Wednesday, November 01, 2006


A round up of some of the things happening to blogs on my link bar, just for the hell of it.

Go visit the Golden Haired Adonis Of Blogging (TM) who apparently would like visitors to comment or de-lurk. I have the feeling that he doesn't get as many visitors to his excellent blog as he ought to so BLOODY WELL GET YOURSELVES OVER THERE THIS MINUTE and read about the exploding toilet and other stuff.

Boggins appeared on Hallowe'en, but only fleetingly, at the magnificent Kaliyuga Kronicles, where he left a comment *... a wailing voice in the howly howly void.

Interpreter Pavlov did exactly the same on Quinquireme. His homepage now features the words "coming up for parole". This is someone who supposedly drowned. What is going on?

Meanwhile, missing in action ...

Is it futile to think that Toasty And His Futon will be back, ever?

Has anyone seen Garfer on their travels?

Finally, Mentalist Glenda is back. Fortunately, for most of us, she is now out of harm's way. Readers from the US should, however, beware, especially if she has an "epipheny".

* This bit was updated for reasons of diplomacy.

Please be very circumspect when using the word "only" in reference to my blog.
Vicus, please see the update. I'm in a generous mood at the moment.
No, Betty, you are the epitome of generosity. Your generosity is constant.
I was watching you the other evening, radiating love as you handed out the treats to all of those adorable children.
I am looking forward to our annual date when we traverse the lanes of Kent singing carols.
Crikey. Such kind words! And I like to think that my modest audience is simply highly discerning, rather than face the reality that nobody loves me, everybody hates me, worms for dinner again...
Vicus - I've just looked through last year's Christmas posts and the memories came flooding back of the Annoying Acapella Quintet with the backing tape of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Gee, I was so happy raising money for charidee. I can't wait for this year's carol singing jaunt. Even that youth on the estate in Erith who pointed a shotgun at us ended up smiling and donating a tenner last time. The season of goodwill!

Del - well, people tend to have rubbish taste. Apart from the ones with discerning taste, that is.

By the way, the usual standard rate plugging fee of £250 applies to you and anyone else I've linked to in the post. Cash only please, sent to the usual address.
Will you take £2 and a few chewers NOT to mention my blog Betty?

Del Boy's been inundated with people trooping out through your utility room to see his exploding toilet, but most of them have been simply going through the motions.
Cash only? Don't you take Tiger Tokens?
Murphmeister - oh, it'll have to be more than two quid. Besides, what would I need a few chewers for? (Anyone sending a comment saying "well, you are dog rough so why not throw in a few bones, hahaha" will be sent my last 300 spam e-mails).

You do have a point though, as Del probably wanted young, dynamic but discerning young persons (... especially hot women) to visit his blog rather than the confused, elderly, bedridden Fern Britton obsessives who are the usual patrons of this site. So you could say that it's backfired ...
Er, speaking of whom ... it has to be cash, rather like it would be for self employed builders. However, in view of the distress, inconvenience caused to you etc., as discussed in the above comments, I'm willing to offer you a twenty five per cent discount.
I'd be calling it quits lest i ring my friends at the Inland Revenue. Cash in hand is it? Oh deary deary dear...

And my blog is already a veritable treasure chest of lucious lovelies, ever since I found the lab that clones those covergirls for NutsZooLoadedMaximFrontFHM Magazine. I keep them entranced with my tails of toilet disasters, comic books and turn of the century pop bands noone remembers. I'm like the Callum Best of blogging.
And when I said visitors were just "going through the motions", what else would they do in an exploded toilet?
Del - I had no idea about Callum Best's interest in comic books or turn of the century pop bands that no one remembers ... has he got a blog yet?

Murphmeister - going through the motions is a bit like walking through Bursted Woods with all the fox poo about.

Ah, anything to incorporated Bursted Woods into the blog.
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