Friday, June 09, 2006


"I find that pouring petrol over my head and beard, then setting fire to it gives my coiffure a certain je ne sais quoi. Smells great too!" says the drummer out of Boston (centre of picture).

i am shocked and appalled.
holy crap.

and you know what? back in the day, that hair would have netted him more ass than a toilet seat.

in fact there's probably some in there from earlier in the week. fro pick! anybody see my fro pick?
Are ye goin tae the Boston tea party?
the one on the far left,

The 1970s. The decade of the Porn 'Tache.
Hey - I've still got a '70's porn tache!

My wife won't let me shave it off (...is she trying to tell me something...?)

OK, exactly what is Mr. Cool on the front row holding? Harry Potter's wand? Gandalf's staff in miniature? ...or just a plain old heroin pipe?

...and that guy behind him with his hand on his shoulder is getting just a leetle to friendly...

It's the smile at the back that does it for me. Would you want your daughter bringing this lot home?

What is that drummer wearing? Fred Flintstone's cast-offs?
First Nations - I thought for a minute you were saying "anybody seen my fro pic?" - in other words, a picture of you with an afro. I used to use one of those combs in the big hair 1980's (I didn't look like that, I should hasten to add).

Spinsterella and MJ - I think his look was heavily influential on Liverpool footballers like Terry McDermott.

Geoff - I doubt if they've drunk a cup of char in their lives.

TC - I think that's meant to be his drumstick, although it's a little bit on the thick side, missus.

Krusty - the bloke at the back with the smile looks more like a librarian (female) and probably feels a bit left out of things. Shame.

The drummer definitely has something of the caveman about him. Did they just throw raw meat to him and keep him in a cattle truck while they travelled by tour bus?
Good God! What a picture... *ahem* good to see the bass player holding the bass at the Optimum Angle(TM).
That's not a drummer, if you look that's actually a microphone with a face painted on it.
That's not a drumstick. It's a rectal thermometer. And the guy with the hand on the drummer's shoulder wants to play doctor.
it's a human thighbone.
eys it is.
take a look at that bunch and tell me that there weren't schoolchildren reported missing in every town they played?
The bassist looks like he's just had more than a feeling
Billy - It's not his hands that are keeping it up like that, is it?

Wyndham - come on, he IS a human being with feelings, whatever his name is.

MJ - I've never seen a rectal thermometer before. I still maintain that it's either a very big drumstick or a very thin leek, but then I'm extremely innocent to the ways of the world.

First Nations - I think that the thighbone is a traditional Tibetan insrument. You blow through it and the sound it makes is supposed to be the dead soul of the person whose thighbone it was.

Richard - very hazardous in those trousers as well.
You should have posted an MP3 on here of Bontempi organ sounds. They always have those on good 70s porno flicks. With men that have hair like THAT! Jeez!
MP3s on this blog? Blimey, it took me a year and a half before I plucked up the courage to post pictures on here. I doubt that this will become the new Gutterbreakz at any point in the near future.

However, if readers listen closely enough they can hear me playing a piano score along with each post. It's a bit like visiting the cinema during the silent movie era.
Oh, go on. You know you want to.
Those were the days. Luckily I wasn't around at the time. They look scary.
Yeah, but it was a world that really CARED ...
Have only just discovered this post due to leave of absence.

Apparently I was also absent in the 70s. Who were Boston? What did they sing? My brain has deleted all the relevant details...

Fuumzel. What it feels like to no longer remember bands that were barely memorable in the first place.
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