Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I can't think of anything to post!!!

So, it's up to the ever reliable Mark Gamon, whose comments tend to be the inspiration for posts when I'm scraping the barrel for ideas ... sorry, Mark.

Anyway, he informed me that multi millionaire world famous blogger JonnyB has a guest editor called Betty this week: is it me?

Of course it isn't me: as I suggested in the comment, I am nowhere near famous enough to be a guest editor on JonnyB's Private Secret Diary (age 13 and 3 quarters). It would be like Sir Ian McKellen having an understudy from Barnehurst Amateur Dramatics Society in a major RSC production.

Instead, the guest editor is one Betty Ecclesfeckin - but she is an actress using a nom de plume! Anyone want to have a stab at the identity of this mysterious actress?

Still, it has at last prompted me to add some links for Blogging Bettys. Unfortunately I've only encountered 2 other Bettys on the internet so far. Any other Bettys who want to be bigged up (or would like to disassociate themselves from my blog) should inform me at the usual address.

In other JonnyB news, it seems his blog is to be the subject of a major forthcoming motion picture.

Gorgeous Orlando Bloom is to star as Jonny, with Keira Knightley as the love interest, LTLP, spooky Scientology baby Suri Cruise as baby Servalan and featuring Jack Black as Short Tony.

Rather than Norfolk, the film is set in the lush pastures of New England, so the "American demographic" are not "alienated" by the film. Huh!

Betty, darling, there are no other Bettys for me.
me neither.
Hey Betty, you're so fine
You're so fine you blow my mind
Hey Betty!
Hey Betty!
ok, you are my Betty baby but I have to say, that betty at Jonnyb's is pretty *ucking *unny. you know?
I think it should be you. I'm going to write a strongly worded letter to somebody.

But who?
Betty, sometimes in all the glamour of life it is easy to forget the price that one has to pay for fame. I can tell you it's no fun having the tabloids camped outside the front door 24 hours a day. How I long for those far off days when I was just a nobody like you.
Thank you for all your compliments, however backhanded they may be ...

Anyone wanting to send a strongly worded letter should address it to the following:

A Big Condo,
The Hollywood Hills,

However, you're more likely to get a reply if you send one to:

JonnyB's Private Secretary's Department's Office Junior,
Appartment #367200001a,
43848 and 7th,

Not that I like stirring it, heh heh.

As for Tom, I hope you were nice to all those industry people on the way up, because you'll be meeting them all on the way back down :-D
I like you. I like your utility room, I like the stuff under the dryer and the smell of soapflakes and even the bundle of newspapers waiting to go out to the curb. You're almost out of bleach, though.
I eschew these other so called bettys who have the brain of a duck, you know.
bugger. i commented then but it got lost and now i'm not nearly so funny.

the gist of it was: i wondered if it was you too, then realised that the other betty wasn't nearly so...curmudgeonly. so, (loyally), i prefer you.

oh, and i can't comment at work but that doesn't mean i don't read you. i'm just too lazy to comment from home. you know.
First Nations - thank your for the compliments about my utility room, which is often a source of lewd innuendo. Anyway, I'm thinking of painting the walls in a soft apricot for more of a warm ambience, sort of like.

The other Bettys are okay, actually.

Surly Girl - I haven't really studied Betty Ecclescake's body of work yet, so I don't know how highly she scores on the curmudgeonometer. She is really a famous actress though. My guess is that she is:

Dame Maggie Smith
Miriam Margolyes
Vanessa Redgrave
Jane Horrocks
Either Tamsin Greig or Tamsin Outhwaite.

She's got a bit of the Tamsin about her.
Strange, isn't it - a tv programme featuring Tamsin Outhwaite or Tamsin Greig is likely to attract audiences that are poles apart in, erm, social class terms, but it's unlikely that either will be worth watching.
Hey, I don't mind if there are other Bettelina Bettinas you know. But I do draw the line at 'brain of a duck' - I'll have you know that Betty was trained at the school of Bettaloola Baby.

Thankyou for the link Betty. You are one hell of a Betty.

love Nuckbrain Betty Cress.
Betty C - no problems. Wonderful blog. Anyone who does a post based on Live At The Witch Trials deserves a link for that alone.
what is it with this guest blogging business?

even wynders has gone all fancy schmancy on us and invited a living facecloth to blog on his behalf

me, i'm just b*ggering orf on holiday for three weeks and to hell with my two loyal readers (recently depleted from three since my mum stopped reading after i swore in one of my posts)

all together now:

there's only one betty...tra la la
Urban Dweller Of A Female Persuasion, or whatever you're calling yourself this week - perhaps people are paranoid about their blog being taken over by spammers while they're away.

Happy holiday, anyway: very timely, as the weather seems to be on the turn again. I'm already looking forward to my break and it's still a month away ...
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