Thursday, August 10, 2006


One of those coincidences that are strangely commonplace when they are connected to dreams ...

Last night I dreamt that our flight to Lisbon next month had been changed at the last minute to three o'clock in the morning "for security reasons". I was really pissed off with this in the dream, but when I woke up and watched the news at breakfast time I found out about this.

Cue spooky John Carpenter music ...

If I dream that the plane explodes just before the actual flight to Lisbon, I'm staying at home.

UPDATE: Some bloke on BBC News 24 was saying that we're now looking at a situation where all passengers from Britain to America will have to face "having all bodily cavities searched" at customs.

I don't fancy walking with a bandy legged gait and wearing a pained expression for a fortnight after that. Besides, how are you supposed to sit down for a two hour flight in that condition?

No, it looks as if I will never visit New York or fly over the Grand Canyon. Unless I swim to the U.S.

It's propaganda though, isn't it Bett?

There was a guy on the news this morning saying that, in effect, the security arrangements currently in place haven't really changed in thirty five years. They can only really detect metal objects and hope that they can pick up on suspicious behaviour. I took that assessment to mean that anyone desperate enough to blow up a plane over the last thirty plus years could have done so by strapping the right explosives to themselves and walking (luggage free) on to any of the several million flights that have taken place to/from our airports in that time.

I'm no explosives expert (at least, I'm certainly not going to admit to being one on here..) but I'm sure that a nasty incident could have been perpetrated without the already high security presence being able to do a thing about it.

Anyroad, I've heard Lisbon's lovely and wish you both a safe and pleasant trip there....

(....always in the market for tax-free 'buie breezers, should you have a spare allocation between you)

#7 is up - if you're not already bored to high heaven with them...



Still no word on the Low Breasts...
I suppose it's in the interests of airports to promote the idea that security has been hugely improved since 9/11, otherwise people would be too frightened to fly on planes.

What you really don't need is to know someone who works in Customs, who would probably frighten you silly with the true life stories of security lapses and how easily a team of bombers could walk on board a plane. At the moment you can't carry nail scissors or files through customs, but can easily buy knives and suchlike in the shops on the other side before boarding the plane.

Shouldn't think I would be allowed to carry any 'buie Breezers back on the aeroplane under new regulations, because they could be seen as a potential explosive.
nope, thats bullshit. some may be dissappointed to hear that, but its' just the way things go sometime! put away the k-lube.
they've ramped up security for passengers debarking FROM the UK here at SeaTac International. all that means is everyone has to dump out their bags and surrender their shampoo, though.
listen, i am grateful that the folks on your side caught this. you've saved a lot of lives and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Well if it has stopped ten planes being blown up, then obviously it's something to be grateful about, but the information about what could have happened/might still happen as ever isn't actually explained in anything but the vaguest terms by politicians or anyone in authority. You usually have to wait a long time before anything remotely like the truth comes out.
I'm going to the States some time I hope. I'll probably have to go on the bloody QE2 now.
I just might grit my teeth and let them search an orifice if they'd let me have a book to read.
Then again, it depends which orifice.
Billy - thing is, travelling on the QE2 means you are at risk of falling victim to one of those life threatening viruses which go through cruise ships like a dose of salts. Stands to reason though - they're full of really old, ill people whose dying wish was to travel on the QE2.

Kaz - I don't mind if it's just nostrils and ears, but the thought of all of those burly hands in Marigolds and asking you to bend over and "this might hurt a bit" is too much to contemplate.

Besides, no hand luggage allowed on board! That covers a multitude of problems that I can see. Problem is, we've got a week in Lisbon booked up in September. After that, I don't think I'll want to travel abroad for a few years ...
"I'll probably have to go on the bloody QE2 now"

It was good enough for Aladdin Sane, Bill - it'll be bloody good enough for you...

And yes, let's hear it for the SECURITY SERVICES!! Wahey - another 24 arrested who will very quietly be released back seething into their even more wound up and griping communities when it's discovered that there's nothing that can be pinned on them!! GO TONE!! WAY to handle that clash of civilisations, dude...

Christ almighty - thank feck they don't make us salute the fecking flag every morning (....yet...) or we'd all be flagwaving ra-ra loonies too.
The security services are still searching for five men who are "on the run" (designed to terrify anyone boarding a plane within the next few days, that phrase) and especially a MR BIG who is possibly in Pakistan. Confusing: do they mean the bloke who was implicated in the tabloid stories who allegedly organised massive illegal raves, circa 1988, or the drippy band who hit the top twenty with Step Back Inside Me Romeo in 1977?
Cor Betty...you are the queen of quizzes. I saluteth you.
Molly, it's what I do in the absence of having a brain and an an edication.
Don't forget that the government needs this to be as big and scary as possible. It's like manna from heaven for those bastards. If it wasn't for them the 'mad buggers' probably wouldn't be gunning for us in the first place.
Ah yes, possible mass murder on an unprecedented scale. Cheers!

Apparently Bush and Blair knew about this about a week ago - what was the reason behind the timing of going public about the threat? We'll probably never know.
I'm going to the Grand Canyon soon. I'll take a pic for you.
MJ, I doubt that I'll visit anywhere abroad again at this rate with the new restrictions on flight travel. It'll take you bloody hours longer of waiting around at airports, endless searches. Is travel going to be any more safe? I doubt it.
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