Friday, August 25, 2006


Well, thank the f*ck that's all over. Fifty posts about having difficult and unmanageable hair was a bit too difficult and unmanageable for anyone to read. Unless you were Nicky Clarke.

Any road, by way of a change, can I just get on the bandwagon and say what everyone else has been saying for ages.


I mean ...

A Certain Ratio doing Forced Laugh. Possibly A Certain's greatest track. The poor sound quality only emphasises its SPOOKINESS.

David Bowie doing the '60's version of Space Oddity, as mentioned in a post I did a year ago. Mmm, gooorgeous, and those lovely wonky teeth ... Besides which, this one doesn't feature much *work* from the Lindsay Kemp School Of Mime School, which is something to be grateful for.

Television doing Foxhole. Wonderful: included here because Tom Verlaine looks haggard, strung out and cute. Mmm, nice wonky teeth!

Lou Christie doing I'm Gonna Make You Mine. What better way to capture the slightly disturbing world of Lou Christie than a promo film set in a scrap metal yard? From the same director who brought you Scott Walker singing Plastic Palace People while strolling around Barnsley Corporation Tip and Tyrannosaurus Rex on the Dymchurch Light Railway! I made the last bit up! I'd also like to recommend Lou's retrospective album, Original Sinner, with its over excitable sleeve notes, and his over excitable website, particularly the scrap book.

The Runaways doing Cherry Bomb. Included here for Tom 909, who claims there should be more hot babes on the site. Well, here are some sweet, innocent and blushing young maidens for you Tom. One of the best singles of all time, actually.

Happy linkage, readers ...

Oh, sorry, you only read the first line, as usual.

Thank you Betty, for only providing links and not loading the videos on to your page. I typically open the blogs I want to read in tabs, and if more than one Youtube video appears it uses up all of the CPU. So no, in general, Youtube is not great.
You, however, remain truly stunning.
Thankyou soooo much for the beautiful young Bowie. I think that 'fixed' teeth USA style can often take away a person's individuality and turn them into a smiling toothpaste ad.
Thank you Betty, now I'm really horny and it's only 11 o clock.
oh no what is youtube have i missed ANOTHER trend....blast
All these people thanking me. I'm starting to feel like Billy Graham.

Vicus - I don't want to put YouTube videos up here because they are probably a real pain in the arse for anyone with dial up connection to deal with. I probably couldn't work out how to do it anyway.

Yeah, I am stunning. Hmm. In cyberspace no one can see your warts, squint, missing teeth or cauliflower ears.

Kaz - hmm, well I have got a bit of a thing about wonky teeth. Particularly David Bowie's wonky teeth. I had to be put on anti depressants when he had them fixed. Bloody American cosmetic dentists would have everybody look like the Osmonds if they had their way.

Tom - sorry about that. Try thinking of Ruth Kelly. It always works for me, anyway.

Beast - well, I'm about a year behind on the YouTube trend. YouTube will probably have the plug pulled on it soon.

With regard to trends, everyone's into Extreme Blogging at the moment, although Pastoral Blogging looks like being big for autumn.
I wish to protest about the fact that you have not included one of the greatest pop videos of all time in your list. I talk of course about Sowing The Seeds Of Love by Tears For Fears.

Who cares about any of the other rubbish you have linked to here? It makes me so angry when people don't pay attention to Tears For Fears.
Thankyou Betty...that prompted a bit of an 'A Certain Ratio' fest in our house. They really are marvellous.

I was saying the other day (in another of those moments when I didn't stop talking*) that it is strange how the Internet is becoming this place where everything is free. It's brilliant in a way...you can track down really obscure things..for nought! FAB! I feel a *twinge* of guilt about copyright...but well..it doesn't last long.

*In 'real' life...I actually don't talk to anyone. It's great.

Fantastic stuff.

I particularly liked the where do I focus? melange of saucy lingerie/fab Gibson guitars that is The Runaways.

But even better was the reminder that the catchiest song I ever wrote ("Maybe Mary", for the uninitiated) was a direct (albeit unintentional) steal from the chorus of the Lou Christie song. I can only imagine it was one of those songs you neve r had but heard a lot and then, later in life when you needed a tune it was just ...well, there.

Didn't look at the Television, but weren't they the best....

in fact, I'm off to look at it now.

And which Eno song gives The Ratio their name, pop pickers????

What brilliant close ups of TV soloing with the whammy bar...

Absolutely ace.#

Thanks for that Betty.
Well there you go. BEtween you and Vicus you've made me fel totally small and a complet technoprat. I'm still going to post YouTube videos, but I'll make sure there's less on the page. How's that for a compromise?

Thanks for the Bowie. Further evidence (along with the Beatles) that Queen did NOT invent the pop video single handed in 1978.

God, I'm a grump this morning.
Glenda - ah, you return like the last turd that refuses to flush around the u-bend.

I won't be putting a link up to any Tears For Fears video here. By the way, lerve your new blog!! How much will you find to write about connected to Tears For Fears? You daft cow ...

Molly - yeah, it's great that it's all free at the moment. There have been rumours that it'll disappear eventually because of organisations threatening to sue for copyright reasons. Then again, YouTube is supposed to be in talks to get every video made on there for free, so who to believe?

Bob - I would guess that most of the songs that supposedly are complete copies of other songs happen subconsciously. Someone would probably go out of their way not to copy songs by artists they listen to a lot.

Mike has done a Troubled Diva spin off site with loads of great YouTube stuff - http://www.troubled-diva.com/xtra/

Mark - sorry, wasn't criticising you personally (... well, Vicus probably was, the old grouchbag).

Hmm, know what you mean about being a grump on Saturday mornings. I've gone through the Disgusting Headache phase and am now in the Lightheaded phase before I move on to the I Need Forty Hours' Sleep phase.
YouTube is crap. There is very little in the way of Val Doonican vids, and the Celine Dion coverage is cursory to say the least.

I quite liked the Small Faces doing 'All or Nothing' though. They looked small and shivery. I felt like handing them mugs of Bovril, the poor little urchins.
Get well soon, Betty.
Garfer - granted, YouTube doesn't have any Doonican footage, not even the seminal performance of Paddy McGinty's Goat backed by Big Brother And The Holding Company at Monterey. Still, at least he has a website, and I'll have a look at the interview on there if I get a few spare moments.

Del - cheers! I see that smallminded bitch Glenda has gone on your site. All she does is criticise people. Just ignore her and hopefully she'll give up.
"and they all just want to look like Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine"

ah, would that it were still so...
Oh come on, things are way better now! We live in an age of visionary talents like Johnny Borrell and Tom Chaplin!
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