Thursday, September 21, 2006


Saw Nobby Stiles at Corley Motorway Services.

He'd parked badly directly in front of us.

"Well, he's got bad eyesight" said the husband.

I recognise Nobby, of course, but which one is Betty and which one is Geoff?
Did he try and sell you some cheap "Italian" leather jackets because he's on his way to the airport?
So Betts, you're the blonde in the middle, right - I thought you had 'big hair'. Geoff is a handsome beast too isn't he.
Vicus - I'm the one with the receding hairline on the left and Geoff is in the crowd, the fourth from the left in the thirty third row back. The blond man in the middle is the closest thing that Geoff has to a personal god.

Richard - he did look pretty furtive when he got back in the car and made a fairly quick exit.

Tom - I refer you to the reply I gave to Vicus above.
Betty, of course Geoff was there because everyone was, even those who weren't born.
Yo Bettster!

You need to tell Geoff that I've dedicated the first song to him on my latest poohcast. There is a reason for this and all will becaome clear when you listen!


The Rockmother xx
I don't remember being there. My memory is unreliable though.
Snap! - I saw Nobby on a table next to us having a pizza in our local caff. Though how he managed to chew it I couldn't tell you.
Richard - well, he was in the thirty third row back, which was better than me. I was three years old and on a coach coming back from our holiday in Colwyn Bay. Good timing, eh?

Rockmother - I'm listening to it as I type actually. I wonder if there's a Born Again Christian/reggae crossover ... maybe a God Squad Cod Podcast would be an idea? Good to hear the Slits - now Ari Up IS cod reggae. All that "Babylan lovers are Babylan lovers" stuff.

Billy - you might have been there in a previous life though. England expected every man to do his duty.

Kaz - ugh, I wouldn't have wanted to watch him eating. Perhaps he should have stuck to soup or, worse still, taken the dentures out.
Out of interest has he had cosmetic dentistry done?
Thankyou for that marvellous PiL song Betty. Wonderful. Truly marvellous. Thankyouxxx
Did you buy him a pint? I thought it was entrenched in the law of this land that you had to, for any of the cup winning squad. Apart from maybe Jimmy Greaves, cos he's just annoying, isn't he? Oh, and a recovering alcoholic.
Realdoc - I presume there isn't much that can be done for Nobby by an orthodontist, although a team of construction workers might be able to help.

Molly - no worries. Hope you'll be around again soon.

Del - well, Nobby beat a hasty retreat, and I'm not sure what choice of ales were on offer at Corley Services (cans of Bass Shandy?). I think he has become a bit fed up of being in the public eye (well, that's what I've read, anyway).
You thought Nobby's parking was bad?

Just make sure you steer clear of Edgar Davids.
There was some little kid on Sky Sports News last night who was only on there because he had the same glasses as Edgar Davids. God, it must've been a quiet news day.
How did you recognise him? Was he still wearing his kit?
Sharon - I suppose I thought at first that he must just be a Nobby lookalike, even though he looked exactly like he did in recent tv appearances I've seen of him, was a short bloke and had that jaunty way of walking. Then the truth dawned.

I also once saw a Trevor MacDonald lookalike who turned out to be Trevor MacDonald.
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