Monday, May 15, 2006


After a complaint from a disgruntled reader about my comments in an ancient post I feel that I have to make amends by posting a picture of craggy, moody, otherworldly Dustin Hayworth of the Moody Blues to cheer up all you laydeez who are suffering from Monday Morning Blues.

Doesn't he look like that bloke out of the Lemonheads?

I'm a bit worried about that crisp bag in the foreground that says "John Barnes, NW3".

Here is another picture of Dustin with two of the world's most disturbing men:

Be careful, Dustin!

Anyone fancy providing a caption for the second picture (... or even the first one)?

Thought not.

Deary me, I would rather drink bin juice than be near either of those two. Thanks for the hunk pic got any of Leif Garret?
Michael: I just love Nights In White Satin.

Justin: I can see. How many coats did it take?

yeagh ones a bender and the other is a legenjd in child care
Michael: Why yes I'd love to play spoons, boys. Only I'm used to teaspoons, so be gentle with me.

This gives a whole new meaning to 'Which the odd man out?'.

By the way, for some inexplicable reason I missed your last post. So just let me remind you about Evertonians who also come from Liverpool. We are all lovely and hate the koppite bastards.
Ranter - I can only think that all of them are at a Fulham football club do, which is where Uri and Michael tend to get together. Mohammed Al Fayed is probably somewhere just out of shot, which makes it even worse.

Blimey - Leif Garret the late 1970's beachboy or Leif who has fallen from grace and seems to be in and out of rehab?

Gentleman-Hobbs - you wouldn't want to give Uri the keys to your cutlery drawer and you wouldn't want to give Michael the keys to your nursery.

Geoff - I have probems coming to terms with Uri as Keith Flint.

Kaz - fair point about Evertonians. Unfortunately, I now have to support Steven Gerrard when England play in the World Cup. Not that he's likely to play as well as that in an England shirt ...
the first picture looks like Curt Cobain ina good mood and recently showered.
the second one? no. i, just, uh, no.

Uri: I just bought a new spoonbender car stereo... When you shout out "Soul", it plays soul music. When you shout out "Rock", it plays rock music. Some kids ran in front of my spoonbender car, and I shouted "fu**ing kids!", and it played Michael Jackson.
Has Justin Whatsisface turned into Boris Johnson?

'Nights in White Satin'

Poetry innit.
Top Pic

'I know I'm a smug bastard but come and shag me, I'm a pop star'.

Lower Pic

'I know I'm a smug bastard but come and shag me, I'm a pop star'.

'I know I'm a smug bastard but come and shag me, I'm a weirdo with really white skin'.

'I know I'm a smug bastard but come and shag me, I am an utterly confused prat who doesn't know what the fuck is going on'.
Kyahgirl - I seem to have overlooked your comment but, yeah, eeww.

First Nations - Kurt Cobain in a good mood, after a shower. A very rare occurrence for both I should imagine.

Betty Cress - heh heh, and when he stalled at the traffic lights he said "shit shit SHIT" and lo and behold, the stereo played Journey South.

Garfer - perhaps Justin and Boris use the same hair shade (Garnier Fructic Champagne Blonde, discretely covers all grey).

As for Nights In White Satin (adopts flat midlands accent) there's onny one waird as yo can use to descroibe that song ... 'AUNTING.

Tom - a good assessment of man's primordial need to get a shag regardless of anything else that many stand in his way.
Ah, I was back in Dudley there for a minute, Betty.
Arabella - unfortunately, my accent isn't that far removed from a Dudley one.

That should see my daily stats tumbling into minus figures ...
|That would be 'auntin' loike er fart inner spice soot, then? That second is one of the most unsavoury pictures I've ever seen. 'Join our Chapter. You stroke my knuckles and I'll stroke your....spoon.' The idea that Fayed is lurking stage left just makes it Ken Russell-nasty.

I did say "shit, shit, SHIT", and the wireless said "And now, as promised, three from Yes."

Leif Garret? Looks like the morning after a night out with Keith Moon and Dracula? I'm a fresh-faced youth, what's he famous for? Did he make records?
Blimey Betty, did I just blow your cover? Sorry about that......
Great Scott! - Cowboy Man is wandering around his apartment completely naked.By the time I've had another look, the word verification will have timed out.
He scrubs up nicely, I have to say.
Oh yes. The Black Country accent is much maligned; it's musical and very deadpan and though I had it beaten out of me by a bunch of southern thespians, I revert to it when I need to scare The Husband.
Krusty - eh up, I'm married to someone who puts up a good argument about the excellence of "early" Yes. Jon Anderson was a milkman, which immediately makes them better than Emerson Lake and Palmer, anyway.

If you're a fresh faced youth, then I'm Keira Knightley :)

Arabella - awwwroit! Black Country wimmin rock!

I demand you get a 24 hour videocam set up so we can see Cowboy Man on the interweb now. I could do with cheering up.
I'm still trying to figure how this digital camera thing works.
If it hasn't got a spine with paper coming out of it, I tend to be a bit slow.
Keira, ELP? The competition hots up, tee hee. Jon Anderson was a milkman - there are some serious implications to that revelation, I need time to consider. My Yes story is true.

I like the Black Country accent too, I've some good friends from that part of the world too. Is there still such a thing as Black Country Bugle?
Arabella, can't get to grips with digital cameras myself. Can't you capture him on cinefilm or something?

Krusty - there apparently is a Black Country Bugle - http://www.blackcountrybugle.co.uk/ - the words "tulips in Cradley Heath" has such a wistful, poetic ambience I might start crying.
I believe that those San Franciscan exponents of the American dream, the Grateful Dead, made frequent reference to Cradley Heath in their tune 'Weather Report Suite'. Get hold of a recording, folks, and you too will know that whilst they were entertaining three generations of US hippies, smashed on LSD and mary-jo, what they really wanted was a pint of Banks's and a plate o' faggutznpaze.
Well, Jerry Garcia lived in Tipton for several years and used to make an annual pilgrimage to Walsall Illuminations. The lights are beautiful under the influence, man.
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