Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Biggest television disappointment of the year ....

There is a thin line between involving an audience emotionally and mawkish slop. Unfortunately The Royle Family one off special toppled over into mawkish slop where once it was brilliant observational comedy.

Ah well, we'll always have the memories ...

(of Chris Evans) ... "he's like bloody shit in a field that one, he gets everywhere" (Jim Royle, some time in the 1990's).

R.I.P. Nan. R.I.P. The Royle Family.

Missed it.
I agree Betty. Some things are best left in memory (Chris Evans included).

I was welling up, but only when they emptied Nana's cholostomy bag in the washing up.
Oh I'm so glad you agree - I had my fingers down my throat at half time.
Let's hope Craig leaves Caroline to her rehab and goes back for more 'Early Doors'.
Richard - not worth seeing the repeat, unless you're feeling a bit hormonal.

Murphmeister - I don't like using the young person's slang expression LOL, but on this occasion - LOL.

Kaz - phew, I was expecting to be shot down in flames for this (still might be actually) so it's nice that one or two people are in agreement.

The thing that always appealed about the earlier Royle Family shows, and Early Doors, was that that they presented believeable, well observed working class characters. Sometimes they had exaggerated personality traits but they were a pretty good representation of, ahem, "ordinary folk" in a way that's all too rarely found on television.

The Royle Family special tipped over into caricature though, and the sentimentality was laid on with a trowel.

In my opinion. Cough ...
... also, as Geoff suggested, "maybe Caroline Aherne has found God after all her problems and visits to re-hab".

Oh gawd, I'm like a cut-price Ian Penman, sending myself endless "thinking aloud" comments.

I'm glad you 'all' like Early Doors. Mr P and I adore it, but were rather taken a back when my son-in-law, who lives in Lancashire, said "What is so funny about it, it's just some people in a pub"......Ahh from the mouths of babes.........
Was it the bit where Nanna ended up in hospital that lead you to this observation, Betty?
Well, I thought it was smashing, and you are the same bunch of heartless bastards who didn't like it when Dawn & Tim copped off at the end of the Office.

Or maybe I was just hormonal.

Both times.
Mrs Rine - it comes to something when the characters in a sitcom are more like real people than the ones on reality shows, eh?

Istvanski - oh, honest, that Sinead O'Connor song played when she was in the hospital. That's never a good sign, is it, using a Sinead O'Connor song on a soundtrack? If it'd only been a half hour she would've kicked the bucket at home. That's what you want - swift, brutal, clean.

Beth - ah, we're all heartless as anything around here. Apart for the time that I cried about every three minutes throughout Cinema Paradiso ...

... erm, anyway, how did you know that none of us liked it when Dawn and Tim copped off at the end of The Office?
i thought it was great, me. and i cried. mind you, i'd had some wine, and i was proper stoned. i was lucid enough, however, to notice that the laminate flooring bit was a sad, misguided attempt to reprise the mambo-number-five-stripping-the-dining-room-wallpaper-for-baby-david's-christening scene.

i can't be the only one referring to madonna's Argos Baby as baby david cos of the royle family, can i?
They probably did that laminating scene to stretch things out to an hour. In fact, perhaps it would've been better if it had been condensed to half an hour and they'd cut out all of those bloody musical bits. I didn't want to mention the Sinead O'Connor thing again, but ...
I had a good old blub when Nan died - I loved it - not her dying but the episode!
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