Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Just to inform you, this is back up and running. I don't know for how long, but I just got bored, right, and fancied a change.

Anyway, I quite like the blogs I write on where I only have one visitor a week, usually someone from Taiwan looking for "The Growing Pains Of PC Penrose DVD's at discount price" or somesuch.

Don't know if the other "team member" will be contributing. Judging by the woeful performances of West Ham United recently, it might help to take his mind of football, though.

I'm also in the process of deleting some of the stuff in the Utility Room archive because it's dead embarrassing and really badly written, even by my low standards. Especially the post-July 7th touchy feely stuff. Yecchh! We're all entitled to have a funny turn now and again but it's best to stay on the straight and narrow if possible. Anything that's too serious or ponderous will have to go: it's just not in the remit of this blog to stray beyond the shallow or silly.

In other news, Low Breasts are recording their debut major label "album" release, which is going to be called HRT On UHT, and it will tie in with a Low Breasts art installation being shown at the Turbine Hall at London's Tate Modern. Ooh, I'm not going to tell you what it'll be - it's a surprise!

Never look back, only forward.

I LOVE the Search Me blog!

I wonder if Richard Fleeshman will be back.
Don't know how long I'll carry on with Search Me. An off and ongoing project maybe.

I don't think we'll see much of "Richard Fleesham" as I get the feeling he's somewhere in the deepest Kent countryside at the moment.
Not quite sure where you going with this post Betts, but I think there is this wonderful upside down type of effect that goes on - and this is a compliment here by the way - where the more serious you get, the less effective you are.
It's like in the old saying
'Those who truly know don't go there'
tom909 2006
Actually, I quite enjoy straying beyond whatever the remit of my blog is supposed to be, and occasionally falling flat on my face in public - it's all part of the joy of the medium, and the misfires can sometimes be as interesting as the hits. For instance, when I was up for a Major International Blogging Award, I spent the entire time posting, in immense detail, about the minutiae of a bunch of singles which nobody cared about - even the regulars were getting peed off about it - but it did give me a perverse thrill.

Maybe you can re-contextualise your serious and ponderous bits as like those occasional "moving" moments that they used to throw in on Spitting Image once in a while (starving Africans, pictures of Hiroshima, that sort of thing). Actually, bad analogy - that sort of thing was generally pretty toe-curling - so as you were, don't mind me...
I love Betty. That is all I have to say. I've asked her to marry me...but I know she is already taken.
I'd like to go to the Low Breasts thingy. Could you put me on the guest list?
Tom - that's pretty much on the money. I'm not very good at being serious, or writing serious stuff, which isn't to say I don't have my dark moments (I mean, who doesn't?).

Mike - whenever I've done serious stuff it does indeed tend to fall flat on its face. There are other bloggers who do that kind of thing very well, but I end up cringeing about what I've written. Sometimes I do wilfully weird stuff just for the hell of it, but there's no knowing what people actually like. I often think "no one will like this" and get a very positive response and loads of comments, whereas on other occasions I'm feeling all smug and self satisfied about a post which I think will be loved by all and sundry, only for it to be greeted with complete indifference. Which brings me back down to earth. The unpredictability is a good thing.

Molly - careful. There is a certain sort of male blogger who will get hot under the collar about this sort of thing. God knows, there are enough dirty old men on the internet ...

Billy - what, the launch party for the Turbine Hall thing? Can do, if you don't mind hanging out with Damien, Tracey, that twat who plays bass with Blur, Keith bloodybastard Allen, Peaches Geldof, Jade Goodey ...
I think that you have to pour your heart out once in a while because people can't stand it if somebody else is always 'fun'.

Angst is the great equalizer.
Sad but true.
Homo Escapeons - well, this blog isn't really fun, what with all the ranting, ravings, whingeing and general cynicism. However, I don't like to pour my heart out. I'm not comfortable with it and I don't want the sort of readers who are like vultures, waiting to swoop down on yet another self pitying post saying "there there, you poor thing, what a shame".
Everyone has problems in their life to some degree or another, and mine are pretty small compared to most people's. This isn't, however, going to stop me from complaining about everything ...
If one should 'never look back, only forward', then why are you bothering about your archives anyway?

I've got some awful self-indulgent crap back in my earliest posts, and it doesn't seem to have got any better.
Will the Low Breasts installation hang from the ceiling like the big trumpet thingy? I mean how low will they be?
Just to let you know that Ben of Silent Words Speak Loudest has said that my blog is like a male version of yours.

So - which one of us is most disturbed by this comparison?

Cherrypie - I only put that bit in about never looking back and only looking forward because I couldn't think of a way to end the post. Very slapdash, I know ...

I just find the posts I deleted really embarrassing to me, so God knows what they would be like for other people to read. I've got a low cringe tolerance, though.

Realdoc - very low indeed. Is the answer. To quote Chuck D - "breasts! How low can you go?"

Overnight - welcome. I saw that Silent Words thing as well. I think you ought to be more disturbed because I can't imagine anyone would want to be a male version of me. Come to think of it, the older I get, the more I become a male version of me - deeper voice, moustache, nasal hair, male pattern baldness ...
I've got a Blackberry now
Ah Richard.

How's the singing career taking off?
Well just watch this space!

Some of my fans have made a website for me here


It doesn't work very well and some of the spelling is rubbish which is a bit pants. It's got all my news on it though.

I like coming here because you're my friends and you've always had good advice for me. I'm not in Kent though, how did you think that? they've put me up in a flat not too far away from the theatre.
Hi Richard.

www.richardfleeshman.org is a great website for you. I have never had problems getting onto it.

It now has new owners and the spelling ect is getting sorted out.

Maybe you should email the admin so they can put a qoute from you? admin@richardfleeshman.org
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