Tuesday, November 28, 2006


More Zepp, more Sabbs, more ELP!

Not 'arf mate.

Stay bright.

Let's R.I.P. it up, mayte!!!
And it wasn't a wig, extraordinarily enough.
Murphmeister - not 'arf!

... cue bombastic Last Night At The Proms jingle, followed by jingle of him out of Rainbow yowling "Long liive rock and rooowwuull", followed by Deep Purple, straight into the charts in 1970 with Black Night.

Alright pop pickers!

Tim - neither is Terry Wogans, but they both shared the same "hairdresser".
Awwww. Feel genuinely sad. Still, he had a good innings, he was 205 wasn't he?
Down from 134 last week.
Annie - the passing of a legend, indeed. He was already in his late 40's when he was presenting his Saturday afternoon rock show all those years ago, which is EVEN OLDER THAN ME (... just thought I would mention that in passing).

Richard - more like a non-mover now I think.
I remember when we finally got an FM radio because Radio 2 used to split for the sport on Saturdays and that was on 1500m long wave with Fluff on the FM. Nobody else liked the sport much so they went to the library and I got to listen to Budgie, then it all came back together for the footie results and we had bread and jam for tea please, Mum. Fluff narrated my childhood. It was never quite the same with Tommy Vance.
Greetings Music Lovers...I got more compilation tapes out of his weekend rock show... My home-taping killed music, that's why there isn't any any more. Last time I wrote on here it was probably about Peel.
No it wasn't, it was Pete Murray. Who isn't dead.
Brian Matthew is quite ill though.
Boggins, welcome back, again. No, I've checked my archives, and the last comment you left on here was definitely concerning the death of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Pete Murray is 127 and as frisky as a newborn lamb.
Any person who makes you smile when you think about them is a sad loss. The sight of him on a zimmerframe in the Smashie and Nicey sketch says it all. Pure class.
From what I remember, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse said that Fluff was definitely up for doing that sketch and didn't mind being sent up, but the other dj's who Smashie and Nicey "might" have been taking the mickey out of were not remotely amused by the characters. Which probably says a lot about the egos involved ...
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