Friday, April 21, 2006


taking the mick

Many, many thanks to those of you who entered the caravan competition. I have been overwhelmed by all the entries from far flung corners of the world. I didn't think so many people would admit to being caravan enthusiasts!

Congratulations to Terry Wiggins of Wigan, who has proved that he owns no less than twelve caravans! I wonder if he is related to Tracey Wiggins of Wigan, a former competition winner on this blog? I hope it's not a case of "keeping it in the family"!

Transporting the 15 foot Mick Hucknall is going to be difficult, but it will arrive at Mr Wiggins' home via helicopter. It'll probably look like a re-enactment of the opening scenes of the film La Dolce Vita, with people swarming the streets of Wigan hoping to get a better look!

Consolation to the runners up - Kyahgirl, whose 40 foot winnebago didn't really cut it as a true caravan, and Tom 909, who went as far as to invent a caravan because he wanted the glittering prize.

As recompense, they have both won a dream dinner date with Britain's top Mick Hucknall lookalike, pictured above. Fair enough, he looks more like the sort of bloke who'd come to the front door to tell you that the water is going to be off until at least tomorrow morning and there's nothing they can do about it and if you really have a problem with it ring the water board as they're just acting on orders, but he's a different man with a splash of aftershave, some hair product and a Burtons suit on.

Besides, I've got to pay for his travel expenses to Devon and Alberta, Canada. Do you think I'm made of money?

Terry Wiggins.

Where in Wigan does he live?
well, glad that's settled.

You can save the money and take yourself out to dinner instead Betty. Go on, it will be fun.

Now, tell us more about this dominatrix sideline?

we're all ears.
Kyahgirl: I'm with you on wanting dominatrix details. That Betty's a minx.
Wyndham - I can't give that sort of information out here. I respect people's privacy.

Kyahgirl - I haven't got time to "find a window" for Simply Mick in my busy diary. Life is one big party.

MJ - oh, it's all detailed on my "secret" blog which has a huge audience. I'm in talks with a top publisher at the moment so it's all very hush hush.
Congrats to Mr Wiggins, a truly deserving winner. Of course it's dissappointing to lose but at the end of the day there can only be one winner. Now it's just a case of picking myself up, and getting ready for the next competition, and there's everything to play for, and I'll give it my best shot, and it's a game of two halves and as I say, at the end of the day etc etc.
Jesus, the ginger twat has a doppelganger.

Does he warble at skips?

I'm committing suicide.
He may be a bit scruffy, but he's actually rather better looking than Hucknall himself.

Mind you, my cat hoicks up gobbets of grass that are better looking than Mick Hucknall.
Tom - it's a different story when you're back in the dressing room though, isn't it, looking at the floor or kicking the lockers. The really expression is "gutted", isn't it?

Garfer - http://www.toplookalikes.co.uk/mick-hucknall-lookalike.htm

Tim - He's also about 20 years younger than the real Mick by the look of it.
Now I've got "Something Got Me Started" going round my head and I hold you entirely responsible. I demand satifaction!
It's even worse for me. I can't get the mechanic and that bird from the factory from Coronation Street doing Wonderful World on the telly last night out of my head.

Truly harrowing.
*so bummed*
So am I.
Oh great! Now I've got Mike And The Mechanics - 'Over My Shoulder' whirring round my subconciousness. I shan't forget this...
I was doing an advert when warbling at skips garfer, so now lets all see what you look like then you nancy-pants fudgepacker! :)
Anon, blimey, I really had to trawl through the archive to find this one.

It seems as if Mr Garfer is no longer with us in blogland as he disappeared about a month ago. Probably a good thing given the circumstances. Anyway, I've seen a picture of him somewhere. He looks like the Incredible Hulk.

By the way, ahem, are you the Mick Hucknall lookalike in the photo? Gulp. It's a small world ...
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