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Please go here to read an excellent dissection of this summer's most annoying song, if you haven't done so already, with a link in the comments to a Guardian report explaining how the record companies have already quelled the idea of the internet creating stars "from the underground" and have used it to their advantage, hem hem.

I'm only linking to him because I'm married to him, mind.

Please bear in mind that Myspace is now Rupert Murdoch's Myspace. Fair enough. In a couple of years we will all be owned by Rupert Murdoch and blogs will have to carry advertising for Sky Movies and soft porn magazines.

This is Be Happy Wednesday :-D

It's all coming true isn't it. Like that Bond film I can't remember the title of... with that actor in. You know, that one...him...sings a bit...was in Brazil. Bollocks. It's going to be one of those days.
Oh no, I'm such a sad bastard. I really thought there was a revolution going on in the 60s. What hope eh!
I read that Guardian article. It says that Ms. Thom has been compared to Janis Joplin.

Would that be in the same way that George Formby is comparable to Frank Sinatra? Or Val Doonican comparable to Pavarotti?

Of course it's entirely possible that I've become prematurely senile, and everyone understands the world except me.
Here's another aspect of this alternate reality that seems to have passed me by: wouldn't yer average card-carrying punk have rather eaten sick than wear flowers in his/her hair?

Betty and Geoff can probably verify that one for me. I was a bit old for punk so I watched it curiously from afar.
Mark, I think Ms Thom is alluding to the fact that she shared the sympathies espoused by both Oz and Sniffin'Glue but was far too young for either. Instead she has gone for the Woodstock/breadhead conjunction I rather do think.
Richard - I suppose so, but I'm not sure what you're on about. Sorry to hear about your dad - what a palaver, eh? Mind you, I'm a hazard to myself with a stapler, let alone a revolver ...

Tom - well, there was a lot of progress made re. civil rights in the '60's (the things that always get mentioned) but I should imagine things didn't change much if you lived in the provinces. Just a guess. I was four in 1967.

Mark - Joss Stone was the last singer to be compared to Janis Joplin ... and Dusty Springfield. What a carry on.

Punk was supposed to be a revolt against hippydom, although at my school it seemed to be an excuse for a few lads to have fights against rockers.

Richard - I would say that she is seeing the world through rose tinted goggles, as if everything in the past was better than it is nowadays. I might do a follow up post to this if you're particularly unlucky.

Off to do another comment about Roxy Music on the Eurovision thing I did. Next!
Excellent! Move over Lily Allen I say!

Big up your hubby!
in the words of roger melly, 'what a pile of wank.' sad, sad little songstress, sad little uninformed song. dipsh*t reviewers comparing anyone to janis.
i remember when this was all farms, you know. oh yes.
Many more people slagging off this poor bird and I'll be right out there buying her album. I always think it is a good sign when the reviewers really get stuck in.
I like Joss Stone. I do.

Betty, the one with Jonathon Pryce in. Played a media baron gone mental. Like Robert Hardy did in Morse but his was slightly more understated.

I'm babbling, aren't I.
Tomorrow Never Dies, that's the one.
Molly - I should imagine Lily Allen will be followed by a number of slightly quirky, posh young female singers who will be promoted because they allegedly built up an audience on Myspace.

First Nations - it still is all farms, in my head, anyway.

Tom - so you own the James Blunt album, go to see any film Tom Cruise is in, love the Da Vinci Code. A lot of other people do, though.

Richard - what, the Beatles song?
Betty, is it OK if I read your blog, even though I never know anything about the people mentioned on it? I do have all of Tom's books though. I thought the first one was much funnier than the second. Maybe because I am unsophisticated.
Vicus - it's okay. I make up the names of most of the people I mention, but everyone who comments just goes along with it to humour me.

I was confused by your reference to Tom's books. Do you mean the two books Tom 909 admits to having read, or the two books Tom Cruise has written? If it's the latter case, I agree, the L. Ron Hubbard biography was much funnier.
I left a comment on his blog post...but...sigh...I think he deleted it....

Does Molly smell?

I've just had a bath as well....sigh.

It was brilliant.
I meant the post...the bath was...well..mediocre to say the least.
Betty, I haven't read the Da Vinci code - is it really as bad as the critics make out, or are those critics just a bunch of knobs disappearing up their own blowholes. It does happen.
I always struggle with subjective judgements, one man's James Blunt might be another man's Captain Beefheart, if you see what I mean. I don't see the benchmark to judge things by.
Betty, that's Tomorrow Never Knows. And I still don't know what I'm on about. I think it's the frogs, they've been playing the spoons again.

Dad's OK. Operating tomorrow.
Betty, I was referring to the two books that Tom has written. Two more, apparently, than he has read.
Tom. The Da Vinci Code is crap. Reasonable story, appalling written. That opinion does not preclude my being a knob disappearing up my own blowhole.
Molly, he says he didn't delete a comment from you, and he replied to a comment you left at http://geoffstellyblog.blogspot.com/2006/05/see-i-told-you-no-more-football.html

As far as I know he's never knowingly deleted a comment unless there is a twisted, evil side to him that I don't know about.

Tom - if the Da Vinci Code is crap, people have a tendency to say how crap it is more quickly than they would if it had sold less copies. It's a kneejerk reaction to slag off anything that is hugely popular.

Richard - Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream, as I always say in these situations.

Vicus - I'm also a knob disappearing up my own blowhole. I wonder if Sir David Attenborough would care to comment?
Apologies, apologies. I got lost and couldn't find my way back. I need to put my reigns back on. I knew I shouldn't have let my mum take them off.

I love those media poems he's written too. Great! I bet you two are marvellous to meet.
Vicus, So should I give the DC a go then, or should I stick to the Sun and Mirror.
Betts, so is it ok for me to admit to liking Dire Straits and Oasis, or would this give people the possibly correct impression that I am a knob disappearing up my own blowhole.
Molly - thank you. No, we're not marvellous to meet, we have the social skills of a couple of miserably introvert fourteen year olds. The two goths from the previous post are probably loads of fun by comparison.

Tom - early Dire Straits is/are supposed to be okay (so I'm told) and Oasis were alright when they were doing And - Wooooaah! - Sally Can Wait! but have become a bit dull and gassy over the past forty odd years. One good thing I can say about them is that Liam has a very kissable-looking Irish mouth with that cute underbite. Sadly, he also has a brain the size of a walnut. Can't have everything, eh?
That's how I feel about that Imogen in Big Brother.
Introvert fourteen year olds? Yay! Invite me over!

Don't be modest. You two are great.
Mark, apparently Imogen has a BSc, so she can't be that daft. Are they giving degrees away these days? Maybe even I might be in with a chance of getting a 2:2 in Mixed Media And Needlework at the John Junkin University (formerly Romford Technical College).
Molly - actually we're both applying for the Mixed Media And Needlework course at the John Junkin University (formerly Romford Technical College). Then, the world will truly be our oyster.
Before I die I hope to moon Rupert Murdoch via satellite on multiple monitors so that the image of my ass can be forever scarred on his mind!
They better get out the wide angle lens for this one...
Flour in my hair, Flowers in my hair - by the Move. What a great song! Am I a bit slow and missing something Bettster.
Cheesemeister - Mr Murdoch lives in an underground mansion so that he doesn't have any contact with the outside world or any of its inhabitants, so you could have your work cut out. Good luck.

Tom - no, it was "I wish I was a punk rocker with flour in my hair" - just a very weak pun. Wasn't it Flowers In The Rain by the Move you're thinking of?

*no, I won't tell the Roy Wood anecdote again, despite the opportunity*
Yeah, sure. Probably a BSc in hair technology.
It's a BSc in Psychology and Health Studies, so you're not far wrong Mark.
Yes you're right Betty, it was flowers in the rain. It was Scott Mackenzie who did 'Are you going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair', what a great song.
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