Friday, August 04, 2006


Further music related rubbish. I'll get back to covering "more important things" such as gynaecology, knitting, and how fascinating my ten grandchildren are soon, honest.

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R.I.P. Arthur Lee of Love, aged 61, of acute myeloid leukaemia. The blurb on the back of the re-issued Forever Changes says "1967. Nothing caught the strangeness of those days, or captured the beauty and dread they contained, quite like Love's masterpiece Forever Changes" which probably covers it.

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R.I.P. Tony Ogden of World Of Twist, aged 44, cause as yet unknown. The band released two great singles, The Storm and Sons Of The Stage, and an iffy album, never quite fulfilling their potential. Great fun live though - they were trying to be a prog rock band on a fifty pence budget and were probably a bit of an anachronism in the days of such giants of talent as Ned's Atomic Dustbin and The Senseless Things. I have a feeling one Jarvis Cocker may have been taking notes, though ...

With thanks to Delrico and Simon Reynolds, where I found out the news first. Not that Simon Reynolds is likely to drop by here, mind.

Nonsense.... where else is he gonna go for knitting and gynaecology?
Too true ... it was only this morning that I e-mailed Ian Penman back with an embroidery pattern for an antimacassar.
Go on, do something to annoy Simon Reynolds. It's fun.
Ah well, to be fair, he is doing a week long tribute to Tony Ogden. I might put him on my links just for that, even though he is too famous to link to really.

I could send him an e-mail saying I've had Rip It Up And Start Again for a year and haven't read it yet. Or one saying that Scritti Politti were always shite and Green Gartside looks like a twat with that beard. Or I could remind him of the one pound fifty he owes me for those knitting patterns I sent him. Bastard.
... besides which, two towering figures in pop music history die, and I only get (zero) comments! There should be loads of people wailing in the streets and leaving heartfelt tributes over here! At least I'll probably get into the first fifty Google searches for Tony Ogden now, way behind Simon Reynolds, but still ... You'll all be sorry.

*shakes fist at the heavens*

Hah, I bet if David Hasselhoff died and I did an RIP thing for him there would be loads of silly middle class women who never normally visit this blog leaving comments on here about how great "The Hoff" was ...

Oooh, I'm so angry I could crush a grape.
Well, the top six hundred searches for Tony Ogden, maybe.
Keith Moon's ex (not as ex as Keith) Mandy also copped it.

I think she ran an aromatherapy parlour in LA. Fascinating.
Loved World of Twist, but quite frankly, I'm too pissed to write a tribute right now. Not sure how that fits into the Old media Vs Blogging Debate...

or Inkies Vs. Zzzzinkies, as we call it.
Garfer - she'd been married to Ian McLagan of the Faces for a number of years as well and was a former mod-elle (as they always are).

Kek-w - ah, well, that's the thing with the inkies - someone would have written an obituary while they were pissed, with loads of factual inaccuracies in it, and then get paid a handsome sum.
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