Sunday, October 29, 2006


I returned from my celebrations last night feeling exhilarated. I would heartily recommend that you all follow my example. It really is remarkable to confront one's bestial side (in all senses of the word!)

However, a comment made by canine blogger Murphmeister this morning puzzled me.

He sent an enigmatic message: "Bursted Woods? Wear the fox hat".

What a fine use of language! So thick with mystery! Unfortunately, it is so thick with mystery that I have failed to understand what he is conveying!

I visited Murphmeister's blog in the hope that this would enlighten me. The comments section in a post about Baker's Complete dog food formula makes obscure references to the "far kennel" - possibly referring to unhappy memories of a stay at a pets' holiday home - and "far cue", which was mentioned in connection with a childhood snooker game by a particularly dimwitted blogger of my acquaintance for no apparent reason. I became even more confused!

There is a glimmer of light. I think that it may possibly be a reference to the character Mrs Fox who was played by Pamela Blundell in the well loved British wartime comedy Dad's Army.

Mrs Fox, a buxom widow, was known to be a "close friend" of Corporal Jones the butcher (felt by many to be the least funny character in Dad's Army. "Don't panic! Don't panic!" - I wasn't panicking actually). Corporal Jones would often slip Mrs Fox a sausage, which was more than her ration book allowed, to the disgust of other women in the butcher's shop. Such use of double entendre used to be commonplace in British comedy of the time and was gently subversive.

However,Mrs Fox was also a woman who wore large and elaborate hats.

By jove, I think I may have cracked it!

I shall certainly wear a large, elaborate hat the next time I am dancing naked out in the woods.

However, if readers feel that the expression "wear the fox hat" has a more obvious meaning, they are invited to air their views in the comments box.

Thank you, my lovely readers. You have been so helpful, and I hope in return that I have been helpful to you!

Dr Ernest Furrowbrow

They could have gone one step further and had Corporal Jones slip Mrs Fox a bit of tongue too !
Betty, er, I mean, Ernest. I can imagine you pacing up and down repeating the secret words with Geoff looking wryly amused as he looks up from his digital channel ("Fox Shit").

I told Oz, and offered him a drink. "You for Coffee?", I enquired. In response he once again offered me the most distant of the potting Cues alluded to by the aforementioned luncheon associate of Anal Botney.

That's a very nice chap sitting on your lawn in the picture though. Could be one of my cousins.
Sky Clearbook - I think that would have been a step too far for early 1970's television. Oral sex had not yet been invented, after all.

Murphmeister - the mystery thickens even more. My head is starting to ache now.

The fox in the picture looks to be in a black mood doesn't he? Perhaps he has a headache: I know how he feels.
You know you're a cute little heartbreaker.

Boom boom!
What a charming animal. I hope he doesn't get pursued by the Far Kink Hunt.
Del - ah, memories of Jimi Hendrix from my youth! Sadly, I didn't attend the legendary Isle Of Wight festival. I had to make do with seeing Donovan and Barry McGuire at the 1971 Bognor Regis Free Festival instead.

Vicus - yet another musical hero, Ray Davies of The Kinks! I am sad to find out that he is involved in foxhunting though. As we become older, sadly, some of us join the establishment. I like to think that I am still on the cutting edge, as it were - still in touch with my youthful energy.
Fox in the Hole! Isn't that what they shout just before a controlled explosion.
Billy, the title Fox In Hole is a line from one of my poems. It is a complex, fifty verse poem which advocates an end to war on earth.

If you are lucky, I may publish it here in its entirety soon.
Foxes smell really bad, I mean, realllllly bad. Hope you wash your hat.
Realdoc, I think that it is good to get in touch with our animal side. Occasionally I will refrain from bathing for a few weeks so that my musky animal scent comes to the fore. I grow a beard. If it is warm enough, I will sleep outside under the stars. It is heavenly!
i get it!! we're the fokkawi tribe, and all that.

oh, and realdoc? where have you been smelling foxes?
Surly Girl - uncanny! "We're the fokkawi" is an expression the former Mrs Furrowbrow used to say if we were on a long car journey. She never had faith in my navigational ability.

Dear God, what a bitter, shrewish woman she was ...
so that's where my fox went
There are so many uses for roadkill, aren't there? Not that I would want to go anywhere near a dead animal.

Fortunately, Dr Furrowbrow has returned to the Midlands. It seems his use of grammar was failing him and he couldn't even spell his own name properly. He probably needs a long break ...
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