Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Katie at Bogbumper won't be having any sleepless nights over this one, but ...

... above is a dragonfly taking time out for a few minutes of silent contemplation on our honeysuckle, a week or so back. Summer has, of course, since sizzled out.

I took a picture but, needless to say, the image above was better and was provided by Geoff.

Expect to see photos of big cats, birds of paradise and other exotica as global warming makes Bexleyheath slightly more interesting.

About an hour ago I saw a butterfly out in the field.
Oooh, this is amazing. There was one like this in my classroom the other day. Needless to say it caused mayhem and it was a bit frightening...but beautiful. What a great photo. Summer is finally over isn't it?
Richard - must've been an over optimstic butterfly, persuaded to put in an appearance because of the autumn sun. Wrong move.

Molly - dragonflies tend to appear in July or August, so it was quite unusual, but I've seen them more frequently this year. There were a couple on the shrub at the time, but the other one sodded off before it had time to have it's picture taken.

Yeah, autumn is here. Well, my feet are cold, anyway.
A reading of the complete works of Trollope in Malay by a man with laryngitis would make Bexleyheath more interesting.
A photograph of a man sitting on a park bench would make Bexleyheath more interesting.
Vicus, you are way off the mark.

A branch of Lidl is opening in Bexleyheath in the spring. I can barely contain my excitement.
By the way - "a photograph of a man sitting on a bench" - Mark Gamon's avatar? Was the picture taken in Danson Park then?
Apparently there is a big cat on the loose in the vicinity of Ballykissarse, still pissing with rain though.
Also re Lidl, my local branch sells wetsuits and jodhpurs alongside the German loo roll. What's that all about then?
Realdoc, there's something called "the Beast Of Bexley", presumably an escaped panther or something along those lines. Everywhere seems to have one, and I suspect they're invented by local newspapers.

If Bexleyheath Lidl stocks wetsuits and jodhpurs, it sounds as if it will complement the Ann Summers shop across the road, then.
The last time I saw a Dragonfly he said in a Scottish accent:

"I don't think I can invest in this. And for that reason. I'm oot".

Heh heh ... Murphmeister is the king of canine stand up comedy.
Bexley Heath sounds truly an amazing place. Dragonflies in October and a Lidl on the horizon. I've not been to a Lidl - where do they slot into the supermarket heirarchy, above or below Asda. Would I be able to buy organic milk there - I need to know.
Betty, please excuse me while I answer Tom. I feel a certain responsibility there. Tom, please stop getting excited about supermarkets. Have you forgotten that incident in Waitrose in Bovey Tracey? I think you still have the letter from the manager. You would not like Bexleyheath. There are people there.
I don't know what Lidl's like. I've never been to Lidl. Although, considering that they sell wetsuits and jodphurs it sounds as if they cater for the obnoxious upper middle classes rather than the poor people that we bloggers feel inclined to make fun of.

I've been to Bovey Tracey but I've never been to a Waitrose. Aren't they full of obnoxious middle class wankers?
OK, lets get this straight. there is no Waitrose in Bovey Tracey, but there is one in Okehampton. And yes it is full of middle class wankers, and yes, I do shop there whenever I can, and Yes, I am a .....
That still doesn't explain The Incident though ...
Betty Dear, I really can't go into the details of 'the incident'. If the details of that awful day ever find their way into the public domain, my blogging days will be over.
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