Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well, I was going to write a long and insightful critique of that light entertainment thing that was on the telly at the weekend, but someone else has beaten me to it. Oh, monkey's nuts.

Still, this is a good thing, as I'm usually progressing into a state of drunken idiocy when I'm watching television on a Saturday night, and I tend to miss out on loads of details.

A few things to emerge from the drunken smog from this week's programme about comedy duos:

1. Looking back to my childhood, I would've probably liked Eric Morecambe to be my dad instead of the curmudgeonly old git I was landed with as a father.

2. There are a disturbing number of comedians who I had (... still have ...) a crush on. I still can't form an opinion on whether or not Peter Cooke was the funniest man of all time because I'm always distracted by how rakishly handsome he was. I even had a thing about the young Vic Reeves, because he looked like a butcher trying to be Bryan Ferry. Hasn't aged that well, but that may be down to the fact that he dyes his hair ginger instead of black now. As for Rob Newman, I'm sure he has such effective pheremones that they crackle through the television screen and leave me in a state of helplessness, even though I think that History Today thing was funny for about a minute at the most. I should imagine that all of them are cads of the worst sort though, what?

3. I wonder when Canon and Ball BOTH found God, if it happened at exactly the same moment.

4. Who died first - Bernie Winters or Schnorbitz the dog? Or is Schnorbitz still alive?

I will be posting a long and insightful critique of that Charlie Brooker thing soon.

I keep forgetting that Eric Sykes is still alive...I could have sworn he died in the 70's.
I agree on Peter Cook as man candy though...phwooorrr etc.
"the young Vic Reeves.... looked like a butcher trying to be Bryan Ferry"

An excellent description, Betty! L&LoL... You may enjoy my, as yet unwritten, review of the, as yet unread, Vic Reeves autobiography, "Me Moir". There are some great photos of him a s a kid/teenager, trying to look like Rod Stewart and mainly succeeding. I'm still wading through that bloody DeLillo thing...
Rob Newman - oh yes! Wonderfully sexy and too good looking to be a successful comedian (or sane).
I loved History today and I still 'play it' with Kev when he's sober.
Pity about David Baddiel.
I will always love Eric Morecombe. What have you identified Betty? - because I'd have Dad-swapped him in a second, too.
I'm beside meself - Cannon & Ball were 'born again'? When did this happen? How, why for God's sake?
Bet it hasn't helped.
I assume one of Cannon or Ball found God first, and the other one followed.
Ranter - I think Eric Sykes will probably live to be 150. He's been deaf as a post for years and is almost blind (she says with great sensitivity).

Kaz - he's become more interested in ecological and political issues these days and is probably better as a comedian but has a much lower profile. He's got a website which I keep meaning to check out more often and forget about. But yes, on a more shallow level, phwoar.

Arabella - I suppose it would've been good to have a dad who was a good laugh rather than a Proper Dad who spent most of his time saying "DON'T do that" and trying to get you to be grown up and serious. God, that sounds crap ...

Re: Cannon and Ball - it's even worse. They now tour round the country spreading the gospel. God help us, indeed.

Billy - the programme didn't really make it clear. I think there was some sort of brainwashing involved.
Oh heck, I missed Swipe ...

Is it really called Me Moir? I ought to say "I'll have to check it out then" but I've got so many other books to read (currently in the middle of The Line Of Beauty).
Julie Burchill described David Badiell as looking like Rob Newman's aferbirth.

Harsh, but probably fair.

I still harbour a slight lust for Helen Lederer (even though she has a wonky eye).
"looked like a butcher trying to be Bryan ferry".

By Jove, I think you've hit the nail on the head, there, Betty. Personally I only occasionally find him funny.

Maybe that's why.

Insightful it is you are.
Garfer - that's probably what prompted David Baddiel to choose Frank Skinner as his next TV wife - they are on a more equal footing as far as looks go.

TC - I'm not actually that keen on a lot of the stuff he's done on television. Bang Bang - It's Reeves And Mortimer was probably the best series by Vic and Bob but it seemed to get panned by the critics. They can't seem to get arrested these days. Oh, Vic did quite a good thing about different species of chickens on the BBC interactive service a couple of Easters ago! Perhaps that's where his future lies - on interactive tv.
I thought Newman and Baddiel were about as funny as roadkill. Schoolboys copying Monty Python sketches in assembly kind of stuff, hoping nobody will notice the paucity of their own humour.

The sad thing about Vic and Bob was that if you actually laughed at them because you genuinely got it (and I did), you felt mildly embarrassed because you thought everyone around you reckoned you were being a bit of pseud instead of being genuinely entertained. They were revelling in being childish and that struck a chord whereas Newman and Baddiel's History Today was just a sketch.
Richard - comedy which relies on stock catchphrases seems to be the only sort which is really popular at present (Little Britain, obviously).

I found Reeves and Mortimer too self consciously weird when they first started out but they got better over the years. They moved over to the BBC, ended up, bizarrely, with a Saturday tea time quiz then got sidelined when the new controller took over. Still, now Vic can spend more time on his farm with his lovely tabloid wife wotsername. Nancy summat or other?
I think we owe it to future generations to debunk the "mirth generating classic" myths that still cling inexplicably to The History Sketch like barnacles to a boat full of holes.

It's just not funny - is that simple enough English? A gag like that requires a degree of subtlety to work, but it just announces itself so thunderously - it's like having your head in one of Bev Bevan's drums thunderous, isn't it - "You know that...." and the leap from the (supposedly) intellectual subject matter to the playground is handled so hamfistedly....gggaaaaaarrrgggghhh!!!! Words fail.

If you look at it, they sewed the seeds for New Labour - take comedy out of the clubs and put it into arenas. Streuth..

Give me Bernard Bloody Manning, amyday....

It is called Me Moir, Betts and I still haven't started it yet myself.
Robert - as they were allegedly the New Rock 'n' Roll in the early '90's, I suppose they weren't aiming for subtlety, especially as most of their followers would be Ned's Atomic Dustbin fans.

So, is Bernard Manning Old Labour then? I suppose the Labour Conferences of the 1970's could be like the Wheeltappers And Shunters Club, although I don't know where Tony Benn fits into things.
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