Saturday, May 27, 2006


Well, that's the spring cleaning out of the way. What a pain in the *rse that was (please note the discreet use of asterisks in rude words that I use now, in case minors such as Richard Fleeshamn are reading).

I got through it all without too much physical damage, except for the housemaid's knee and the bruising caused by the fall from the stepladder, which is starting to fade now.

Anyway, a playlist of stuff I did the housework to:

The Very Best Of The Moody Blues (shout out to S & S!). Cleaning the bathroom tiles in time to Steppin' In A Slide Zone was very invigorating.
Showtime - Dizzee Rascal.
Public Image - Public Image. Managed to disturb a wasp's nest in the loft during Fodderstompf. Talk about hair raising!
Some of those cheap pop reggae compilations from Woolworths. Face it, there are few finer things in the world than Monkey Spanner by Dave and Ansel Collins or that Pluto Shervington song where he ends up having an argument with a butcher about sausages.
A compilation of early Cabaret Voltaire stuff.
The Burial CD. They are all on about this on the internet, apparently, and I'm a game old bird so I gave it a spin while doing a bit of sugar soaping.

Anyway, I'm off for a well earned rest. The World Cup is just starting and I'm settled here on the settee with a crate of Mackeson's stout . See yer!

Wot? Are you back to blogging? Or are you just popping in on your way to the settee?
Oh, I'm definitely back blogging again. I've missed it so much.
Showtime is a good one.
A personal favourite of mine.
In fact I listened to most of it on the treadmill just this morning.
Tearful hello. You shouldn't do any housework. Ever. It's no good, you know Betty. I won't allow it, no. Don't you ever do it again.

Cue sad, rubbish 1950s stylee postcard thingies with quotes like:
'Only boring people do housework' and the like.

You've got to keep the flag flying after my Betty collapsed under the weight of something bad. She suffered a terrible blip. But, she is still alive and kicking. Somewhere in my heart.
And...don't ever stop listening to PiL. I've just got a miniature copy of Metal Box and it is a thing of beauty. Sigh. Not as good as the original big one though.
But I was only down the pub for an hour or so. Must have been a wormhole or something in the gents.
MJ enters Betty's house as she sleeps and does the white glove inspection.

You missed a spot.
Oooh Betty, the thought of you up those stepladders...
Tell us who wins and we can all visit Mr. W. Hill's establishment, and clean him out. Too.
Molly - wonderful all of that stuff you are writing over on yours. I hope you stop to take a breather now and then and don't get RSI.

The housecleaning is only virtual housecleaning.

I won't stop listening to PIL. I've always thought that the beginning of Death Disco is the best song intro ever ... er, anyway ...

Richard - is a wormhole in the gents one of those holes that you find in cubicle doors that erm, people look through?

MJ - You had a lucky escape. I thought I heard something downstairs and have a loaded rifle under the bed but this time I turned over and went back to sleep.

Anyway, I wouldn't have missed a spot.

Tom - ah, I thought you would have turned your attentions to the bonkers nude woman commenting on Krusty's site by now.

Speaking of whom - unfortunately it's only the beginning of the World Cup so far. The opening ceremony, with those ridiculous dancers on stilts and the giant inflatable Franz Beckenbauer was rubbish.
MB - can't beat a good military band to listen to on the treadmill actually.
Cabaret Voltaire were ace - I love Sensoria, I was reading a story once whilst listening to The Covenant, The Sword, the arm of the lord (I think it's called that) when the guy in the book mentioned Sensoria just as it came on. Weird huh? Nah not really.
Herge - yeah, they were great, and probably more influential than they're given credit for.

Better than this modern bloody rubbish that the youngsters are listening to. "I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair"? Load of bloody tommyrot.
Betty, if it's now the 10th June, remind me - what were yesterday's lottery numbers?
Just say no to RSI. It is an imaginary construct brought to you by bourgeois computer users.

Exercise baby!
Richard - I think my virtual time travelling has come to an end because (a) it was making me feel really lightheaded and (b) people from the past were trying to get me to advise them about horseracing results, who was to be kicked out of Big Brother and so on.

Molly - that bloke at Uncarved.org apparently has RSI and can only type about 3 sentences a week. Beware!

I'm thinking of getting a pair of remote controlled mechanical hands to do the typing for me in future.
Oh my good Lordy. What a bummer.
There was a curious link between your blog and mine today - re the Shake'n'Vac lady. I need to keep my husband under control I think.
re. Tom. I thought so too. That's what I call specialising!
Molly - I'm having one of those mornings when I feel that I need to put the freshness back (er, spiritually. Nothing to do with poor personal hygeine).

Krusty - blimey, I've just looked at her latest entry. I think the picture that accompanies it is very funny, I must admit.
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