Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Back to the grim, serious coalface of blogging in a bit.

In the meantime, this one is dedicated to the excellent Molly Bloom.

For anyone who can't access YouTube, it's some footage of Bud Flanagan's ghost.

Any road, don't become an internet ghost, Molly. Even the dead manage to make contact with us from the other side at times.

Does anyone know you're back?

Inspired choice of music. The older I get the more I like PiL
One of those riveting threads of bitchy comments at the PiL site...about Shakespeare of all things.
I went to see Blind Winger as directed but nearly had a heart attack - Lulu, dead!!
Richard - ah, who cares if they know whether I'm back or not? In space, no one can hear you scream.

I still like a bit of PIL at an age when I should prefer Flanagan and Allen - although they're alright, actually.

Arabella - yeah, people really go for each other's throats on YouTube. There's also a sub-argument about what mice eat!

As for Lulu - not only is she dead, she appears to have hooked up with the 1970's Liberal Party!
OK Betty.
It's Betty 3 - Arabella 3
in the comments lower third division. First one to double figures gets a sticky bun.
Careful reading there, people.
Oooh, be careful, when I get started I'm a complete savage. I mean, the way I laid into that Echo And The Bunnymen fan back in the archive!

I'm the Norman "Bite Yer Legs" Hunter of blogging. I will prevail!
btw, isn't sticky bun that game that public school boys indulge in? Ugh.
I don't know. But I owe you three. Bursts into tears.
I'd rather have three vanilla slices.

Hahaha! I have prevailed.
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