Friday, October 06, 2006


Nicked this meme from here and here .

I'm not normally a fan of memes, but this one doesn't involve bloody endless answers to questions like "who was your first love?" or "can you roll your tongue up without it touching the sides of your mouth?" Who the fuck cares?

Also, it gives you a break from my purple prose. Lucky you.

How my father saw me.

How my mother saw me.

How my husband sees me.

How my husband's family sees me.

How my friends see me.

How other bloggers see me.

... or possibly ...?

How I see myself when I'm having a night on the town.

How other people see me when I'm having a night on the town.

Brilliant Betty - I love it!
No more nights on the town for you -it does nothing for your complexion.
*looks at bottom photo*
i TOLD you we were separated at birth!
They say every man wants to marry his grandmother.

You know that's not true.
Will people stop posting pics of me on the net...that bikini and red shoe combo is my very best outfit.
Kaz - well, I know, but the problem is that all that cigarette smoke plays havoc with my girlish good looks. I want to enjoy myself though, so what can I do?

MJ - yes, but have you had four face lifts and silicone implants yet? They've certainly made me look ten years' younger and I'm not ashamed to tell people about the work I've had done!

Undercrackers - sorry, but if you will insist on loaning your pictures to Google images, then it's all out there in the public domain. By the way, Chanel's "Noir Noir" lipstick looks a bit draining with your complexion, dear.
every one of these pix is fantastic and communicates perfectly! i bow to you!

*secretly seething with jealousy on account of the last picture.....oooooo, brilliant!!*
Geoff - well, I hope you didn't marry me because I reminded you of your gran. She was by all accounts a terrible woman. Better if I was like your mother (Crayford's 1957 Elizabeth Taylor lookalike of the year, apparently).

First Nations - yeah, that picture certainly sums up my youthful glow.

Beauty tips? Smearing yourself in an inch of margarine all over at night for smooth, peachy skin.
Oh Betty...I just did one of those really loud laughs through your teeth when you're trying to be quiet because of the beanster being asleep. This is the second time you've nearly caused havoc with me trying not to laugh loudly. This is brilliant.

I loved this idea when I saw Homo Escapeon's original. I thought I'd wait a few months and then have a go at it myself, thinking I'd be able to pass it off as my own idea. I didn't know it was going to storm the blogosphere and now you've set a benchmark which would be hard to attain.
Excellent! That has to be my all time favourite post!
Ooooh, you are awful!
And very funny.
Blimey, lavish praise ...

... nothing to do with you all being half cut on Friday night is it?
Tempted to pinch this, but can't imagine how I'd even get close to your level of beautiful self deprecation.
Best meme ever. I am tempted to steal it but I don't think I would do as good a job. Made me smile on a bloody awful day.
Del - go on, I'm sure you'll make a good job of it. Anyway, it's not self deprecation, it's self hatred. I've got a noose around my neck even as I type this.

Realdoc - give it a go, it's only a matter of cobbling together a load of pictures off Google Image and you don't have to think of anything to write. I might do that on every post in future actually, heh heh.
I love it! Really original and totally hilarious!
Cheers, Cheese.
Sorry to hear you're feeling ropey.
Yeah, this feeling has been hanging around for a few days now and I've had a few knotty problems to deal with ...

Am listening to the latest podcast as I write by the way. Better than the Today programme ... Listen, everybody, go over to Del's and check out his latest podcast! (... am I on commission?)
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