Timberlake should have stayed in NSync and why isn't Britney next door now that she's ditched her undies??? dreadful!
Bodyrox..best upscale meth/swingers house that I have ever seen..those boots are made for rockin' but awful song and I worried about the baby playing with the MR.T starter Kit for the entire video.
Soundpool..Myspace scares me enough as it is.
Fish Go Deep..groove is in the heart ah ah aha ha!..tacky.
Let's Make Lerrve..it is nice that they have their Dad is playing guitar for them..little trollops!
Nelly..my 5 year old loves that song..better than Hall and Oates!
Over..Devo meets Moby..cheeky fun but not without the visuals.
I will take Weird Al's White and Nerdy thank you very much.
Young folks..can't remember
Friends...more uber binge drinkers destroying their mate's flat...fun vid
ElectNO! The macarena equivalency quotient was out of this world!
I listened to all of them. The metallic bikinis were nice.
My Space commenting feels like being cornered in the school playground by the big nasty girls. I didn't linger.
Having a nice relax now with Dusty Springfield.
Billy - do all your mates leave comments on YouTube then? Actually, the ones accompanying the Nelly Furtardo video are ... yech. Teenage boys, eh?

Vicus - that seems to be the general consensus.

Patroclus - actually, a lot of people over the age of 25 are using MySpace, inlcuding some of the people who visit/have visited this blog (average age: 175). I'm always looking on YouTube for terrible old prog rock bands, disco music, stuff that's more recent that I've read about and am curious to listen to. It's not all about interacting with 15 year olds saying LOL LOL LOL.

Mind you, you're probably still more with it than me.

Mr P. - Amy Wino more like. She will be appearing in another round of my neverending and tedious review of the year.

HE - blimey, he actually listened to them!

*falls off chair*

Sorry to have put you through all that. Still, to suffer is to live.

Arabella - refer to my reply to HE.

I always think internet bullies are people who are bullied in real life getting their revenge. After all, real life bullies tend not to have evolved to the level of being able to read and write (even in "texx" speak).
I've a horrible feeling that Hot Chip look more like my friends than Justice vs Simian....

Still, thanks Betty - I was morbidly interested... I wonder who the other one was?
I suppose it's better to have friends who look like Hot Chip than everyone who appears on Loose Women or, er, Last Of The Summer Wine, which is more the case for me nowadays.

I don't know if there's another morbidly interested reader. I invented the extra person because I was being too optimistic.
I'm stuck on the Jesus and Mary Chain at the moment.

Beats bloody Coldplay any day.
Well, that just goes to prove how dreadfully out of touch I really am. I thought you'd made most of those up until I clicked on a link. I was expecting some Matt Monroe or that nice Frank Ifield having a yodel.

My mum is making cakes. Oh lordy, I eat again today!
I just don't like moving pictures. But just for you Betty I watched the Justice vs Simian video, and the song is fantastic, so I have procured the mp3 (from here, if anyone's interested) for my further enjoyment. Thank you!
Garfer - y'know, I was looking for Psychocandy the other day. Lovely racket, that was. I think it's been stored away in the loft though. Anyway, that's the problem with so much modern guitar music - it's too polite. That's probably why I revert to type and tend to listen to so much mindless bangin' house music. Politeness and intelligence are qualities I like in people, but they're not what I want to find in pop music.

Richard - nothing wrong with a bit of Matt Monroe. I like that song he did about the hippie revolution. Hey daddio, you've gotta tune in to what the youngsters are saying or "where they're at" as I believe they say!

Patroclus - blimey, a satisfied customer. I'm surprised that someone has liked even one song.

I'm the opposite to you - I don't mind visiting YouTube and MySpace because I can just access music without having to log in to something and I get puzzled with mp3s and the like. I'm such a technophobe that I don't know what I'm doing on the internet at all, actually.
Gosh I'm so confused musically. I wish I'd been a hippie with a tartan fart flap in my kaftan. I'll work on that one, might be some mileage in it.
Oh, I'm in an *irredeemably* disco mood at the moment, makes a change from all the polite intelligent indie and doomy americana that I usually go for. If you ever overcome your technophobia enough to make a podcast of mindless bangin' house classics, I shall be your first customer.

Psychocandy was indeed a lovely racket. I think my copy is in the cellar, might go and have a look later.
Patroclus - put it down to the season, it gets to all of us. I've dragged a hotpotch of old vinyl dance/rave compilations out of storage and keep playing them. First sign of an impending nervous breadown, probably.

You really wouldn't want to hear such stuff in the podcast medium. Although perhaps I could do it in the pirate radio style ... "this one's gooin' aht to all Stafford massive and crew, hold tight. Penkridge crew, Eccleshall crew, keep it locked".

Ooh, don't tempt me.
I would pay actual money to hear that.

Plus I have been listening to Hardtrance Acperience on repeat. Perhaps I'm heading for a breakdown as well.
Unbelievable, I've got the follow up single to that, Trancescript (which I preferred) in my pile of vinyl in the corner of the room at the moment! Wonderful track, that.

*rest of readers fall asleep in unison, or possibly shoot themselves*
And where's the husband? Looking for empty barns along the M25 towing a 20000 watt PA behind him in an old Sprite Musketeer?
I always fondly thought that when I got old and was bundled off to an old folks' home with my peers, the staff might attempt to rouse us from our catatonic decrepitude by blasting old-time classics like 'Injected With A Poison' at us.


R. - he's touring the clubs as DJ Bowelshifter.

Patroclus - oh, I'll definitely turn up with my old Breaks, Bass & Bleeps or Reactivate compilations, advising them to play some Joey Beltram or soothe us into our mid afternoon nap with James Brown Is Dead by L A Style. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure we'll be forced to endure the Singing Dustman Off The X-Factor and Il Divo.
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