Thursday, July 27, 2006


Here we go - time for the results of the nineteen opening song lines competition from last year. I knew you couldn't hold on much longer. These were the songs that no one could guess. There were less than I expected, actually.

2. The way your hair hangs down it hides away your face. From Like A Daydream by Ride.
I was born in Stratford in 1934. From I Love The East End, written and sung by him.
7. Garlands evergreen, forget-me-not leaves. From Garlands by The Cocteau Twins.
8. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, here we are again. From Hersham Boys by Sham 69.
12. Can we 'ave it a bit louder in the cans? Nice one ... From The Realisation by Shack.
14. Early this morning I drove in the rain, out to the airport to get on the plane ... From Happy Hawaii by Abba.
16. The only real friend he had was his dog ... Arrow. From Me And My Arrow by Nilsson.
17. All you preachers who delight in panning the dancing teachers, let me tell you there are a lot of features of the dance that carry you through the gates of Heaven. From I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise by George Gershwin, as performed by, erm, a lot of people.

The winner is Mike with 3 correct answers. He will be receiving the unpleasant postcard from Weston Super Mare.

With one correct answer apiece are Homo Escapeons , Kek-W , Telepathy , Del, Surly Girl, Richard and Interpreter Pavlov . All will be receiving a copy of Will Mellor's funny yet touching autobiography Two Pints Of Lager? ... And Now For The Real Me.

Thanks for all that took part, congratulations to the victors and commiserations to the losers, standing small.

Bah, I really should have known Hersham Boys. But thank you!
I don't think I knew a single one. Shame on me.

Incidentally, and I think it's just about safe to confess this in a comments box, I chuckled at an episode of 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps' the other night. Twice. I have brought shame and dishonour on myself and my family. In my defence I was really quite drunk. Oh, OK then firing squad, where do you want me?
Mike - Jimmy Pursey: a forgotten man, despite releasing that song for England FC. We're all goin' daaahn the pub.

Ben - Oh, tell me about it. I think when I'm watching a really terrible comedy I feel so much pressure on me to not laugh up that I end up getting into hysterics about something which isn't even remotely funny while the husband is sitting next to me, impressively stony faced. I end up apologising profusely but it's too late: I have been labelled as a fan of that thing starring Zoe Wannamaker and Robert Lindsay.
I got there a bit late Betty...but I did try.

And re the Singing Detective CD...I know how you feel. The things I've lost on Cassette. Tis a sad day when they don't release things on CD. I really love the soundtrack to 'Lipstick on my Collar' - all classic tracks and I can't get that either.
Yes, you always assume that everything will be re-released on CD eventually ... bloody BBC ought to get their act together (it's probably nothing to do with them but you have to have someone to blame).
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