Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ah, well, I'm going to ruin what remnants of respect I have among anyone with a passing interest in music by admitting to liking loud, garish, vulgar Kasabian.

Don't blame me, it all stems back to childhood when I preferred loud, vulgar, garish Sweet and Slade to introspective whiney acoustic Gordon Lightfoot, or whoever else Noel Edmonds was playing on the radio as I prepared to go to school.

I am ancient and should have put aside foolish things and listen instead to quiet, introspective Grant Lubbock or Wilco, but I am blameless. It's society what done it.

I know that Kasabian have that gipsyish style magazine look which would inspire the drip who writes for The Measure in the Guardian Weekend to exclaim "Sergio Pizzorno's waistcoat - we like!!!" but look - their last single had a Status Quo bit in and I actually adore both their albums for reasons I can't really fathom.

That will have to suffice as a recommendation. I can't write about music I love.

Instead, to tie in with another rubbish Charlie Stubbs storyline in Coronation Street, could I just say that Charlie Stubbs looks a bit like that bloke who sings for Kasabian?

Well, they both have the same romany colouring and the same big malleable gob.

Alright, the singer from Kasabian is a scrawny, Dickensian, tubercular version of Charlie Stubbs.

Once, we put the telly on pause during a scene involving Stubbsy on Coronation Street and both said "John wuzza scientist, he wuz hokkked on LSD" because when you're married you have to have tedious in-jokes which no one else understands.

See what you think ...

evil womanising mindgame playin' Stubbsy

that bloke who sings with Kasabian

I don't mind tedious in-jokes. You should hear me and her round a garden centre when we deliberately and very seriously mispronounce plant names.
They do look alike but funnily enough I would (the bloke from Kasabian), I wouldn't (the bloke from Corrie).
Don't know what that means.
I don't like Kasabian, but they are from Leicester, where I was born. So they've got to get a bit of grudging respect from me for that.
yeah I'd do the CasaBien geezer too but not the other one.
Richard - our life is just a series of crap in jokes. Still, nobody else would have either of us.

Realdoc - yeah, they could almost be the same person ... what a difference a hairstyle makes, eh? ;)

Billy - so you also grudgingly rate Englebert Humperdinck and Showaddywaddy, do you?

Undercrackers - well, I *wouldn't* either of them, but I'm sure a lot of people *would*. Casa Bien is going to be the name of my holiday home in Benidorm when I move over their in me seventies.
Anyway, I definitely *wouldn't* but then I *wouldn't* have the chance. Even Bill Ward is a few years younger than me, and that bloke from Kasabian is young enough to be with my grandson.

I might be in with a chance with Jack Duckworth, or Jeff Lynne of ELO, if they didn't mind a bit of old though.
I know not of what you speak. Are any of these people related to Lulu?
Billy. I'm from Leicester. Grudging respect will not do. Nothing short of adulation, in fact.
...and they both look like that guy who played the mean, melty metal robot in 'Terminator II'.
i'm from milwaukie.
don't laugh.
It's funny (or I'm funny) but I've always liked both the loud, garish stuff AND the whiny introspective stuff. Maybe I'm just too lazy to be bothered with making choices!
Vicus - Neither of them are related to Lulu, as far as I know, and don't have a hand in her being elected president in Brazil.

Are you related to Englebert Humperdinck?

First Nations - I only saw the first Terminator film, so I couldn't comment, although Stubbsy off Coronation Street would probably like a role in that sort of film.

Cheesemeister - I went through a whiney, introspective music phase, but I'm like that in real life, so I want to listen to music that alleviates the whiney introspectiveness rather than reminding me of it.
I'm far too sweet and innocent to even consider whether I would.
I wasn't even considering whether I *would* or not - it's just all the lewd, filthy commenters here who have other ideas. I try to write a serious, thought provoking piece of art where I lay my soul bare and all they can do is talk about smut.
... btw, I'm surprised that anyone hasn't spotted the deliberate mistake by now. MJ, perhaps?
Surely not the obvious one of two pictures of Manc priapist?
I've heard Wardy sing. He's a better actor.
Richard 1: I had to look that up. Are you saying that Stubbsy suffers from long lasting painful erections?

Richard 2: I should imagine he chooses Mustang Sally if he's doing karaoke.
These pictures are both of the same person, except one is older and fatter, although I'm not sure which one.
Well, it looks like Richard and Istvanski have won this post's super quiz prize from the Pound Shop - a DVD of Carla Lane's funny but touching sitcom Bread dubbed into Catalan.

Congratulations, and enjoy!
*rubs eyes*
Yes, they're BOTH Stubbsy only the top one is Evil Stubsy and the bottom one is Evil-in-Training Stubbsy.
Well, it's a bit late now, but you have added some colour to Stubbsy's character, so I can provide you with a Betamax video of Carla Lane's funny but touching sitcom Bread dubbed into Cantonese.

Congratulations and enjoy!
Oh, thank you. There's lovely...
The problem I have with Kasabian, other than the fact that I'd rather undergo open heart surgery without anaesthetic than listen to one of their records, is their lack of geographical savvy.

They seem to be convinced that they are from 'The North'. They wish, painfully hard, that they were from Manchester. They aren't, as has already been mentioned. They're from Leicester. Now, that's not Leicester's fault, in the same way that it's not my fault that Razorlight were birthed just round the corner from where i live. But any map will inform you that Leicester is in the midlands. And Kasabian are wannabes and fakes. Fakes! I mock and deride them.
Del, it's the fakey, absurd quality I like with Kasabian. Most bands I like have got a daft side in their own way, from Led Zeppelin ("Ooh! Missus! Squeeze me lemon!")through to the Sex Pistols (old man Steptoe) or Joy Division (ridiculous dancing, ridiculous voice). Having said that, I'm very old and probably can't judge what is and isn't good any more ...
Well I'm probably just as sad as the rest of them but I like Kasabian too. I like the rough sound and the noise. Lots of loud noise - that's what keeps me sane.
Well, that's the thing I like about them, the raahhk element. Mind you, I'm from the West Midlands, and we're all thick Quo and Black Sabbath fans, aren't we?
I'm quite impressed at my vitriol, actually. Looking at the timing, I think I was a bit drunkened. And believe me, age has nothing to do with knowing what is and isn't good, so no worries there. My own younger brother has possibly the worst taste in music on the planet.

Cripes! More vitriol! I need to calm down... or else I'll turn into Morrissey. And then where would we be?
No worries. The open heart surgery analogy (is it an analogy? I last studied English during WW1) was very funny.

If I did away with vitriol I would probably have to delete the blog.
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