Tuesday, May 30, 2006


ray's a laugh
In the absence of a photo of the ginger cat with beard/baby starling, and the Susan Herbert painting of a cat as the Laughing Cavalier, which I couldn't find on Google Images, here instead is the Laughing Cavalier imitating a cat that has nicked some fish from a stall on the indoor Bullring market, Birmingham, circa 1980.

The Cavalier was off to the Rumrunner nightclub to hang out with Simon Le Bon and Toyah Willcox a few hours later, as you might guess from the rig out.

He was a promising design student, liked a laugh and was a top man. Where IS he now??? as David Jacobs used to say.

Isn't that Simon's dad, 'Salmon' Le Bon Sr?
No. He was a friend of Simon's though and briefly sang in a rival Brummie new romantic band. Unlike Simon he could hold a tuna. He left after a couple of months because he intended to sing in a band that were a bit like the Police: I suppose you could describe their style as cod reggae.

Oh, mackerel your own puns up ...
Message in a Bottle Nosed Dolphin anyone?

I'll get me coat.
'Roxanne, You Don't Have to Put On The Red Herring'...?

*multiple coats*
Thank you for your contributions and welcome, TC.

Unfortunately it was a silly idea and quite difficult as far as fish related puns go.

Oh, sardine hell, let's just forget about it.
I've heard that smoking fish that way can make for a really bad trip where you think you're being nibbled to death by smelt.
I would've thought you would feel as though you were dying because of the smell of the smoking fish ...
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