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One of my numerous plate-spinning side projects. When you are creative you just have to get it out of your system or summat.

"Geoffrey Is Unwell" (seen here before framing) will be exhibited at Barnehurst Library until the end of August.

Bob Hoskins, innit.

'ere, I was dahn your manor on Friday. We always make a point of stopping off on our way south in Bellegrove Rd dahn Wellin' for a kebab from Kebab Ye, which is just by the late night chemist near the railway bridge. Sharon reckons they are the best kebabs in the whole wide world and I can't argue. Of course, if you don't like kebabs this is pointless. We were wondering whether you and the husband went to Inferno around 9pm, if so we may have seen you.
He doesn't look anything like Ben Elton in this pic.
Just add glasses MJ.

Spitting image.
Well, everybody, according to the late Lucien De La Peste he looks like Harry Carpenter.

This is Geoffrey During Illness. The normal sparkling eyes and lively inner glow are missing, as are the glasses.

Richard - there's a Thai restaurant we visit occasionally on Welling High Street (SORRY to any middle class people reading. You can wrinkle up your noses in disgust at 'ow the other 'arf lives at this point) and we've visited one or two pubs there. Definitely not the Inferno club though - it has to be the rock/alternative/goth night at the Rat And Parrot (B/heath Broadway, Wednesdays) or nothing. Black is wot I wear on the outside cuz black is wot I feel on the inside. Even in middle age.
He does look very Hoskins-ish.
He is one tasty looking geezer and no mistake!
He does appear to be missing a nose, is this a symptom or has he been down the Darenth Tavern?
"Geoff's got no nose ... how does he smell?"


All I can say is that he is much more boyishly handsome than suggested in the picture, and looks nothing like Bob Hoskins. It's just the way I see him because I'm a coldhearted bitch.
I quite fancy him actually.

It's the stubble.
... besides which, I think it movingly conveys the suffering he has undergone with his illness over the last few days.
... God, how did Spinsterella get in the slipstream of two comments posted within seconds of each other there?

If you had to listen to him coughing at three o'clock in the morning you might be put off, though.

Anyhow, the coughing's out me right off.
I don't fancy him at all!
Tom, why not?
Hope those stripes aren't blue and white. Sympathies to the nurse.
Poor Geoffster. What is that coming out of his chin? Has his Adam's Apple slipped down? That must be painful.

I hope he's ok. A nice hot drink might help.

Welling High St? Cor...you are close to me after all. I only go there for the raw meat samples they give away on Saturdays. The dogthigh is good.
I'd like to visit the library exhibition and then go for a toasted teacake afterwards.
But I'm in America. So I can't.
Any more pics?
Molly - Geoff continues to be "in an otherworldly state" today. Is it down to the penicillin?

That bloke who parks behind Welling Co-op on a Saturday does a good line in cat meat at very reasonable rates.

Arabella - be thankful you're not in Barnehurst. I'm sure there's not a toasted teacake to be found in any establishment there. You'd have to bake one yourself.
I blame Geoff's condition on the exploding tuna tins.
reading your comments is like listening to terry wogan.

i don't quite understand what's going on, but feel a vague, against my better judgement, yearning to belong.
Beth, I think you may well have joined. Nobody, let alone Geoff himself, quite knows what's going on.

Are there actually any shops in Barnehurst? You could go down to Nothumberland Heath, there used to be a mini-library there and a caff nearby who could do you a slice of buttered toast.
i drew a picture once.
it was a cat.
it was nice.
nice, nice cat.
the cat was nice.
I'd settle for a slice of bread pudding...
He needs a hug!
Kaz - sorry, I seemed to miss you there in the dense fog.

Geoff's real pyjamas were pink fleecy cotton ones with a Winnie The Pooh illustration across the front. I tried to make him look more butch at his insistence. He wouldn't let me put the teddy bear in the picture either.

Beth - I'm sorry for causing you such trauma: I don't really know what's going on here myself and make it all up as I go along. So does everyone else.

Richard - There are a few shops, a curry house, a couple of takeaways and a pub which we don't visit anymore because the last time we were there there was a pyschotic looking skinhead at the next table wearing knuckledusters.

First Nations - right you are.

Arabella - it looks as though you may have to make do with a sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice, which might be a bit much at this time of day, but beggars can't be chosers.

Homo Escapeons - ugh, not with all those germs. There is a five mile exclusion zone around the sick bay.
That curry house on Erith Road? The one that we thought was good but was then shut down and the owner jailed for health and safety transgressions? There was an aquarium shop as well.
That's news to me - I ought to pay more attention to the local freebie papers. We go there occasionally but I assume it's been Under New Management for several years now.

*rest of readers fall asleep*
Yes, I believe it has been. Betty, it's not our fault they've never lived in the London Borough of Bexley. I bumped into Sheila Hancock once - if I'd known back then she'd lived in B'heath, I would have collared her as well. I see Prescott's approved the incinerator. Cnut.
Thing is about Sheila Hancock, she featured on that family trees programme I've forgotten the name of, and didn't paint a very nice picture of Bexleyheath. Far too staid and boring for someone as dynamic as our Sheila. Hmm.
Have you read her autobiography/bio of John Thaw? It's not a bad read but B'heath doesn't come out of it that badly at all. I thought she seemed quite fond of the place even if there didn't seem to be much happening.

I think we've just about killed this post now.
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