Friday, July 21, 2006


There is now enough clear blue water under the bridge. Everyone has done the Twenty Five Opening Lines Meme and you are all sick to the back teeth of it.

So, inevitably, it's my turn.

I don't have an iPod, so I had to select some songs at random from my memory, and the batteries have been running low on that since about 1966.

I could only think of nineteen songs which is already probably too much. Some of the opening lines are words spoken at the start of the song, so they won't appear on Google lyrics, but they're opening lines as far as I'M concerned. Heh heh! I know you're not supposed to have any of the title in the opening lines, but I couldn't be arsed to live by YOUR rules, being an anarcho-syndicalist.

So go ahead and have a guess. A word of warning - you won't be able to find lyrics by Sufjan Stevens or whoever else is the choice of the middle class middle youthers this month, because I haven't heard anything by him/them. I have the music taste of someone who rants at the traffic, lives in a hedge and drinks diesel fuel.

Have fun, but don't Google the lyrics, unless you want me to post my toenail clippings to you.

1. I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher, in other words sucker there is no other. Dominator - Human Resource. Mike

2. The way your hair hangs down it hides away your face.

3. It was a hot afternoon, last day of June, and the sun was a demon. Summer (The First Time) - Bobby Goldsboro. Gert

4. SEXEE! Woman ... Rock Your Baby - George McCrae. Homo Escapeons

5. I cried to my daddy on the telephone, how long now? The Saints Are Comin' - The Skids. Mike

6. I was born in Stratford in 1934.

7. Garlands evergreen, forget-me-not leaves.

8. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, here we are again.

9. Yeah, check this next track aht, you've heard Asterix In Space, watch yer bass bins I'm tellin' yer. Infiltrate 202 - Altern8. Kek-W

10. I really love you and I mean you the star above you, crystal blue. Terrapin - Syd Barrett, RIP. Telepathy

11. I've got lerve on my mind, ain't no use in me wasting time. Love On My Mind - Freemasons. Del

12. Can we 'ave it a bit louder in the cans? Nice one ...

13. C'mon ... LOVE my girl ... she look GOOOD ... Five To One - The Doors. Surly Girl

14. Early this morning I drove in the rain, out to the airport to get on the plane ...

15. Jailhouse rocker, roots straight outta Memphis. King Rocker - Generation X. Mike

16. The only real friend he had was his dog ... Arrow.

17. All you preachers who delight in panning the dancing teachers, let me tell you there are a lot of features of the dance that carry you through the gates of Heaven.

18. Hey, Mr Jim, I can see the shape you're in. spanish Stroll - Mink DeVille. Richard

19. I like coffee, I like tea. Java Jive - The Inkspots, Manhattan Transfer and, hem hem, many others. Interpreter Pavlov

I will announce the results in 2009, if I can remember to.

3. Summer the First time - Bobby Goldsboro

I seem to have developed a speciality in guessing Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff on other people's. I can't stand ALW (except for the ones I happen to like) but I've ocncluded that his real genius must be finding the right lyricist.
I never thought to see the day...

19. Java jive, c.1934. Words: Milton Drake. Music: Ben Oakland. As sung (brilliantly) by Manhattan Transfer, among others.
Gosh, I'm so pleased I got one because I genuinely am crap at lyrics, even with my own favourites!

No 18 - Spanish stroll, Spanish stroll. Mink deVille.

Hey, Rosita!!
Well done, all correct.

I'm more familiar with the Inkspots' version of Java Jive, but Pavlov is right, it was recorded by Manhattan Transfer as well.
the ones i knew have already been guessed.

i did know them. honest.
11. Freemasons - Love On My Mind

Yay! I got one! Marvellous.
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Beth - I noticed you mentioned that Bobby Goldsboro song going through your head on a loop on your post yesterday (I drafted this up a few days ago, so I wasn't cribbing, honest!). I hope it hasn't started going around in a loop again. Sorry.

Del - correct. Actually (adopts nerd voice) that line features on a house song circa 1990 by Pandella called This Time Baby. Well, fancy that!!

*everyone falls asleep*
#1 is The Dominator by Human Resource, if that's what they were called. God, but that can't be right - it makes them sound like a personnel department rather than a bunch of Belgian proto-hoover-techno dudes.

I also know #5, if I'm allowed to do two.

Ooh, and #15.
Mike, you're right, and they were called Human Rescource.

You are allowed #5 and #15. Some of us don't have draconian rules :)
# 12 - is it Gene Krupa, by any chance?
Arabella - it sounds like it could be, but it isn't. Come to think of it, there's only one person I can think of who'd be able to answer that and she only reads this blog once in a blue moon, having better things to do with her time ...
"Yeah, check this next track aht, you've heard Asterix In Space, watch yer bass bins I'm tellin' yer." - it's Altern8, but I've got a hot, grumpy 2-yr old who won't let me check my stash of vintage twelves to check which one...
I think I can allow you that one, in the circumstances ... it was Infiltrate 202.
Oh, sure, I knew that :-)

Actually, if my memory serves me, I think I've got it somewhere on silver-grey vinyl...I'll check when the kids have gone to bed...
Yeah, I seem to remember it's on silver vinyl, I would go and check but haven't got the energy.
Hello. Number 10 is Terrapin by RIP Syd Barrett.
Cheers, Telepathy, correct.
I just started typing in my answer (I'd like to say answers) and the Internet broke. So..I would have done Terrapin.

You'll like the results of the quiz. Tee heexxx Well done matey! Impressive stuff!
Have just written your prize. Hope you like it.
Blimey, this is my biggest triumph since coming joint second in English in my first year at the Big School, before I fell in with the wrong crowd and my academic standards fell ...
Nope. Don't recognise nary a one. I must still be in that parallel universe.
Is Geoff banned from playing? Are immediate family members prohibited according to the rules? He cleaned up over at Oye Billy's contest.
Mark - actually, number 13 is probably up your street, being some drug addled nonsense from the 1960's (har har, only joking).

MJ, oh Geoff is definitely banned, mainly because I told him what they were beforehand. Family members, work colleagues and everyone in a twenty mile vicinity are banned as well.
OK, #5 is The Saints Are Coming by the Skids, and #15 is King Rocker by Generation X.

Just been watching the video for Human Resource on YouTube - ah, memories.

Can remember a really terrible performance by Human Resource on TOTP, featuring the world's worst MC.

I looked for Paul Shane's seminal Pebble Mill At One Performance of You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin this morning. Sadly, it's not on there ... one day, though, one day ...
I've just put Geoff right on the half a point. You both got one point for that Iggy Pop qu. Just so you know. Hee hee. Hope you had a good time out today.
Well, I think he'll probably be a bit better about accepting second place, despite being an unreconstructed alpha male type.
I don't have an Ipod and I don't think my brain has ever worked, so I doubt I'd get this right even if I had the ability to try!

Try it from here

It started downloading when I just tried it. It takes about 4 minutes to come down the cyber chimney - you are trying to access it on a computer, not a gramophone player I hope.... (waits for virtual clip 'round the ear)

Or is this just your polite way of saying you can't be arsed with listening to me prattling on for 25 minutes? Can't say I blame you btw. It's a small wonder I stayed awake through the recording of it. Still, the helicopter bit is quite good. And you DO get a name check. Not a very flattering one, but at least you feature. Unlike Spinny.

p.s. Did I not actually tell you? I am Alasdair MacGowan.
Um, sorry, tried to download it again but the computer still couldn't access the file for reasons unknown. Perhaps it is due to unusual atmospheric conditions ... it will remain a mystery wrapped within an enigma. Besides, I can rise above it all, not knowing about the unflattering namecheck.
It's only unflattering if you don't like being compared to Amanda Donohoe. In a nurses outfit. Reading smut.

You're right - I'd give it a miss then. There'll be others, so better luck next time.
I knew a few of them..is Sexee woman an intro to Rock Me Baby by George McCrae?

Here is couple for you.

Hi and howdy doody, I'm a union man you can call me Rudy...

I'm an alligator...
* my favorite song in the universe.
You're right about George McCrae.

"I'm an alligator" - that one's Moonage Daydream by Dame David, isn't it? I'm not sure about that howdy doody one. Will have to go away and sneakily Google it.
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