Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, the previous post certainly provoked some long and heartfelt comments: if I finally decide to pointlessly embark on a degree after losing my marbles, the comments may well stand me in good stead when I'm writing up my two thousand page dissertation.

I have to apologise for my ill-thought-out responses to them. I'm not used to actually thinking about things because I don't know about Stuff. I will stick to the usual shallow, vindictive subject matter that you know and love ... that you know and are indifferent to me for.

... except that I've got a two part cathartic post up and coming. Hopefully I'll emerge from it all as a more rounded person with a better grasp on reality.

Anyway, it'll soon be over and done with, so bear with me (... no, not "bare with me". I don't want this to become the world's first communal naturist blog. Ugh.)

The picture isn't relevant to the post. It's just something nice for me to look at whenever I come back here.

Betty, that pic does nothing for me, but I suppose I'll come back anyway. Mind you with a different pic maybe I'd definitely come back.
He was never one of mine, but I think we should all have regular pin-ups on our blogs ;-)
Yeah a Crumpet gallery...put Leif Garrett up.
"I'm not used to actually thinking about things because I don't know about Stuff"

Brilliant Bett - only a person who knows a heck of a lot about a lot of stuff could post as brilliantly self-deprecating a line as that.

Re. the two part cathartic post: will you be listening to Laura Nyro when you type it up? I would.

Beats Carole King et al into a cocked hat. "You don't love me when I cry" - so vulnerable, it near breks yer 'art...She went like the clappers too, apparently....
Is it just me, or is tyhere a lot od soul searching going on all of a sudden. Good-oh says I, if there is....

Will try to post up the next podcast if you're still listening - sorry I haven't namechecked you and Geoff - I will get 'round to it. It;s just that i'm usually hammered when I do them - it's a miracle I can remember what I've played. Be patient, I do want to thank you for the nice comments you made when I started and for taking the time to listen...

Have a great weekend kidder,

He was quite dishy in a toff kind of way.
I still have a thing for Bernard Hinault in his day. Heads off to search old tour de France pics...
Tom, Gert, Ranter ... yeah, but the picture was just for ME. I'm selfish like that.

Bob - but I DON'T know stuff: no in depth analysis of Ulysses around here. Mainly because I bought the thing with a book token about five years ago because I thought "well, I've got to have a stab at it before I drop dead". Of course, it's been gathering dust on the bookshelf along with Underworld and any number of other weighty volumes. I've even renewed the same library book for a fifth time this week ... embarassing.

Only really familiar with Laura Nyro through a best of compilation, although I like it. I've already written the cathartic posts and was listening to the Burial CD at the time (?!). Fucking brilliant. Mind you, this is the equivalent of Mary Whitehouse recommending The Mothers Of Invention.

Arabella - not only that, James was a rogue who always had one or more dolly birds on his arm. Probably died of a heart attack because he drank about twenty bottles of full fat milk a day too.

I like the racing driver look and bikers in their leathers, but I don't really have an interest in the sports themselves. Cyclists in those shorts with the muscley legs and buttocks as well ... very interesting.

Have a good weekend you larvlee larvlee people.
Couldn't we have a photo of Suzie Quattro in her prime?

She was dead jiggly and shook her barnet.

Hunt was a posh cunt.
Better James Hunt, posh cunt, than James Blunt, posh cunt.
I can't think of a thing to say.
James Blunt is coming to Whateverpeg!
Is there anything that I can do to stop this?
We are already depressed and bewildered about Life in general and this event could very well push the general population over the top.
Mark - by which I suppose you mean "this blog is so crap that I can't think of anything to say". Either that or you fell asleep at the computer and accidentally clicked on the link to here the minute you woke up ... oh well ...

Homo Escapeons - don't worry about James Blunt. I used to hate him with a passion until I saw him accepting an award on the television. Now I think he is the second funniest person in pop music.

Are you aware of the Harry Enfield show? A character called Tim Nice But Dim? Well, that's James Blunt, that is.
Come on Betts, when we complain about hot blokes being put up on the blogs, you have to respond by treating us to a hot babe - you got to keep a balance, it's only fair.
And none of your jokes Betts - we want a genuine hot babe!
Naw, this is my blog and I'll post up pictures that I want to. Anyway, I keep getting Google searches from people in Saudi Arabia asking for "hot boy, hot gairl videos".


Maybe you could Googling for hot gairl pictures instead.
Maybe you could TRY Googling ... etc.
Betty, this last couple of posts are fuckin' ace.

JH, heh, heh, heh, he boozed, he fucked, he did drugs, and he drove like a nutter. Much more fun than the Red Baron.

Suzi Quattro; just let me toy with that idea for a moment... probably the first woman I ever had a crush on, when I was about 4. I think I still would now.
Krusty - well, exactly, he was a bit of an outlaw by the standards of modern sportsmen (wow! The charisma of someone like Steven Gerrard!)
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