Friday, September 15, 2006


I am off to a mystery location somewhere in Britain "for my own good". Hopefully I'll be a much nicer person when I return.

The air will be clean and bracing, and I will be partaking of long hearty walks in the pouring rain and driving, freezing wind.

At the establishment I'm staying at breakfast will be served at 6.30 am prompt and will comprise of eggs, sossidgez, beans, bacon, black pudding, (one) piece of fried bread, mushrooms, (one) tinned plum tomato, four "rounds" of toast with butter and marmalade, a pot of tea for seven accompanied by five spoons of sugar per cup, a bowl of cornflakes and no orange juice, but not necessarily in that order.

I can't say I'll miss any of you, especially when I'm having the ECT treatment, but I'll be back next week discussing second hand shops, Charlie Stubbs and Kasabian among very few other things.

In the meantime, I hope you will be good, and would advise you, in the words of the New Seekers, to love one another and feel for each other from now on.

Have fun, take care and look out for your fellow man.

Betty. . I shall miss you for one enjoy the change of scenery. Don't let it change you too much, you are what you are and thats what I like about you and your postings. . take care x x
Hope you have a nice break Betty Betts. I shall miss you very much and look forward to seeing you back here soonxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I hope you are taking that pristine unread copy of 'Ulysses' with you for some holiday reading.

Tee hee.
That's made me want to have a massive fry-up - NOW! Have a good time - we await your safe return Bettster. xx
Erindoorz - thanks duck. Hopefully I won't be TOO good tempered when I return from the scenic retreat. If I start putting up posts about the joys of dusting or folding shirts, like a blogging Anthea Turner, then you have my permission to send some really nasty comments, right?

Molly - Ta v. much. Actually, I'm taking Swann's Way with me. Ideal holiday reading, what? Should I get fed up of that I've got the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore thing Tragically, I Was An Only Twin, and Uncut magazine, which as usual will have a three hundred page article about Neil Young. Proust seems like a breeze compared to the last one.

Rockmother - whatever might be said about big greasy breakfasts, after one of those you don't get hungry until the evening. Ideal for holidays, then, and better than yer "continental" breakfast of stale roll with a bit of processed meat or cheese.
Sorry, for a minute I thought you were off on a break similar to Clurs in Corrie. Give me a full English with plenty of black pudding any day.

Have a wonderful time
Feels so good I can hardly stand it.
Skegness is so bracing...tho' I'm not sure you need to be braced.
"Strong Constitution"?
"...a mystery location somewhere in Britain"?

Sounds like Southall to me...
i hope it's not that creepy research institute where they do the common cold research and drip germs in your eyes and collect your used tissues. bleah.

Get that 'you go, girl!' lift with Pseudafed ExtraStrength! Stop that sniffle today AND dance the night away!

lord, I'm still doing it.
All that fried stuff's gonna play havoc with your arteries, y'know.
I love the way you get rounds of toast. I'd like to see rounds in more walks of life.
I saw the New Seekers on Cleethorpes Pier in approximately 1974. It was pouring with rain and there was a driving, feezing wind. It still is and you also have to be a little bit mad ( or from Rotherham, not an entirely dissimilar concept) to go there.

That's where you've gone, isn't it?! I could teach Poirot a thing or two me.
So Betts, a few days away in Rotherham to freshen up.
Fear not, once you have slipped into cynical mode there is no way back. You could even live in Rotherham and it wouldn't help you, you know.
Yes. the Calder Valley is lovely at this time of year. Hope you're having a splendid time. Do send Sissy Ladle my love.
"I'm taking Swann's Way with me.."

Not Howard's Way? It's the sequel to Howard's End. The third in the trilogy is the best, mind - Howard's End a-Way.

Have a lovely break Betts - hope they get the voltage right this time...


Hello all. I had an "interesting" time.

Richard - oh, that bloody storyline with Clur being locked away because she doesn't love the baby. I hate the way Ashley always reduces sentences to the bare essentials when he gets stressed out ... "I'm goin'k hospickle see Clur". Worse still, he's taken to wearing a vest!

... er ...

MJ - ah, the good old New Seekers. "Feels so good, I can hardly stand" is more like I feel after one too may brandy & cokes.

Beth - never been to Skeggy. Usually along the English coast the wind is so cold that you feel as though your head is in a brace, so it's a pretty accurate desription.

Istvanski - not Southall, but I had quite a harrowing time nonetheless.

First Nations - at some of the places I've stayed at on holiday I've had to endure worse things than the common cold. Illnesses and accidents always seem to occur on holiday.

Sharon - I didn't succumb to the full English breakfast: maybe next time though.

Billy - you get rounds in boxing of course.

Cherrypie - nope, it wasn't Rotherham. I'm not intelligent enough to make an obscure reference to New Seekers and know their 1974 tour itinerary!

Tom - honestly, I wasn't in Rotherham, and have never knowingly been there. Anyway, I'm a much happier person and am wearing a really inane grin at the moment, so something has improved.

Blind-Winger Jones - good to see you back. I thought contact with the other side had been lost for ever. Anyway, I wasn't in the Calder Valley unfortunately, although it does look very appealing. I wonder if you can hear curlews at dusk there?

Bob - no, it was Swann's Way the early '80's hardly remembered Brummie Duo who had a minor hit with Soul Train. That tall bint with the red hair just complained about everything the whole time and got on my nerves.

I certainly hope they got the voltage right because they intend to do a lobotomy if this doesn't work.
Mr Swipe, that's hysterical!
You should be on the Music Hall.

Welcome back Betty.
Holy Aortic Aerobics Batman!
Good luck...with breakfasts like that you'll need it. Don't forget to smear a little butter on your bacon...the secret to surviving Canadian Winters.

I'm sure that they got a charge out of you!
Arabella - thanks! It's like I never was away, fortunately.

Bob is the Max Miller of blogging.

Homo Escapeons - butter on bacon sounds horrible. I've always had a dislike of butter being used on bacon sandwiches. Still, diff'rent strokes from diff'rent folks. I used to be up to having full English breakfasts but all the ingredients seem to churn over in your stomach and it's more difficult to cope with as you get older.
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