Thursday, November 16, 2006


There are hordes of other bloggers who're linked on my sidebar who seem to be escaping from home to do something more interesting at the moment.

So, like the sheep that we are, we're going to do the same. But in more of a z-list blogger, unglamorous way.

We're going over to wonderful Belgium, home of lovely new beat and pleasantly monotonous field after field of cows with big, watery, Donald Sutherland-type eyes.

I wonder if Ghent is going to be full of blokes who look like
Jacques Tati*, **? I know Bruges was. There was even a Tati-alike in the queue at the ferry exit. He smelt of vomit and had profuse, greasy white hair growing out of his ears. I fainted.

Perhaps Tati-ism is only confined to certain areas of Belgium though. We shall see.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'll be back in the blink of an eye.

* Can anyone think of an *amusing* caption for the Jacques Tati photo I've linked to, or even describe what is happening in it? The winner will receive a bottle of shampoo from a Belgian pound shop, with Turkish writing on it.

** Yes, I know Jacques Tati was French, before any pedants rush to the comments section to remind me.

My other half's family come from Ghent. Never been though. My father did have a 3 volume tome called Belgium the Glorious, must have had big writing.
Enjoy your trip.
Realdoc, thanks. Belgium has a fairly dull reputation which is undeserved. Good buildings, canals, art galleries, record shops (well, in Antwerp anyway). I get the feeling that a lot of Belgians are quietly mad, which is a good thing. The bloke who wrote Belgium The Glorious was probably quietly mad.
I think you are only going over there so that you can include my "far canal" joke in your next post.

Anyway, Jacque Tattyhead picture :

"By Jove. The sooner they invent toilet paper over here the better."


"National Ghent Dog-Sitting Championships kick off"
Murph, I actually read that as "dog-shitting" which might be even more apt. That looks like our dog come to think of it.
That's even better Richard!
"That's the way Mr Tati...if you sit on the dog, it'll get angry enough to chew off that unnatural growth on the end of your nose."
Hope you have a fantastic time Betty. Shall miss youxx

Why am I sitting in my master's bra?

Argh, his cheeks are coming!
Dog: "That's the last time I get involved in a Tati stunt like this"

Dec & Ant: "Join us after the break for the next round of bushtucker challenge"

Caption: "One of several unsuccessful pitches for the lucrative Andrex account"
Les Evacuations de M. Hulot?
tim footman - brilliant!!
For reasons unknown, all Belgian men wear brown shoes and checked shirts. I would have fitted right in had I not been unusually wearing black shoes most of the time I was there. And so I was mistaken for a Spaniard.
Oooh, I've got up from me sickbed (chaise longue, actually) just to reply to your comments. Sniff, cough.

Murphmeister - indeed, there were canals far and wide around Ghent. Or, as they say in Flemish, far kmee, det's a lot of canals.

Istvanski - M. Tati appears to have a very small basketball hoop on the end of his nose. Provides endless hours of amusement for basketball-playing mice, I would guess.

Molly - thanks. I've missed blogging. Well, only a bit ... His Master's Bra used to be a record label and is now a major CD and DVD emporium.

Murphmeister - are Andrex hoping to move away from using the Labrador puppy in the ads then (sorry to break it to you ... he was probably a good high profile role model as well ...)?

Tim - Les Evacuations De M. Hulot is still one of the major routines performed by annoying people at Covent Garden, actually.

Stitchwort - welcome (at least I don't remember you visiting before, could be wrong though).

Billy - I should really make my usual tedious remark about rockabilly hair, but I'll refrain on this occasion. One thing I noticed is that there's a trend for women to wear slightly medeival looking flat suede boots with pointy toes. Is chainmail due for a comeback out there too?
Hey my Grandpapa is from a little village just outside of Bruxelles and I have been to Ghent and back..lovely place.

As for the photo:
Tati is of course attempting
to surpass Richard Gere's legendary gerbiling prowess with this spectacular show of
one-upmanship..tres formidable!
Yeah, I'd recommend Ghent to anyone. Forget any preconceptions about boring boring Belgium.

As for M. Tati - those French, eh, always having to up the sexual shenanigans stakes, don't they?
... or "aren't they?" perhaps ...
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