Saturday, March 11, 2006



Thank you to Russ L off of the Oh site, who mentioned me. I left a comment on his site to thank him for mentioning me, but it seems to have got lost in a traffic bottleneck somewhere along the M6. Actually, if I could add up all the time I have been stuck in traffic bottlenecks on the M6 it would amount to around 28 years. Thanks for the mention, Russ L.

Thank you to John off the Uncarved site, whose mention sent an unprecedented amount of people on to the blog on Thursday. Every one of them was a confused King Tubby fan who stayed on here for 3 seconds, but it was nice while it lasted. John probably has a curious animal magnetism and steely blue eyes like Patrick McGoohan. Thank you John.

Thank you to the other blogger who I am frankly terrified of but his post on Jimmy Pursey being better than Iggy Pop (now deleted) was one of the staggering works of art of the century. The rest of his stuff is pretty fucking amazing as well. Thank you.

* * * * * * *

Look, I was just thanking people. I'm a very polite person, although otherwise truculent and unreliable.

* * * * * * *

Look, if you want to punch me, can I put a gumshield in first?

* * * * * * *


Among my engine searches - RAFAELLA CARA MUSIC from someone in Egypt.

I tried to instigate a Rafaella Cara revival myself in September, but no one was interested.

I will keep on trying. Neither of you will take any notice.

Thank you for thanking me for mentioning you, and in doing so mentioning me.


~ Russ L
Ahem, don't mention it ...
When I clicked that link I got a message back from bbc.co.uk saying "FORBIDDEN."

Oh dear.

It did let me see several frankly disturbing images of Noel Edmonds though.
The BBC should start putting health warnings up if theyre gonna insist on showing Noel Edmunds pictures.
I'm sure that Noel is pulling the strings in cyberspace as he attempts to take over the universe again. I refuse to watch Deal Or No Deal? on principle. He is an evil little toad of a man.

A pity about Rafaella though.
There's no need to thank me more than once, Betty (if that :-)).

"the other blogger" is alright, really. A fine addition to any night out which needs to go off the rails at some point.
It's alright: I've given up thanking people. For the time being.
um Betty? Thank you for being you.

hee hee
Gee, thanx. Thank YOU for being you. Blogging is like one big group hug sometimes.
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